Top 10 Trending Spring Break Products for Men

3 years ago

Spring break may be a little different this year. But that doesn’t mean a man can’t enjoy the festive, reckless, semi-conscious fun of spring break wherever he is. These 10 gift items for the discriminating carouser are standard-issue spring break boosters no man should live without. 

Pong in the Night | Six Senses Media The Dark Beer Pong Set

Beer pong is not for the weak. It’s a game that tests your focus. It tests your spatial agility. It challenges your ability to stand upright. Now, this glow-in-the-dark beer pong set adds a whole new dimension to drinking gamesmanship. It’s got 22 beer cups affixed with glowing LED lights and 6 lit-up ping-pong balls. This hypnotic gift set is perfect for those late-night spring break tournaments in dimly lit hotel rooms or breezy beaches. 

Save Your Breath | BACtrack C8 Breathalyzer

We know you’re far too responsible a man to over-indulge during spring break. But if you buckle under the peer pressure to tie a few on, you need to know your limits and stay off the road. The BACtrack C8 Breathalyzer fits in your pocket or carrying bag. It gives you near-instant results on a legible screen. It also gives you an estimate of when you’ll be sober again. With the connected smartphone app, you can track your drinking history or call an Uber if you’re too soused. 

Make Your Mark | Solo Cup Holder

Nothing grinds a spring break party to a halt like unmarked plastic cups. It only takes one accidental pick-up of someone else’s drink for feelings to get hurt. But who has the foresight to bring permanent markers to a party for claiming a plastic cup? Prevent utter disaster with this wood party cup holder. It comes with a felt-tip marker in its own slot. It also comes with the inspirational message “Mark Your Cup and Drink Up!” right on the front in case guests forget what they’re doing. 

Skål, Immortal Drinkers! | Hammer of Thor Shaped Bottle Opener

Now you too can open up spring break beverages the same way the Norse gods do. The Hammer of Thor is a powerful, unrepentant bottle opener. It’s over 6 inches of raw, metallic power. It brutally opens beer bottles as if they were scared little trolls. It opens wine bottles like weak woodland creatures. It mauls bottle caps with the force of a Ragnarök thunderbolt. It also comes with a dainty chain for hanging and is easy to store.

Chilly Reception | IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine

Need ice for your beach party or camping trip, but don’t want to lug an entire refrigerator-freezer? Then the Ikich portable ice-making machine is your deal. It produces ice in as little as 6 minutes — just add water. It churns away with little noise and high energy efficiency. It has two settings for small or large batches of ice. It’s easy to clean and has a smart indicator for when you need to add more water. And did we mention that sweet exhaust fan on the back of the unit? Well, we have now. 

When a Straw’s Not Enough | Beer Bong Funnel with Valve

We do not condone the use of beer bongs. They’re irresponsible at best, dangerous at worst. They impair your judgment and sap what little dignity you have left. But if you must have one, this is the one to get! It’s got double-tube construction so two people can make regrettable decisions at once. It has 2.5′ long tubes, sturdy valves, and rubber seal rings to prevent leaking. The funnel can handle up to 60 fluid ounces — that’s 5 cans of beer at once. Or, you know, sparkling water. 

A Condo for Cans | hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

When the spring break party comes to your house, you don’t want to keep your beverage cans in the same fridge as your milk and ketchup. That’s just chaos. Cans are all grown up now — they need their own apartment. That’s what this surprisingly compact refrigerator is. The hOmeLabs cooler has an astonishing 120-can capacity and can be adapted for bottle storage. It cools liquids down to 34°F and has a sensor for auto defrost. It also has a reversible door. And yet, the hOmelabs cooler is small enough to fit comfortably in your kitchen, office, dorm room, garage, vestibule, or recreational vehicle. 

Candle in the Wind | SUPRUS Candle Lighter

It’s time for that late-night, spring break bonfire on the beach. But everybody else has either soggy matchbooks or empty lighters. Not you, though. You came prepared. You’ve thought this whole scenario through. And you’ve got this rechargeable, USB lighter in your pocket. The SUPRUS ignites sparks with just a nudge of the safety lock and the push of a button. It’s got an LED indicator to show you how much battery power you have left. Unlike troublesome matches and cheap butane lighters, the SUPRUS works in windy conditions. If only everyone thought like you.

Don’t Dry Up | Brickell Men’s Daily Essential Face Moisturizer for Men

We know what you’re thinking. “I sure do love those wild days on the hot beach sands. But all this heat and drink consumption is murder on my skin. How do I keep up my manly spring break duties, yet maintain my face’s delicate, supple complexion?” Moisturizer, dude. Brickell’s face moisturizer is made especially for men. It’s got all the ingredients men demand from their beauty products: green tea, white tea, jojoba, hyaluronic acid, and more. Brickell’s is fast-absorbing, so you don’t have to waste valuable lounging time rubbing your face. 

Swing Break | Tranquillo Pearluxis Hammock Stand

Do you ever feel like lazing away on a spring break afternoon in a hammock? But you’re in a place — the beach, a desert campground, a monastery — that doesn’t have two trees to tie the hammock to? Then the Trannquillo Pearluxis is your jam. It’s a strong, sturdy hammock held up by a stainless steel frame. This hammock can accommodate 450 pounds of human weight. It has a secure click-and-lock mechanism for easy assembly. Don’t let a lack of trees ruin your horizontal fun.

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