10 must-have gifts for the early tech adopter

6 months ago

Here comes that person we all know — the one who’s always on top of the latest technology, who’s got gadgets galore, whose living room looks like a deconstructed Star Wars set. He or she is known as an early adopter, someone who instantly jumps on the trends of tomorrow the minute they brush past them. Support their condition by giving them one of these gifts (if they don’t already have it).

Pocket full of dreams | DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo

For the ultimate in on-the-go content creation, slip the DJI 2 camera into your shirt pocket. With up to 140 minutes of life on a single battery charge, you can whip this video camera out on the beach, in the museum, at a party, or in a mausoleum for instant, high-resolution, cinematic magic. It comes with 3-axis stabilization for overly jittery people, directional audio for sound matching, and 8x zoom capability for undercover spying from a distance.

A virtual virtuoso | Oculus Quest 2

When it comes to virtual reality, Oculus is the brand early adaptors keep the closest eye on while sitting patiently on their hands. The Quest 2, coming in January 2021, is the latest iteration of Oculus’ VR headset. It’s got the latest, head-snappingly fast processor for quick operation. It’s got overly reactive hand control for perfect motion capture. With deep 3D sound and Oculus’s highest-resolution display yet, you’ll want to stay in the Quest 2’s virtual galaxy for hours and hours. Then we’re going to come and move all your furniture around to see if you notice.

My precious! | R4 Smart Ring

This ring is an outward symbol of your commitment — to high tech! Sync this ring with your smartphone and stick it on your finger. Within minutes you can use this RFID chip shaped like a ring as a replacement for non-contact sensor cards so you can get into buildings and open electronic car doors with a swipe of your digit. The R4 also claims it makes you healthier because it contains crystal ceramic elements that allegedly improve metabolism and blood circulation. Don’t look now, but Gollum is staring at your hand with a craven look in his eyes.

Your life, in 3D | Vuze VR Camera

Why should professional VR videographers have all the fun? The Vuze VR Camera turns your party, hiking trip, beach day, or bar mitzvah into a 3D, 360° VR spectacular. Its lightweight design makes it easy to take anyplace with gravitational pull, and you can control the camera with the mobile app. The Vuze VR Camera can make the most mundane moments of your life into fully immersive, breath-taking experiences for everyone to share. We can’t wait to take it to our next root canal.

Welcome your robot overlords | Dot and Dash Robot Wonder Pack

The Dot and Dash Robots are a couple of congenial androids on rollers that want to help your child learn coding, which will one day be everyone’s career. Kids use basic coding skills to program these robots’ many activities, like playing games and music, racing around the house, dancing, speaking, offering very brief but not unhelpful advice, and looming in the general vicinity. The Wonder Pack is an exceptional way for parents to prepare their kids for the future when software development becomes a basic skill and middle managers will look a lot like these robots.

Get the most of your four eyes | Spectacles 3 Video Glasses

They told you video glasses are a thing of the past? That the technology could never match the idea? They were wrong. The Spectacles 3 promises to “capture your world in 3D” (in the off-chance it wasn’t already) with stunning photos and videos that play up to 60 frames a second. The results of your first-person cinema can be quickly uploaded to Snapchat or rendered into a 3D print. These super-charged glasses combine the futuristic technology of 3D video with the appearance of a disaffected teenager who just can’t deal right now.

Lightning in a bottle | Philips GoZero Smart Bottle

Hands down, this is the smartest bottle we’ve ever met, and trust us: we’ve met a lot of bottles. The GoZero does what every basic bottle is supposed to do: it keeps hot liquid hot and cold liquid cold for hours longer than anybody actually needs. But there’s more: There’s an ultra-violet light installed right into the cap that eliminates a whopping 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses from the contents, making water from almost any source completely safe to drink. Try doing that with your lunchbox thermos with no USB port.

Sock it to the Sprocket | HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Your smartphone photos are trapped in digital chains, yearning to be free. Make it so with this cell-phone sized printer. The Sprocket produces hard-copy reproductions of images straight from your smartphone, right onto paper that’s been specially treated (either plain, glossy, or sticky-backed). With the special Sprocket app, you can scan this puppy and share its contents with friends, online connections, or authority figures. Comes complete with a wall charger, a carrying case, and a bottomless reservoir of F-U-N.

Sleepin’ ain’t easy | Hatch Restore

This unassuming, lunar-looking device may be the superhero that delivers your early adopter pal from the clutches of insomnia. The Hatch Restore is a monster when it comes to sleep. It monitors your sleeping and waking routine. It has a soft-lit reading light for bedtime stories, as well as a library full of sounds that help you meditate or wind down. The patented Sunrise Alarm Clock helps you wake up refreshed at the crack of dawn, allowing your rooster to address more pressing matters.

Blades of glory | Heated Razor Starter Kit by GilletteLabs

For those about to shave, we salute you with the world’s first heated razor. It comes from the folks at Gillette, who know a thing or two about the trimming of the beard. This complete set of hot razor paraphernalia includes an adjustable temperature sensor, blade refills, super-precise flexing technology, and a charging station your daddy’s barber used to only dream about. Don’t let your facial hair suffer through another miserable winter.

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