30 Romantic Gifts for Couples to Do Together

3 weeks ago

Whether you are shopping for an engagement, anniversary, or just because, you want your coupled up friends to enjoy the gift you give them. The right gift should create fun and meaningful memories to last a lifetime. This guide will help take the stress out of gift-giving by suggesting a variety of gift ideas for all kinds of couples. Let’s dive in!

30 Cute Couple Gift Ideas

The best gifts for couples are gifts that they can both benefit from. Here are 30 gift ideas that encourage shared experiences, curated especially for:

  • Couples Who Have Everything
  • Married Couples 
  • Adventurous Couples 
  • Long Distance Lovers 
  • Homebody Couples 
  • The Newly Engaged

Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Everything

These gifts are sure to please even difficult to shop for couples. Gift Card in Various Gift Boxes

Amazon Gift Card in a Gift Box

It can certainly be difficult and stressful to buy gifts for couples who have everything. That’s why gift cards are a great idea. With Amazon, leave it up to them to buy what they need. From niche products you’ve never heard of to affordable everyday basics, Amazon has everything. Get multiple gift cards if you wish, or one for each half of the couple. A gift card for Amazon lets them shop together from the comfort of their own home; plus, they don’t expire!

Verve Culture Thai for Two

Thai for Two Set of 3 Meal Kit

Do your friends love Thai food? Couples who cook together whip up chemistry in the kitchen — literally! Everyone’s gotta eat, and this delicious meal kit made in Thailand includes organic, gluten-free, and vegan ingredients to make three meals for two. For a truly romantic experience, this is a fun and memorable gift for couples to do together.

Hand Soap

Mosaic Liquid Hand Soap

Hand soap will always be relevant and needed, even for couples who seem to have it all. It’s not the most exciting activity in the world, but hand washing is an essential part of everyone’s day.  This gift box set of four artfully designed liquid hand soap bottles not only clean hands with nourishing essential oils, but also adds visual flair to the bathroom or kitchen where they are placed. These beautiful hand soap bottles create an ambiance in a shared space that inspires rejuvenation.

Cherry Wood Tea Box Organizer

Cherry Wood Tea Box Organizer

It’s no secret that communication is the key to successful relationships, and talking over a soothing cup of tea makes for a perfect night in. But sometimes, keeping tea bags organized is a hassle — especially if two people have different tastes in tea! This beautiful wooden chest keeps it all arranged with eight deep-set boxes. When tea looks this good, there’s no excuse not to slow down and sip some together. And when something is organized, it makes it more likely to be used.

Wishmead 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster - Bucket List

100 Dates Scratch Off Poster 

Even the couples who have everything could use some new, fresh ideas for date night. This 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster is one of those unique gifts for couples to do together because they will use it not just once, but 100 times! They’ll scratch off the dates that they go on, and never run out of ideas for the next one. Each date idea is illustrated and can be scratched off with a coin, or left as they are to continuously inspire adventures. They can hang up the poster in a place they walk past every day, like by the door. (Who knows, maybe they’ll be so thankful that they will want you as a third wheel!)

Gift Ideas for Married Couples 

Keep the spark alive with these fun, interactive gifts for married couples:

Stainless Steel Cocktail Maker Set

Stainless Steel Cocktail Maker Set

What’s more luxurious than a fresh, professionally-made cocktail? Your friends can now enjoy this luxury at home, without spending $15 on a fancy drink at the bar. They can make large 24 ounce martinis, margaritas, and more with this three-piece stainless steel cocktail maker set. Your friends will have fun learning a new skill, using the same tools as professional bartenders. Make every Friday a party at home!

Hand Casting Kit

Hand Holding Molding Kit

For the crafty married couple, this is a fun break from routine: making a mold of their very own hands embracing. Let it harden, then paint it gold, silver, or black. Once complete, this DIY art project will look great in the bedroom, bathroom, or family room as a reminder of the strength and bond they share. This kit comes with paints, paintbrushes, molding powder, casting stone, plus more tools and instructions to walk them through the creative process. 

Customized Fleece Anniversary Blanket

Customized Fleece Anniversary Blanket 

Whether they have been together for one year or 50, this fleece anniversary blanket celebrates all the milestones they’ve been through together. It’s perfect for picnics or for cuddling on the couch for a romantic movie night. Classy black with gold lettering, this blanket is customized with not only their names, but also the number of days, months, and years tallied up (so far) together — down to the minute!

A Year of Us: A Couple's Journal

A Year of Us: A Couple’s Journal: One Question a Day to Spark Fun and Meaningful Conversations by Alicia Muñoz, LPC 

This couple’s journal contains daily questions and prompts to engage both parties. It can be fun, healing, and surprising for couples to take just a few minutes a day to slow down during their busy lives and concentrate on their connection. With themed prompts from playful to philosophical, the questions foster growth and understanding in a doable, low-effort way. Writing down the answers to the questions in the journal means couples can go back and read how they have changed over the course of the year. Don’t miss this bargain — the amount of content and the potential for growth is a steal.

