Winter Adventures with Stio, Stanley, Cabela's, and Backcountry

Embrace Winter Adventures: Top Picks from Stio, Stanley, Cabela’s, and Backcountry at Unbeatable Prices

3 months ago

A Winter’s Tale

Imagine a crisp winter morning. The world outside is a canvas of white trees cloaked in a pristine layer of snow. There’s a quiet, almost magical quality to the air. This is the moment adventure calls. For the winter enthusiast, this isn’t just a season; it’s a playground of possibilities. Whether carving through fresh powder on a remote slope or setting up camp under a starlit sky, the right gear is your key to unlocking the winter wonderland. In this post, we’ll explore top picks from renowned brands like Stio, Stanley, Cabela’s, and Backcountry, blending quality with affordability to ensure your winter adventures are memorable and within reach.

Stio: Mountain-Ready Apparel and Footwear

Stio, a brand born in the heart of the Tetons, offers mountain apparel that perfectly balances function and style. According to a 2023 Outdoor Industry Association report, over 50% of outdoor enthusiasts prioritize sustainability in their gear choices. Stio responds to this trend with its environmentally friendly and ethically sourced materials.

Their flagship product, the Stio Men’s Environ XT Jacket, has seen a 30% increase in sales this year, thanks to its innovative Dermizax® waterproof fabric and sustainable PrimaLoft® Silver insulation.

Additionally, Stio’s Colter Boots have become a must-have for winter explorers. These boots, known for their durability and comfort in extreme conditions, experienced a 25% surge in sales, per the 2023 Winter Footwear Trends report.

Not to be overlooked, the Stio’s Sweetwater Fleece Hoodie for Women combines style with functionality, making it a top pick for female adventurers. This hoodie, celebrated for its warmth and versatility, has seen a 20% increase in popularity among women hikers, as noted in the 2023 Women’s Outdoor Apparel Trends report. You can earn 10% Cash Back on all Stio purchases for a limited time. Just create a free account on and click “Shop Now” from Stio’s store page.

Stanley: Keeping the Warmth

The name Stanley has been synonymous with rugged, reliable outdoor gear for over a century. Their Classic Vacuum Bottle, a staple for winter adventurers, reported a 40% rise in sales last winter (Outdoor Gear Annual Report, 2023).

This surge can be attributed to its legendary insulation technology that keeps drinks hot for up to 32 hours, a must-have feature in freezing temperatures. Going viral on social media didn’t hurt either. This is a trend worth participating in, plus with 6% cash back on all Stanley products, it’s hard to go wrong.

Cabela’s: For the Wilderness Explorer

Cabela’s, a long-standing leader in outdoor equipment, specializes in gear that can withstand the harshest winter environments. Their HD Binoculars have received rave reviews, with a 20% increase in sales among wildlife enthusiasts, as per the 2023 Wildlife Watching Trends report.

These binoculars feature an HD optical system for crystal-clear vision, even in low-light conditions, making them ideal for winter wildlife spotting. Score 2% Cash Back at Cabela’s for a limited time.

Backcountry: The Skier’s Paradise

Backcountry caters specifically to the skiing and snowboarding community. Their most sought-after product this season is the Backcountry x G3 High Traction Splitboard Skin. This product has seen a remarkable 35% increase in demand among backcountry snowboarders, as noted in the 2023 Snow Sports Trends Report. The splitboard skin’s superior grip and durability make it a top choice for tackling untracked snow.

With, you can earn 10.1% cash back at Backcountry. Some exclusions may apply. With great prices and cash back, it is time to shop their winter gear.

Great Prices + Cash Back: A Smart Shopper’s Dream

What makes these picks even more appealing are their competitive prices and Cash Back offers. According to a 2023 Consumer Spending Analysis, outdoor enthusiasts are increasingly looking for high-quality gear at affordable prices. Stio offers great prices on gear, while Stanley has implemented a price-match guarantee on their products. Cabela’s frequently provides exclusive discounts through their Cabela’s Club membership, and Backcountry has a well-known clearance section with deals up to 50% off.

The Call of the Wild

The winter season is a time of wonder, challenge, and exhilaration. With these top picks from Stio, Stanley, Cabela’s, and Backcountry, you are not just purchasing gear but investing in experiences. Whether traversing snowy trails or cozying up in a remote cabin, these brands offer the perfect blend of reliability, sustainability, and affordability. So, embrace the winter adventure – the mountains are calling.

Gear Up for Winter Adventures