Gifts for Surfers: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Water Adventurers

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The ocean is one of the best places in the world. The only way to improve the scene is to see it from a surfboard. Unless you’ve paddled past the white water and felt the incredible power of a wave, you might not understand the alluring call of the ocean. However, your peaceful communion with nature can quickly turn chaotic if you’re caught in the riptide without the right gear.

We’re aware that it might be challenging to pick the best gift for surfers, mainly if you don’t surf. It’s tough to find a gift that’s practical, unique, and meaningful since the surfing world is filled with so many devices and pieces of equipment. But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re looking for some gifts for surfers to get them stoked (or are just looking for yourself), check out this top list of gift ideas for surfers.

21 Totally Rad Gifts for Surfers

Knowing where to begin when selecting the ideal present for the surfer in your life might be challenging.

Do you choose a helpful piece of equipment or something more enjoyable and surprising?

If the surfer’s been in the sport for a while, they probably already have all the necessary equipment. However, they could value something more endearing like a personalized gift. Or perhaps they are still learning the ropes. In this case, a practical present will come in handy.

Consider their personality, surfing frequency, and skill level while shopping for that ideal gift.

This gift list will assist you in finding the perfect presents, from equipment and instructional materials to enjoyable novelty items they’re sure to love.

Surfboard Sock Cover

Surfboard Sock Cover

Are you looking for useful surfing gift ideas? For a quick and easy solution, why not give them something to safeguard their surfboard? Surfboard socks are a fantastic option that provides an affordable solution for keeping their surfboard clean, free of dings and yellowing. It also helps maintain them, ensuring they remain in good condition.

So, which one should you get?

The Ho Stevie! This surf sock is a stretch-style fabric that helps protect your board (and your car). A lightweight surfboard sock cover is an excellent solution to shield your board from the sun and minor dings.

Pro-Lite Surfboard Leash

Surfboard Leash

What then do you give a surfer in your life who is just starting? Simple. A surfboard leash.

Board leashes ward off accidents by preventing surfboards from flying away from the surfer. For the safety of the surfer and those in the water, they are considered essential for most boards.

However, as a general rule of thumb, a surfboard leash should never be shorter than your board. So this can be one of the best surfing gifts. If you know how long the recipient’s surfboard is, you’ll know what size leash to buy them.

If you’re looking for a lightweight leash that will keep your surfer’s board tethered to them, then we recommend the Pro-Lite Surfboard Leash!

Sticky Bumps Day-Glo Surf Wax

Surf Wax

One of the most fantastic presents you can get for a surfer is surf wax. It’s inexpensive yet meaningful! Surfers apply wax on their boards, similar to a traction pad, to add traction and grip. This is so they can stand on their board without slipping. Enthusiastic surfers quickly consume wax as one of the most practical presents for surfers on a budget. Any surfer would be thrilled to get a few cases of Sticky Bumps wax to keep their board stable and surf-ready. However, there are several varieties of sticky bumps wax. If they’ve been surfing for a while, why not surprise them with a few colorful bars!

Wetsuit Changing Mat

Changing Mat/Dry Bag

Are you on the hunt for a thoughtful yet practical gift idea a surfer is sure to appreciate? A changing mat is one of the greatest, low-cost presents for surfing boys and girls.

Nothing is worse than coming to the end of a fantastic day on the waves and being confined to a cold and damp wetsuit.

So give them a durable changing mat and dry bag combo to stay dry when they’re not in the water!

Wetsuit Hanger - Fast Dry Folding Vented Hanger for Surfing and Scuba Diving Wet Suits

Wetsuit Hanger

After a day on the waves, wetsuits often end up laying out on vehicles or being tossed into a storage container, where they remain wet for days and lose their form.

After cleaning, the second step in taking care of a wetsuit is ensuring it can dry without accumulating moisture or salt. To ensure your wetsuit is properly stretched when drying, use a wetsuit hanger. In addition, your favorite surfer may utilize the wetsuit hanger to keep them in good condition during the off-season.

Due to their uniformly distributed weight, wetsuit hangers guarantee no distortion of your wetsuit material and a quicker drying time.

Rumpl Everywhere Towel in Woven Daydream

Rumpl’s Everywhere Towel

The worst sensation is coming out of the surf and wrapping up in a water-soaked towel. You can always return to a warm, dry towel with Rumpl’s Everywhere Towel because it dries quickly and is incredibly absorbent.

