Top 10 Trending Spring Break Products for Women

3 years ago

Not even social distancing can stop spring break. Even if your revelry may be scaled down a little this year, you can still bring its madcap spirit to wherever you’re hunkered. These are 10 gifts for the girl who doesn’t let anything stand between her and spring break. 

Oversized Comfort | ISOPHO Beach Blanket

Spring break is such a monumental rite of passage that no ordinary beach blanket will do. You need to go big for those sun-drenched afternoons on the sand. You need the ISOPHO blanket. With dimensions of 79 by 83 inches, it’s frankly ridiculous in size. Made with 210T polyester and nylon, this lightweight party mat can accommodate 5 adult human beings at once. It’s waterproof, wind-resistant, and easy to shake sand off. One turn with this oversized beauty and your usual blanket will look like a ragged washcloth.

Recline on Air | Wekapo Inflatable Lounger

This extra-comfortable relaxation unit is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The Wekapo is an inflatable lounger that doesn’t need an air pump or a very tired pair of lungs. Instead, you whisk it in the air a few times, seal it up, lay it on the ground, and have a lie-down. The Wekapo can hold up to 500 pounds, has a pillow-shaped headrest, and a couple of side pockets. Easily portable, this beach-ready lounge will be the envy of all the other underprepared spring-breakers. 

The Most Wonderful Purse Ever | PortoVino Beach Wine Purse

The PortoVino Purse looks like any ordinary beach purse. Functional, spacious, unassuming. But look closer and you’ll see there’s something very, very different about this purse: It has a spout. Look inside the purse and you’ll see an insulated bag that can hold two entire bottles of wine (about a liter and a half). Then you realize this is not your usual purse. It’s more than a purse. It’s a super-purse. Possibly the greatest purse of all time. This invention is so great, we expect men will be tempted to buy it for themselves. That’s some purse. 

Strands of Mirth | Legend & Co. Large Confetti Cannons

We’ve all been there:  At a spring break party that’s dull and uninspiring. A bland pall of gloom hovers over the room. Lifeless figures drift in an ill-starred void. But just as everyone’s about to give up and go read a book or something, an explosion of color jolts the atmosphere. Strands of confetti drop from the ceiling. Now everyone remembers what they’re supposed to do: party like crazy. This set has 5 confetti cannons that can blast multi-colored paper strips 25 feet, turning any gathering into an enchanting dream world. 

All in the Wrist | Hillside-Kit Flask Bangle Bracelet

Professional spring break partiers have three compelling needs: bling, drinks, and portability. This gift, sent down from the heavens by a benevolent goddess, fills all those needs in one item. The Hillside-Kit bracelet is lined with rhinestones on the outside. Inside, it’s filled with your beverage of choice. Slip it on your wrist and head out for the night. When the moment strikes you, discreetly unscrew the jewel-like cap. Bring your wrist to your mouth, and sip away. It’s times like this we’re grateful to be women. 

Fun with Follicles | Hair Chalk 16 Color Double Pack

Spring break is a time to indulge your fashionably creative side in ways you just can’t do in real life. For that, there’s no better canvas than your hair. And there’s no simpler way to transform your hair than with these 16 coloring pens. Choose one or several of these 10 “bold” colors and 6 “glitter” colors. Rub the pens over rolled-up strands of your hair, blow it dry, smooth the color in with a curling iron, and walk confidently outside. Your hair is now more than a protective covering for your brain. It’s a walking celebration of magenta and chartreuse. 

Burst into Song | Singing Machine Karaoke Machine

Only two things are certain with spring break: temporary amnesia and karaoke. Oh, yes, there will be warbling. And when there is, you better have equipment ready to go, wherever it is. This affordable, portable karaoke system is your key to hosting a boisterous sing-off. It can play audio CDs and CDs with graphics. It has Bluetooth for streaming songs from a smartphone. It has glittering lights, voice effects, recording ability, and a USB port. The Singing Machine has everything you need for a classic karaoke night besides suspension of your personal values. 

No Regrets | IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow

We know it’s going to happen, so let’s just put it out there: You’re going to have a hangover during spring break. Maybe a whole series of hangovers, maybe just one, but it will happen. Although the best cure for hangovers is not doing the things that cause hangovers, that’s, well, unlikely. The IMAK sleeping mask may be the next best thing. Store the IMAK in the freezer between the frozen broccoli and ice cream pint. It will provide relief for headaches whether obtained via tension, migraines, or misadventure. It also soothes those tell-tale puffy eyes. 

Easy on the Eyes | SIPHEW Oversized Polarized Sunglasses

Spring break sun may be rousing to the soul, but it’s murder on the eyes. UV rays are always out to get you, usually unannounced. Fight back as you recline with these SIPHEW oversized glasses. They offer 100% UV protection, they’re polarized, they’re stylish, and they’re about as big as hubcaps. Your eyes couldn’t ask for better protection. Primarily because eyes don’t speak, but also because the SIPHEW sunglasses are that good. 

Go Ahead — Spill the Wine | Chateau Red Wine Stain Remover

Red wine stains are a carpet’s most insidious enemy. If your spring break celebrants get a little sloppy (it can happen) and spill red wine on your carpet, it’s game over. Or was, before now. Chateau Stain Remover is designed for taking out red wine stains. It works on carpets, rugs, upholstery, and clothing. It’s completely biodegradable and shockingly fun to use. It comes in a container that looks exactly like a wine bottle, so make sure you read the label before you sip.

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