10 best drones for beginners

10 months ago

Drone technology has come a long way in the last few years. The device used to be accessible only to technical mavens with some expertise, no boundaries, and deeply intrusive, malicious intent. Now drones are made for more of the general population who simply want to have fun watching them fly, receive cool images, and have them do mid-air flips. But not all drones are inherently user-friendly — some are complicated, hard to operate, or bitter about their jobs. There are, however, some drones that are better suited to teach beginning users the joys of aerial manipulation. Here are ten of the best.

For total beginners | SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV Drone

If you’re a true beginner who’s just now getting into the thrilling world of mobile surveillance, the SNAPTAIN may be the best drone to start out with. It simply takes one push of a button to launch and is maneuvered using a controller familiar to anyone who’s ever used a home gaming system. It has advanced voice control and headless mode, both of which give the pilot more power in steering the drone where they want it to go. It’s an excellent jumping-off point for the drone neophyte.

No place like home | Holy Stone GPS Drone

The Holy Stone drone’s most user-friendly feature is GPS Auto Return. With this function, the drone actually memorizes its “home” location. If it ever gets out of range, drops its signal, or runs low on power, just press a button, and it will return “home” before it becomes lonely, afraid, and desperate and turns to a life of armed robbery and petty crimes just to survive. It’s also got an HD camera to record images, which is especially useful when it has to sit in the corner and think about what it’s done.

Come into the fold | Dragon Touch DF01 Foldable Drone

As its name suggests, a handy feature of this drone is its ability to be folded down to the size of a football. This makes it easier to transport and less detectable from the outside. The Dragon Touch also connects to smartphones and VR headsets for clear images and videos of the sights it sees along its path of terror. It also has a full array of neat aerial bonuses, like 360-degree flips, headless mode, and the ability to hover in their air, looking innocent and denying responsibility.

Brush it off | aovo GPS Drone with 4K Camera

This drone offers superior, 4K Ultra HD picture quality, which is obviously leagues better than 3K Just-OK LD. It has a camera that adjusts by 90 degrees and returns super-clear videos and pictures. The aovo also has a brushless motor, which employs electromagnetic resources that help limit its overall power consumption and help it go farther and longer (as much as 30 minutes). It’s also got single-button operation for both takeoff and landing so you don’t have to turn on the “fasten seat belts” sign yourself.

Some lead, others follow | SANROCK B5W GPS Drone

This item isn’t so much a drone as it is a solid, dependable, somewhat emotionally distant companion. Its big calling card is its Point Of Circle technology, which allows it to automatically orbit around you, making a video as it goes. That must be wonderful for users with low self-esteem. It can also fly along whatever path you program, or follow you above while you’re driving down the road. It will never complain about your driving, even if it knows it should.

The power of four | DROCON Quadcopter Drone

The DROCON’s most obvious traits are its four individually mounted, extended propellers. These fearsome tendrils, along with the frowning-eye decals in the front, make it look like a ticked-off spider that’s about to give the guy working the exchange counter a piece of its mind. It’s actually not that angry, though. It always alerts when its signal weakens, even when it’s 1000 feet away, and performs 3D flips and rolls upon your request. The DROCON’s four foreboding appendages make it easier to navigate agreeably through intense winds.

The gravity of the situation | Force1 U49WF Drone with Camera

The Force1 caters to beginners with its remarkably stable flight path, simple remote-control operation, and something called the Gravity Induction feature that allows you to use a mobile phone to dictate its direction. You can also connect this drone with WiFi and get a first-person view, in which you can see everything the drone sees with its camera while it’s flying. This is especially helpful to keep it from stopping at tourist traps.

Wheels in the sky | Syma X400 FPV Drone with Camera

The Syma X 400 also features a first-person view (FPV) that lets you see where it’s going. You can also use a smartphone app that allows you to program its route by tracing it on a map with your finger or a stylus. With two rechargeable batteries, one-key takeoff and landing, and a generally acquiescent attitude, the Syma is ideal for young beginners, adult novices, or people who have stumbled into the drone world by accident.

A nice gesture | DEERC D20 Mini Drone

The DEERC D20, as the name might imply, is small but powerful. It’s got easy-to-understand controls that allow you to dictate all its crazy flips and turns. But its primary assets are Voice Control and Gesture Selfie. With Voice Control you can literally tell it to take off or land. With Gesture Selfie, it will stop whatever it’s doing and take an aerial picture of you if you flash a “V” sign to the drone with your fingers. That’s one of the two most common figure gestures people make at drones.

Hold everything | SIMREX X900 Drone Optical

This drone is ideal for beginners because it has Optical Flow Positioning and Altitude Hold. These features let programmers lock the drone in position for flawless, precise hovering, without the operator having to manage every moment like a stage mom or a soccer dad. The SIMREXX900 is easily navigable using either the included joystick device or a tricked-out mobile phone. When it’s time to put it away, the SIMREXX folds like a losing poker player.

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