The Everywhere Towel takes up a tiny fraction of the area of a typical cotton towel while repelling sand, pet hair, and stains. Designed from top to bottom to dry you from head to toe, the Everywhere Towel is guaranteed to improve a surf session. You can give this gift as a travel set or a single towel. Because these gifts for surfers are so comfortable and adaptable, they’re sure to be part of their essentials kit.

Plus, the towel stays cleaner for longer for surfing and road trips thanks to its anti-microbial coating.

Fiberglass + Honeycomb Surfboard Fin

Surf Fins

One of the best gifts for surfers you might not have thought of giving is surf fins!

They provide direction and control while adding stability. They also aid in maintaining a constant pace and assist in the surfboard’s ability to slice through the water, much like a boat’s keel. There are several distinct fin setups, so find out what fins they now use if they require a replacement, want to upgrade, or would like to try something new.

Wetsuit Repair Kit with Neoprene Patch

Wetsuit Repair Kit

If you’re searching for a gift for someone who enjoys being in the water, why not think about a wetsuit repair kit? These kits include everything needed to repair a wetsuit, which can be a convenient item to have on hand. Even though it’s one of the smaller, more straightforward presents for surfers, it’s always useful. Owning one may be helpful when going on a longer vacation or for a day of surfing, especially since wetsuit damage is occasionally unavoidable when surfing in rocky locations. Every surfer should have a wetsuit repair kit in case they catch a rock or a sharp edge and rip a hole in their wetsuit.

Pickle Wax The Remover w/Wax Comb

Pickle Wax The Remover

The removal of wax accumulation without harming a surfboard is just as crucial as applying surf wax.

However, getting rid of it may be a nuisance, and many techniques leave behind residue or make the boards look drab. The pickle-shaped wax remover with a wax comb resolves that issue. It ensures every surfboard is left with a brand-new shine.

In addition to being functional, it makes for a fun novelty gift since it’s a pickle. It will surely be a hit with the surfer in your life!

'SoCal Surf Style Retro' Art

‘SoCal Surf Style Retro’ Art

If you’re anything like us, you have those individuals in your life that are pretty challenging to buy presents for. We’ve walked through aisles of stores (often at the last minute!), combed through innumerable things online in search of the perfect item, but were unable to find anything. So, if you want to find one of the most unique gifts for surfers, give them a piece of art! After all, if they’re experienced, they may not need additional gear.

Giving a piece of art as a present demonstrates that you have put a lot of thought into the recipient. Considering a person’s space, characteristics, and style is necessary while purchasing art. 

Surfers like thinking about and being around all things surf. Cool surf-inspired artwork will help your surfer’s home seem even more nautical and make them feel like they’re really at home. You can’t go wrong, whether it’s a poster that may serve as a reminder of their favorite surfing location or simply an outstanding surf shot.

GoPro HERO10


The new GoPro 10 was just introduced and can be a great addition to the arsenal of gear the surfer in your life has when they are ready to hit the waves. The shaky filming that GoPro was renowned for is no longer present, which is incredible. Plus, the video and resolution keep improving!

For someone in your life who enjoys exploring, spending time outside, and recording their adventures, this is the perfect present.

Surfboard Carrier

Surfboard Sling

When moving a surfboard from a car, a Surfboard Sling surfboard carrier makes the process simpler and less strenuous. Many longboards are too large to be carried in your arm. With no complicated buckles or straps to get twisted, a Surfboard Sling wraps over the edge of the board, allowing you to carry the board with only one hand.

Shark OFF Proven Shark Repellent Bracelet Jewelry

Shark Repellant

Now, your buddy who enjoys riding Australian waves will find this gift extremely helpful. Shark repellent is exactly what you may expect it to be. When you wear this bracelet, it genuinely works to keep sharks at bay.

NOAA has validated more than a dozen years of research by creating a bracelet harmless to all sea creatures, including sharks and humans. Shark OFF ocean safety bracelets efficiently, safely, and naturally keep sharks and rays away by employing their active element to fight against sharks’ extraordinary senses up to a meter away!

While it’s unlikely that your surfing friend or companion may come into contact with a shark while swimming, even if they see one while wearing shark repellent, you can be confident that it will cruise on.

