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eCommerce has never been more popular. Previously, retailers competed with those in their local area. Now, every retailer must compete with the online shopping world. Prices are slashed all the time, as it remains the ultimate way to attract customers. Yet, many retailers don’t take the time to check out their competitors. This often leads to artificially low prices. Plus, with international retailers selling products at rock bottom prices, it’s never been easier to get great products at low prices. Be the first to know when a price drops on your next big purchase for free with Price.com. The concept of a product price tracker is simple. Select a product you want to buy and enter your customized target price. Other platforms will only provide a general price drop notification, but with Price.com you set the parameters. Prices are tracked in real-time to ensure that the marketed price remains valid. Online retailers regularly issue flash sales, which may last for 24 hours or less. There’s nothing worse than seeing a low price on a price tracker, only to find that the price has reverted to its original dollar amount. With Price.com, you’ll never feel that sense of frustration ever again. This is an unprecedented level of control that puts the power in your hands.

Are you tired of spending hours of your day trying to find the best deals? Every price tracking tool has a different methodology for gathering data. Most online shoppers even recommend using multiple sites to double-check the prices. With Price, there’s no need for that because:

  • We have billions of products in our database.
  • Get the prices from thousands of lesser-known retailers. Believe it or not, many retailers don’t take the time to look up their competitors and adjust their prices accordingly.
  • Price.com tracks prices automatically in real-time, so you’ll know instantly when the price drops.
  • Your smart shopping assistant hunts down active deals and discounts the moment you add a product to your cart.

Price is your one-stop-shop for finding the lowest prices on the products and services you love.

Our price monitor is completely free to use. There are no signup fees and no hidden costs, so you can take advantage of our custom price drop alerts. So, how do you get started?

  • Step One – Select the products you want to add to your price tracker.
  • Step Two – Set the target price. You won’t receive a price drop notification until the price hits your maximum.
  • Step Three – Let Price.com work its magic. Prices are automatically tracked in real-time.
  • Step Four – Review your price alerts from a single dashboard. Add new products, make changes, or remove products from your list.
  • Step Five – Get your notification when the price drops and make your purchase.

Where some retailers have wish lists, Price.com is a wish list with a difference. Our innovative price tracking tool is committed to helping you stick to your budget.

The price tracking industry is a hotly contested one. With countless platforms claiming to offer price drop alerts, it can be difficult to find real deals. Here’s why Price is a pioneer that is changing the face of the industry for good:

  • Biggest Database – Our database is the biggest in the business. There are billions of products in our database. This includes tens of thousands of big and small retailers in your local area and across the world.
  • Ultimate Price Monitoring Solutions – We don’t just track current prices. We track historical prices. Our system pinpoints trends, so you can set your price and know when to buy.
  • Smart Shopping Assistant – Price.com works even while you shop. If you add an item to your cart and we find it cheaper elsewhere, we’ll tell you immediately.
  • Automatic Deals and Discounts – Want cashback offers, promo codes, and discounts? Price.com tracks all these down in the background while you get your shop on.
  • All for Free – When you create an account, there are no hidden fees or costs. You get access to our price tracker and the rest of our premium tools for free.

Getting the best deal is never easy. If you’re on a budget or preparing to make a significant purchase, even a minor discount could save you hundreds of dollars. Price drop alerts enable you to postpone your purchase and make major savings at the click of a button.

Price.com guarantees that you’ll get your desired price sooner rather than later. With the ultimate price tracker, you can take advantage of the boom in online shopping and get the lowest prices on the products you love — every single time. To find out more about Price.com’s price drop alerts, get in touch with Price. Create your free account today and discover the best deals online!

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