Summer Beach Day Essentials for the Perfect Vacation

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Summer is finally here. If you’re like us, you’ll find yourself spending more and more time at the beach. While the weather is excellent and the scenery is beautiful, there are a few things you should bring with you when you head out for your vacation. 

Even if you’re not planning a trip to the Caribbean, you can still head out to your closest beach to beat the heat.

Here are a few beach day essentials you’ll want to pack in your bag to keep yourself comfortable and relaxed. 

17 Beach Day Essentials for Fun in the Sun

Taking a trip to the beach is something everyone looks forward to, but whether or not you enjoy the excursion depends on which beach trip necessities you’ve stashed. This list might include some of your favorite items like your stunning swimsuit, a pair of chic new sandals, or a riveting book. It also may consist of items that guarantee you’re protected, like waterproof band-aids for an accidental scrape, the perfect hat to protect your face from the sun’s rays, and sunscreen to guard your skin. Here’s a list of beach day essentials to ensure you have the perfect beach day adventure!

BLUBOON Mesh Beach Tote Bag with Cooler Insulated Detachable Pool Bags

Mesh Beach Tote Bag

In order to pack your bag with summer beach essentials, you first need a bag!

You don’t want to rely on your everyday backpack, getting it filled with sand that you’ll find yourself still shaking out in December!

Instead, invest in designated beach bags.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and elegant beach bag, this huge mesh tote bag with a cooler area is the one for you. Our beach bag features mesh sides with zippered compartments to keep your belongings safe and secure.

WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Blanket

Beach Blanket

What if we told you that sand-free beach mats are available? It’s time to get rid of your old, sand-filled beach towels and invest in a sand-proof beach blanket.

When shopping for a beach blanket, what features should you look for? First and foremost, your beach blanket ought to be sand-resistant. A waterproof, sturdy, and large enough blanket is essential if you’re planning a picnic with a few family members or close friends. A portable design is a must for those memory-making days at the beach.

You can be confident that your valuables will be secure in the front pocket of this 63-square-foot nylon beach blanket, which incorporates four sand-anchored pockets to keep it in place.

Beach Tent Sun Shade Shelter for 3-4 Person

Beach Tent

Have you ever been to a public beach only to find that all the umbrellas and sunbeds have been taken?

Here’s an easy solution. Pack a beach tent with your vacation essentials! A beach tent provides a more permanent shade option than a traditional umbrella. Even if a sunbed is available, you might still opt for the beach tent since everyone needs plenty of shade (dogs included!). Plus, beach tents offer excellent seclusion. Changing into a swimsuit is no longer a problem thanks to these tents.

The perfect beach tent is easy to set up and light enough to tote everywhere, so we recommend the WhiteFang Deluxe XL Pop Up Beach Tent. Setup takes only a few seconds, thanks to the quick popping mechanism! Additional stability is provided by including five connected sandbags, six steel stakes, six sand stakes, and tie-down ropes, all of which fold into a compact carrying bag for convenient transport and storage.

Bindle Bottle 32oz | Stainless Steel Double Walled & Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Bindle Bottle

When you’re sitting in the sun, you must keep yourself hydrated. So it’s a no-brainer to pack a water bottle with your other essential beach items.

However, the one we pick isn’t your typical water bottle. When you’re on the road, you can stow away your ID, cash, and other minor valuables in the bottom of the bag.

SCOUT The Stiff One Large Soft Cooler

Cooler Bag

The last thing you want to do is enjoy a beach vacation with wine sitting out in the sun all day!

Ensure this cooler is included in your list of beach essentials for couples and individuals.

This leak-proof cooler bag has a zipper to easily access all your food and beverages (it accommodates 24 cans!). Because of the sturdy reinforced bottom, nothing is crushed during traveling, and it will remain upright on soft ground. In addition, you can collapse it for simple storage.

Reef Safe Sunscreen


While it’s easy to overlook, this is among the most critical items for the beach on this list, making it a must-have for your beach bag and regular everyday carry. Skin damage caused by sun exposure can lead to discoloration and sagging skin in the future if it isn’t protected with sunscreen.

You’re protecting yourself and saving the environment with this reef-safe sunscreen SPF 50, which is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. Did we also mention that it’s biodegradable?

California Baby Plant-Based Natural Bug Repellant Spray

Bug Repellent Spray

Mosquito and sand flea bites can ruin a beach holiday, so you’ll need to take precautions. Using a repellent to deter mosquitoes from biting you is an excellent method, especially if you’re one of those people they “love” to target!

We offer California Baby Plant-Based Natural Bug Repellant Spray if you want to avoid the chemicals often found in insect repellent.