Slowtide Regime Quick-Dry Poncho

Changing Towel/Poncho

Once they exit the water, surfers frequently want to change out of their chilly wetsuits into warm clothing. To accomplish it while in the open is difficult.

The changing poncho is useful in this situation.

A changing towel or poncho may make changing into and out of a wetsuit simpler than it would otherwise be at the parking lot or the beach. Some of our favorite ponchos and towels are produced by Slowtide. The front kangaroo pocket on the Slowtide Quick-dry Changing Poncho gives you access to the towel’s interior to get everything neatly tucked up and in place. This feature makes the poncho very user-friendly.

Every time your surfer returns from an hour or two in the chilly water, they will be grateful for this thoughtful surfer gift idea.

Ponchos are also a quick method to get and remain warm while also providing the surfer with privacy while changing.

Rip Curl Maui Mini Tide Watch

Tide Watch

The big things that matter to surfers are the best places to go surfing and the tide. They constantly watch the tides and look forward to the next opportunity to get out on the water.

A quality tide watch is a wonderful present for a surfer. They used to be useful simply for timing the sets, letting us know how long we have been in the sun, and determining whether or not we should paddle in. But thanks to contemporary technologies, they can keep tabs on things like how long we spent looking for waves, how long we spent riding the waves, and our top speed.

They are now far more useful for monitoring a surfer’s performance.

The compact Rip Curl Tide watch has all the capabilities of a digital watch in addition to 500 pre-programmed tide places across the globe.

Carver Surfboard Bike Rack

 Surfboard Bike Rack

Is the beach your surfer loves close enough for biking? Finding a parking space close to the beach might be difficult unless you are on dawn patrol.

A crucial component of surfing is getting to the beach. While most folks drive, those wishing to escape traffic and parking frequently turn to a bicycle. Back in the day, it was a hassle to ride a bike to the beach. Either you had to wrangle your board under your arm or use one of those old-fashioned racks that held your board upright and caught the wind. It was impossible to steer safely.

Now, a surfboard bike rack simplifies the process.

Submerge Waterproof Wallet

Waterproof Wallet

Surfing is a great sport, but up until now, it hasn’t always been simple to keep your possessions secure when you are out in the open sea catching waves. Keeping your stuff secure while surfing is simple with this submersible wallet. You may now bring your valuables in the water with you without worrying about them being stolen from your car or needing to hide them on the beach. The Submerge Waterproof Wallet is one of the cool gifts for surfers that is also practical. You’re giving something that promotes their hobby while also giving them some peace of mind!

Dr. Prepare Portable Camping Shower

Portable Shower

This is mainly for the person in your life who surfs while posting Instagram photos with the hashtag #vanlife. Surfers all like receiving some saltwater treatment by diving into the great blue ocean frequently. But not many surfers choose to carry sand or seawater with them after their session.

A portable shower is necessary if the surfer in your life likes to surf in distant locations or areas where showers aren’t easily accessible.

This portable shower is simple to transport and set out in the sun while you surf so you can have a warm shower afterward.

Surf Booties

Wetsuit Booties

A pair of wetsuit booties are necessary for frigid and rocky surf conditions. These boots are sturdy and available in various sizes and combinations. Still, we love the split-toe styles since they are considerably more durable and remain on in more challenging situations.

Creatures of Leisure Surf Ears Junior 2.0 Water Out Sound in Ear Plugs

Surf Ears Earplugs

In the beginning, when surfers are frequently sliding into powerful currents, they typically have trouble getting water in their ears. They can hear things around them while keeping water out with the help of Surf Ears, which are attached with a cable and a carabiner. Surf Ears earplugs make excellent presents for surfers since they are designed to keep water out of your ears while letting sound in.

Indo Board Mini Original with Cushion

Indo Board

New surfers are acquiring an entirely new set of skills that most people don’t naturally possess.

They’ll probably need a bit of additional practice to build the core strength and balance necessary for more advanced surfing.

Thankfully, the core strength required to stay upright when surfing can be developed through an Indo Board.

Due to the various colors and designs available, you can choose a design that is as distinctive as your surfer.

Find the Perfect Gifts for Surfers at

There’s no need to overspend when you’re looking to celebrate a surfer’s birthday or an upcoming surf competition. If you’re looking for the ultimate surfer gifts, check out for the best deals online!

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