10 items every football fanatic should have

3 years ago

Professional football has replaced baseball, bowling, and lawn-mowing as America’s favorite pastime. To be a faithful devotee of the game, every fan needs a few supplementary items in their gameday war chest. These gifts are great ideas for the football fan in your life looking to learn more about the game, or wear or display their favorite team’s colors 24/7. We’ve included a few gifts that are specific to certain teams, but each one is available for whatever professional football club you or your loved one follows. Take a time-out and browse through these guaranteed football crowd-pleasers.

Bolt up! | Men’s Chargers Logo Socks

The Chargers may have moved up I-5 from San Diego to Los Angeles, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost any — well, a lot — of their original fans’ personal loyalties. One thing unites all Chargers fans and brings them together: their need for socks. This killer hosiery boasts the powder-blue spirit of Lightning Bolt Nation just in time for the onset of the promising Justin Herbert era. This is the kind of footwear LaDanian Tomlinson could only dream about slipping beneath his cleats. Now it can be yours.

True to the red and gold | Riddell NFL Speed San Francisco 49ers Mini Helmet

Celebrate the winning tradition of one of the most successful franchises of the Super Bowl era with this miniature replica of the 49ers’ modern helmet. Positioned correctly, the stark red and shining gold captures the rays of the sun, reflecting the timeless allure of the Golden Gate (or a Santa Clara parking lot). It’s perfect as a decorative item on your desk or bookshelf, or if you’re re-enacting “The Catch” from the ’82 NFC Championship game with a team of ferrets.

A living history | NFL 100: A Century of Pro Football

Released in conjunction with the National Football League’s 100th anniversary, this stunning hard-cover book will keep your pro football fan’s eyes occupied for hours and hours. With a foreword by future Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning, NFL 100 contains hundreds of stunning photographs from each decade of NFL history, from the hard-nosed teams of the 1920s through the AFC-NFC merger and Super Bowl years. NFL 100 is the Tom Brady of football literature: You can’t deny its power, and it looks great on a coffee table.

How ‘bout them travel mugs?! | Tervis NFL Dallas Cowboys Stripes Insulated Travel Tumbler

No team captures the level of adoration — or, it must be said, scorn — of NFL fans like “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys. And no gift captures the Dallas Cowboys like this stunning stainless steel tumbler. Weighing in at a capacity of 12 fluid ounces, this insulated drinkware keeps liquids hotter than Ezekiel Elliott blazing through a gap in the defense. Like Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, this tumbler should be washed by hand instead of a dishwasher.

Silver and black thirst attack | NFL Soft-Sided Insulated Raiders Cooler Bag

The Raiders may now play home games under the shining lights of the Las Vegas Strip, but Raider Nation will always be universal. That’s why you can’t get a room in a Motel 6 wherever they play away games. To keep their perishable items as cool as their demeanors, Raiders fans rely on this soft, portable beverage tote. It’s comfortable and adjustable, and can hold up to 16 cans of Raider fans’ favorite canned beverage, which we’re sure is skim milk or Hawaiian Punch or something like that.

Give them a hand | Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Ultra-Stick Sports Receiver Glove

Now you too can field down-field passes from Russell Wilson — should the occasion ever arise — just like the pros do with this extremely adhesive pair of NFL-grade receiver gloves. They come in sizes for kids and adults and are made with special attention to increased durability, comfort, and flexibility. Perfect for up-and-coming players, or anybody who has to stop a flying, oblong object before it breaks a window.

Bear down! | Ultra Game NFL Men’s Classic Varsity Bears Coaches Jacket

You can’t spell “Windy City” without “Win.” And you can’t be a fan of the Chicago Bears without some kind of team-specific clothing. This jacket fits that bill, thanks to its sleek, iconic, never too-busy design. It features stitched-in imagery that reflects the glory of Chicago football at every conceivable viewing angle, but in a way that’s never too garish or distracting for a sport as dignified as the NFL. It’s as solid a #1 choice as Mitchell Trubisky — maybe even more so!

Ball in a box | BallQube UV Grandstand Football Display

Some footballs are too precious to be flung about on the gridiron. They can’t be exposed to the harsh elements of a winter’s day in the stadium. Rather, they need to be preserved in a see-through glass case and utilized as room decor. That’s the kind of supportive, loving environment this clear box display provides. Not only does it hold a regulation size football, but it also blocks 98% of the UV light that’s known to age, fade, and bum out sports equipment.

Beam your loyalty | NFL Team Pride Light

Being modest about your love for your favorite NFL team doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes you have to plaster your passion all over the nearest available blank surface. That’s what this appliance does: It sprays light beams in the shape of your team’s logo all over walls in darkened places. Whether you’re blasting your devotion on your garage, filling your dark den with shiny logos, or just trying to find a way to make confession more interesting, this light’s a miracle worker.

Get into the game | The Football Fanbook

This publication from the folks at Sports Illustrated gives budding, junior fans all the information they need to become true devotees of the gridiron. The Football Fanbook contains trivia, jargon, statistics, and basic football skills that will turn an average, everyday kid into a walking encyclopedia of the game. It covers history, strategy, and important developments of football — just about everything except sports betting, which budget-constrained parents should be thankful for.

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