Microfiber Lightweight Beach Towel for Travel Extra Large

Microfiber Lightweight Beach Towel

So, you’re packing up your summer beach day essentials and you need a towel for the beach. Are you going to grab your shower towel off your bathroom floor? We hope not!

If you’re looking for a high-quality beach towel, you don’t have to shell out a lot of money to get one that does the job. As a result, you can expect to spend more on your beach day without needing to invest in your beach gear.

Towels made of microfiber are an excellent choice for the beach. Sand doesn’t attach to microfiber towels, so it doesn’t cling to your wet skin, allowing you to enjoy a more pleasant beach experience. In addition, microfiber dries rapidly and absorbs water, making it ideal for any situation.

SAFEGO Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box Safe with Key and Combination Access

Portable Lock Box Safe

If you’re planning to take your kids to the beach this summer, your trunk will undoubtedly be jam-packed. You don’t want to check off your list of family beach essentials only to have some ne’er-do-well run away with your valuables! Make sure you pack this lock box on your next trip.

You can take a dip in the ocean without concern that someone will steal your wallet or cellphone by attaching this combination safely to your backpack or beach chair.

Ostrich Deluxe Padded Sport 3-in-1 Beach Chair

Foldable Beach Lounger

To ensure your significant other has a great time at the beach, bring along a few extra comforts for her.

Every list of beach essentials for women should include a beach lounger.

After all, a good book is far more enjoyable when propped up in a chair. You can unfold it out of the bag and use it as a complete lounger when you reach your destination.

GoPro HERO10

Waterproof Action Camera

A waterproof digital camera is essential for those who want to go snorkeling, paddle boarding, or simply floating around the pool.

GoPros are very shock-resistant and durable, making them ideal for the outdoors. Unlike your delicate phone, you won’t have to worry about water damage or smashed screens if you drop a GoPro. Plus, GoPros are so tiny and light that they can fit and be attached to almost any surface.

GoPros can also withstand incredible underwater depths (up to 131 feet) with the correct enclosure and are practically waterproof. Casual swimmers and scuba divers can enjoy snorkeling and swimming while having a way to capture the moment.

3 IN 1 Hand Fan

Mini Portable Handheld Fan

Having a personal ventilator in your kit bag, luggage, or drink cooler is a great way to stay cool during the warmest portion of the day. With this tiny foldable fan, you may choose between a gentle and forceful breeze and it only weighs about 124 grams and has a low-load structure.

You’ll thank us later if you put this on your list of beach date essentials.

Franklin Sports Volleyball & Badminton Combo Set

Portable Badminton and Volleyball

Bring a badminton set to the beach to spice things up.

Everything you need for a lively game of badminton is included in this kit, making it easy to transform an ordinary day into an exceptional one. Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to this compact badminton set, whether you want to play on the sand, in your garden, or even in the ocean.

With this portable volleyball and badminton equipment, you can gather your friends and host your own beach tournament!

Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle

Kindle Paperwhite

The sound of rolling waves and a good book are the perfect cure to stress. If you don’t feel like lugging around a suitcase of books, then it’s time to upgrade your reading experience with the waterproof Kindle Paperwhite. Kindle Paperwhite’s lightweight, waterproof, and glare-free design make it a favorite among our staff members and customers. This model makes it so that you may safely read the greatest summer novels while relaxing by the pool or anywhere water is splashing.

This is a terrific model to not only bring along on a beach trip but also read while you soak in the tub. When it comes to waterproof e-readers, the Paperwhite is a great value. When Wi-Fi is switched off, you can go eight weeks without recharging.

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

What good is a trip to the beach without the ability to enjoy some upbeat music while lounging poolside or sunbathing with pals? 

This compact, water-resistant Bluetooth speaker fits effortlessly into your preferred tote bag and offers up to 12 hours of playback time. However, remember that Bluetooth speakers aren’t meant to be submerged in water, even if it’s waterproof.

Tommy Bahama 5-Position Classic Lay Flat Folding Backpack Beach Chair

5-Position Backpack Beach Chair

This list of beach day essentials already includes one sitting choice, but if you’re searching for something more portable yet just as adaptable, we recommend the Tommy Bahama beach chair.

This Tommy Bahama beach chair can be effortlessly adjusted to five different positions, making it the ultimate in convenience and comfort. A towel rack on the back and an insulated cup holder are just a few extras you’ll appreciate having on hand. Fold it up and put the backpack-style straps over your shoulders for easy transportation.

Sol Coastal Beach Umbrella Table with 4 Cup Holders

Portable Beach Table

A day at the beach is a beautiful way to unwind! However, we need a place to put our food as we take it out of the coolers so that it doesn’t end up in the sand. This is where a portable beach table comes in handy.

Having a sand-free place to enjoy your beverages and snacks at the beach is a necessity. You can even find models that can attach to an umbrella for a fun beach trip!

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