10 Products You Really Need to Have in Your Bathroom

3 months ago

The products you keep in the bathroom can make a big impact on the way you care for yourself and those around you. From premium sanitation to everyone’s favorite anti-stink spray, we’ve compiled a list of 10 products you really need to have in your bathroom.

Floss like a Boss | iTeknic Water Flosser

Do you regularly forget to floss (or just hate flossing)? This is the product you need to achieve complete oral health without dealing with a ton of waxy string. A more wallet-friendly version of the original Waterpik, the iTeknic Water Flosser has ten water pressure options so you can blast food and plaque away comfortably. With different attachments that specialize in tongue, gum, and orthodontic cleaning, it has everything you need to clean even the trickiest parts of the mouth – including hard-to-reach places for those with braces and permanent retainers.

Shed Some Light | POWMEE Toilet Night Light

It’s time for a late-night bathroom visit. You keep your eyes squinted against the bright lights and accidentally turn on the ridiculously loud fan. By the time you’re back in bed, you’re wide awake. Sound familiar? There’s a better (and much more fun) way to light up your midnight quest. With the POWMEE Toilet Night Light, you can avoid the shocking bright lights and opt for one of 16 soothing color options. By attaching to the toilet bowl and sensing your motion on the way in, the POWMEE Toilet Night Light brightens only the areas you need to see. Additionally, it shuts off on its own when you leave the room so you can quickly and comfortably return to catching some zzz’s.

Clearly a Good Decision | Better Than Bubbles Tech Friendly Clear Shower Curtain Liner with Pockets

Want to bring your favorite show into the shower? Looking to indulge in a drama mid-bubble bath? Want to keep the kids entertained during their nightly routine? The Better Than Bubbles Tech Friendly Clear Shower Curtain Liner with Pockets is your new favorite household addition. With multiple pockets for family members of all heights, this shower curtain allows you to safely view your phone or tablet while in the shower. Simply place your device in one of the outside-facing pockets to binge-watch while keeping your device dry, and use any touchscreen features you need with ease through the Better Than Bubbles eco-friendly and mildew-resistant plastic.

Pop a Squat | Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool

Doctor recommended and a certified medical device, the Squatty Potty allows you to hold a squat position comfortably, aligning your body (and your colon) for more effective elimination. Easy to clean and move, the Squatty Potty is one of the simplest investments you can make in your long-term health. With clinically proven health benefits, you can squat your way to preventative care with the 7” standard height or the 9” stool for taller toilets (or professional yogis).

There’s an App for Fat | RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

We all know that a true picture of health is not composed of a single number on the scale. The RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale takes 13 body measurements. While, like a traditional scale, you can easily see your numerical weight on the easy-to-read screen, the RENPHO scale also syncs with your phone, sending your BMI, body fat percentage, body water, bone mass, metabolic age, and more to your connected app so you can track your health in a more complete way and reach your health goals sooner.

All by Myshelf | Bosszi Toilet Paper Holder with Phone Shelf

Stop balancing your phone on the sink or bathtub during your bathroom breaks. The Bosszi Toilet Paper Holder with Phone Shelf is the optimal option for viewing your phone while on the porcelain throne by ensuring your phone stays away from damaging falls or water exposure. Easy-to-clean, scratch resistant, and rustproof, this miniature storage shelf is the perfect addition to any bathroom.

Fight the Flu | HoMedics UV-Clean Portable Sanitizer

If we’ve learned anything in the past year, it’s the importance of keeping our items sanitized and safe, not only for ourselves, but also for our entire family. The HoMedics UV-Clean Portable Sanitizer kills up to 99.9% of germs in just one minute with UV-C LEDS (read: chemical-free, powerful light that disrupts the DNA of viruses and germs, terminating them on the spot). Both portable and rechargeable, the HoMedics UV-Clean sanitizer can clean anything that fits inside: phones, credit cards, sunglasses, jewelry, keys, ear buds, and more. Finally sanitize the things you can’t easily wash and keep your family safe from harmful contaminants.

Stop the Stink | Poo-Pourri 2oz Spray

A #1 bestseller on Amazon, Poo-Pourri is the non-toxic way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh without harmful chemicals. Made of essential oils like lemongrass and bergamot, you need only spritz the spray into the bowl before you go, and it traps the stink so no one will ever know! Finally stop the faux freshness of spraying masking fragrance into the air you breathe. Free of parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde, Poo-Pourri is the #1 way to stop the smell of #2.

Powerful Organization | Power Perch Outlet Shelf

Take back your counter space with the Power Perch Outlet Shelf. Made to form a perch above or below an electrical outlet, this shelf can hold up to seven pounds and is the perfect place to keep water-sensitive items like virtual assistants above potential splashing. With an open space for any electrical cords, the Power Perch Outlet Shelf is the ideal charging station for an electric toothbrush or razor. Keep your counter space neat and provide an easy-to-reach area for your favorite items.

The Hostess with the Moistest | By Knock Knock – Guest Book: Bathroom

Entertain your guests even when they need a private moment. This bathroom sign-in book by Knock Knock encourages your guests to fill out a quick questionnaire while they do their business. Including a space for doodles, the date and length of their visit, as well as a report card on the bathroom’s lighting, toilet paper, and other amenities, this book is sure to get a laugh.

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