How to Get Paid to Shop Online

2 years ago

Want to shop and get paid? Whether you’re grocery shopping or shopping for the latest trends, you probably spend several hours a week shopping online. But did you know you can actually get paid to shop online? 

How exactly do you earn money while shopping online or in person? You can work as a mystery shopper, get paid to shop for others, earn rewards points, or get cash back while shopping for everyday items online. As it becomes simpler and easier to connect customers with shoppers, there are more and more opportunities to become a personal or mystery shopper. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about websites that pay you to shop and how to earn money shopping online.

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Can You Really Make Money Shopping?

You can really get paid for shopping online, but it comes at a price. There are apps and websites that will pay you to shop, but you need to spend money on products, like clothing and groceries, in order to make your money back. 

You might make about $10 if you spend $100 with a brand, but these numbers definitely vary. Also, we don’t recommend spending money on products you don’t need in order to earn money for online shopping as it ends up being a waste of money. 

7 Ways to Make Money Shopping 

Wondering how to get paid to shop? Here are some of our expert tips to make money while shopping:

1. Work as a personal shopper for a grocery delivery service

Most people living in a city and about a quarter of all shoppers living in the suburbs get their groceries delivered, according to recent research. We recommend taking advantage of these recent delivery trends by working as a personal shopper for a grocery delivery service. 

There are multiple sites and apps out there that you can work for and make money to shop for people. For example, Instacart hires both full-service shoppers and in-store shoppers. Full-service shoppers both shop for and deliver grocery orders, working as independent contractors. These kinds of shoppers can choose their work hours and earn money on each item they shop for, as well as delivery. 

In-store shoppers, on the other hand, only work in the store and are considered part-time Instacart employees with flexible schedules. You can make at least $7 to $10 per order as an Instacart full-service shopper, not including tips. We recommend combining personal grocery shopping with using discount websites and apps that offer cash back to make money while shopping.

2. Work as a flexible errand shopper

You can also work as a freelance or flexible personal shopper. This means building your own network of clients rather than working for a particular company, but it also means you can be a bit more creative with your personal shopper gigs. Many consumers will hire personal shoppers to run errands for them, drop off their dry cleaning, and buy products from the store. One of the top benefits of working as a personal shopper is that you have the freedom to develop your own schedule, rates, and services. 

You can use an app like to list yourself as a flexible personal shopper or personal assistant. Simply develop your profile, set your location and rates, and describe who you are, what you do, and the services you offer. You can then connect with the millions of people who use’s services. Personal shoppers and assistants typically earn about $12.50 per hour on, but you have the flexibility to set  your own rates, services, and hours. 

You can also use TaskRabbit, a popular app that connects freelancers and customers for one-off jobs like cleaning or building furniture. Many TaskRabbit clients also request tasks such as shopping for and delivering groceries and other products for them. Getting started on TaskRabbit is simple. Just sign up by giving them your personal info, then attend an informational orientation in your city or virtually. We recommend combining your personal shopping with using cashback apps in order to earn even more money while shopping for your customers.

3. Work as a mystery shopper

You can also work as a mystery shopper for brands, companies, and stores. Many companies will pay mystery shoppers to secretly shop at their retail stores and offer feedback on their shopping experience. This typically includes reviewing your checkout experience, the promotional signs in the store, or the merchandise stocked at that location. 

Secret Shopper is one of the top mystery shopping apps out there. There’s no fee to sign up for the website, all you need is computer access in order to send in your shopping reports. You’ll also need a camera or scanner to prove you shopped at the retail store you were asked to shop at. You’ll be reimbursed for any and all purchases made during your visit. But while you’re shopping, you can save more money on your purchases and even make more money by using cashback apps at the same time. 

Pinnacle is another great mystery shopping app that asks the mystery shoppers to complete surveys within 12 hours of completing the shopping assignment. For each assignment, shoppers are paid between $4 and $75 depending on the job and request.

4. Use cash back apps

When it comes to getting paid for shopping online, cash back apps are an easy way to score extra money.

These apps pay you to shop by sending you a certain amount of cash after you complete your purchase. For example, if you spend $50, you might get $5 or $10 back in cash depending on the app or website you’re using. That being said, unless you’re shopping for someone else, you shouldn’t spend money on things you don’t need or want in order to get money back during your shopping process.

You should only use cashback apps when you really need or want to buy a product because otherwise, you’ll simply be wasting your own money. Price and other discount websites allow you to save money while you shop and earn extra money by sharing Price Earn links with your family and friends. As you shop, these websites will track your purchases and send you cash back automatically. You can typically earn cashback by making in-app purchases, linking a loyalty card, or sending in a receipt. 

You can also often either earn cashback in store, cashback online, or travel cashback. To earn cashback in store, you can just link a debit or credit card and buy products at participating stores in your region. To earn cashback online, you can shop at websites and brands online through the app or discount website. And to receive travel cashback, you can simply select your travel destination and the kind of hotel you want to stay at to view a list of hotels providing cash back per night. 

Many of these apps and websites will also send you either gift cards or signup bonuses as incentives. These incentives are another great way to get paid to shop online.  

5. Use apps that give you coupons

We also recommend using apps and discount websites that provide you with coupons and promo codes in real time. You can use these apps in combination with personal shopping, mystery shopping, and grocery shopping for a delivery service to make money while shopping either online or in person. These apps give you up-to-date coupons and codes in real time, so you never miss a sale at your favorite stores.

6. Use sites that offer price history and alerts

You can also use discount websites and apps that offer price history and alerts. These sites help you get the best bang for your buck on the products you’re thinking of buying, based on the product’s price over the past month or two. We recommend using these apps while mystery shopping, personal shopping, or grocery shopping for a delivery service, especially if you have flexibility about when you buy certain products as a personal assistant or personal shopper. These apps can allow you to not only save money on products but actually earn extra money while shopping for other people.

7. Use sites that offer comparison shopping

Lastly, you can use discount websites and apps that provide comparison shopping across different stores. These sites allow you to view new, used, refurbished, local rentals, and more shopping options across several different competing stores, whether online or in person. When you’re personal shopping or mystery shopping, you can use these sites and apps to learn which stores have the best deals, save money on products, and earn additional cash while shopping for your customers.

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