10 Gifts for Fitness Fanatics

3 years ago

More fitness junkies are shunning the awkwardness, crowds, and unfortunate odors of the public gym these days. They’re finding ways to get a full workout within the more relaxed, comfortable, and better-smelling confines of their own homes. These 10 workout gifts will help you or your fitness-addicted friend develop abs, muscles, and assorted body parts of steel.

All on the Wrist | Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker

When people want to monitor their heart rate, know the calories they’re burning, or make sure they’re still alive, they turn to Fitbit. This wristwatch-like tracker pairs with a smartphone app is a valuable resource for information and inspiration. It keeps your vital signs in clear view, measures your exercise activity, and tracks your sleep. It also comes with a complimentary one-year subscription to Fitbit Premium, which gives you more personalized data, nutrition plans, exercise routines, and more kicks in the head in regards to fitness and wellness.

Shoot Pain Down | Theragun Elite

We active types are all about enduring pain in the name of overall health. But even then, we’re happy to get relief from the muscle strain that comes from our over-the-top workouts. The Theragun Elite is a positively brilliant device in that area. With its gun-like structure and five different attachments, the Theragun pinpoints precise tension areas for both deep tissue and surface-level massage. It’s got five-speed levels for whatever amounts of power or comfort you require. For many athletes, trainers, and pro sports teams, it’s the only gun they’ll ever need.

Make Dumbbells Smarter | Kettle Gryp

Kettlebells are excellent tools for building range of motion and core strength. But they’re not especially portable. What’s more, while you can find all the dumbbells you need at your local gym, they may not have enough or any kettlebells on hand. Enter the Kettle Gryp. It turns any dumbbell you can find into a kettlebell with a simple mounting action. Light enough to stuff in a suitcase, the Kettle Gryp is a great solution for fit world travelers constantly finding themselves in dumbbell-heavy environments.

Glide to Glory | Gliding Discs Core Sliders

Core workouts are gut-checks for your abdomen. Actually, your abdomen is your gut, isn’t it? Well, anyway, a core workout is unbeatable for building strength, leanness, and agility. These sliding discs can help you optimize your core workout wherever you are. They’re double-sided to work on both carpeted and hard surfaces. Put your hands or feet on these pads and conduct your normal regimen of aerobics, Pilates, yoga, strength, or muscle training. The Gliding Discs are lightweight and portable in case you decide to break into your workout in the middle of the galleria.

Put on Some Weight | Everlast’s Evergrip Weighted Vest

Even if you’re just jogging or jumping rope, fitness experts advise working out with more weight than your body’s used to. More weight makes the body work harder and tougher, ultimately making the workout more potent and constructive in the end. Everlast, providers of fine boxing equipment, has a simple solution for adding weight that doesn’t involve bottles of substances with names like “Mass Bloater.” It’s this vest that adds either 10 or 20 pounds of additional weight as comfortably as it can possibly feel.

Resistance is Possible | SpoxFit Exercise Ball Chair with Resistance Bands

Exercise balls are great devices for working on your core, improving your posture, or just sitting at a desk without that flat-butt feeling. Resistance bands are nice for strength-building exercises, toning, or stretching. SpoxFit brings these two classic fitness tools together in one package. You can use the exercise ball as you normally would. Or you can mount in on a base affixed with resistance bands for a multi-faceted, multi-targeted workout. The SpoxFit ball can handle up to 660 pounds without complaining too loudly.

Better Living Through Skipping | Tangram Smart Rope

This isn’t your average schoolyard jump rope. It’s a smart rope. It’s far more intelligent than your schoolyard jump rope and probably friendlier as well. The Tangram Smart Rope is Bluetooth-enabled. Just connect it with a Smart Gym mobile app and you’ll get more information about your jump-roping than you knew you needed. It tells you how many jumps you’ve made, how many calories you’ve burned, and how long your workout was, storing the data for up to 100 separate sessions.

Down to the Core | Core Max 2.0 Total Body Workout Home Gym

Most of us have been getting in our workouts at home these days. With the Core Max 2.0 Home Gym, we may have to search for parking at an outside gymnasium again. The Core Max 2.0 helps you complete 8 different abdominal exercises with no additional attachments or tools at all. It offers 3 different resistance levels that are extremely easy to adjust. It’s lightweight and compact enough to take anywhere. The Core Max 2.0 also comes fully assembled, so you don’t have to work out your brain at the same time.

Roll the Pain Away | Vulken Vibrating Home Roller

This cylindrical deep-tissue apparatus helps you before and after your workout. With four levels of intensity, the Vulken roller warms up your muscles before you start and relieves muscle strain when you’re done. Simply roll on the Vulken with your legs, arms, or back, and let the creepy but still very effective foam fingers work their healing wonder. It’s a great way to avoid post-workout soreness, improve and increase blood flow and circulation, speed up injury recovery, or just satisfy your need for tactile comfort.

Get Juiced | Jusseion Smoothie Countertop Blender

There is nothing the Jusseion won’t pulverize. This smoothie blender gnaws mercilessly at any fruit or vegetable in its path, while you reap the nutrients. It’s got a smart-touch screen and settings that let you blend super healthy beverages without having to shake, hold, or insult the container. It’s got a countdown timer and automatic shutoff. The blades, cups, and lids are dishwasher-safe so your dishrag can do more important things. The Jusseion is also compact enough to fit on your counter where it can get mistaken for a coffee grinder.

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