Large Cheese Board and Knife Set

 Large Charcuterie Board

Give them the tools they need for a romantic picnic or recreating that incredible trip they took to Tuscany. Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones that encourage people to do things together. Ideal for a beachside picnic, an evening in the park, or a lakeside getaway, this bamboo cheese board and knife set will encourage a married couple to get out of the house and treat themselves to a gourmet experience!

Adventurous Couples Gift Ideas

These cute couple gifts will get those crazy kids out of the house and seeking adventure! 

Personalized Campfire Mug

Custom Camping Mug 

Nothing encourages people to really know each other like camping: no Wi-Fi or electronics – just conversation and the open air. Camping-related gifts for couples to do together will invite making memories under the stars, like making breakfast on the campfire. This lightweight yet sturdy camping mug is perfect for sharing coffee at sunrise. To complement its beautiful and sleek design of mountains and a lake, customize it with their names. Or get two – one for each!

Our Dance Adventure: Journal for Dancers

 Our Dance Adventure: Dance Journal for Couples 

For the adventurous couple, pair this journal with some fun dancing lessons! Whether it’s ballroom, tango, or salsa, dancing is a wonderful way for couples to grow closer, to be more in sync, and to learn a new skill. And it lets them show off their expertise at parties! Whether this is a subtle nudge to get your flat-footed friends out on the dance floor, or to encourage a preexisting hobby, it’s fun to keep track of progress as a dancin’ duo. This journal also has room to jot down choreography, fitness goals, dance tips, and upcoming dance events.

Airbnb Gift Card

If you’ve got a set of jet-setting lovebirds, this is the perfect gift that they’re sure to use. An Airbnb gift card creates priceless experiences and unforgettable memories. For your pals who love to explore, Airbnb offers lodging from beach cottages to city high-rises. Airbnb also offers guided tours and other vacation activities facilitated by locals in their chosen destination. This $50 digital gift card won’t expire! For U.S. residents only.

The Couples Game

The Couples Game That’s Actually Fun

Who doesn’t love a good game night? Playing games together doesn’t just create fond memories, it also strengthens the bond between two people. For couples with a competitive streak, this card game is fun to play with other couples or they can challenge each other one-on-one. Each card presents a fun question that’ll really make people think, great for young couples and those who have been together for decades.

Walkie Talkies with 22 FRS Channels

Matching Walkie-Talkies

For your retro, silly, or explorer friends, matching walkie talkies are a whimsical way to communicate around the house or neighborhood. Having walkie-talkies designated for a significant other makes communicating feel refreshing and adventurous, even if they’re just going out to walk the dog. Of course, walkie-talkies can also come in handy while hiking or camping, or on any real expedition! They can be used for both fun and safety. These walkie-talkies come in orange or teal.

Gift Ideas for Long-Distance Lovers

Whether they are long-distance 24/7 or often spend time apart, distance is hard on couples. These cute couple presents are a nice way to encourage love and communication for your coupled-up friends when distance and time zones get in the way.

Cute Pilsner Glass - For Separated Lovers

Pilsner Glass for Separated Lovers 

Get two of these pilsner glasses so they can have happy hour together, even when living miles, states, or time zones apart. The writing on the glass provides comfort and romance, stating: “One day the plane ticket will be only one way.” These clear glasses are meant for beer, but they can be used for any beverage.

Pillowcases for Long-Distance Lovers

Pillowcases for Long-Distance Lovers 

This set of matching white cotton/polyester blend pillowcases is specifically designed for couples separated by distance. Together, they depict one image: half of it is on one pillowcase, the other half on the other. When they see each other again, it’ll be a whole picture of two stick figures saying “I miss you” with a minimalist cityscape between them. Perfect to cuddle with when they can’t cuddle with each other. Fits pillows 20 by 30 inches.

Recollections Photo Album

Photo Album

A photo album is a project that long-distance couples can work on together: one person adds a few photos at a time, and when they hand it off to the other when they see each other next, it’ll be a surprise for them to look at. With plenty of writing space to explain each photo, you can even get it started for them with a little note. The interior of this photo album includes a portfolio envelope to put ticket stubs or airplane tickets in. Self-adhesive pages make it easy to add photos. This beautiful photo album has an all-natural faux leather aesthetic with metal accessories.

Hulu Gift Subscription

This $100 Hulu gift card is the perfect gift for long-distance couples with a shared Hulu account. The subscription code will be sent right to the corresponding email. It lets long-distance couples watch the same shows together in real time – one of the few activities possible even with distance, and you can make it happen! Let them laugh together over a comedy show or get caught up in their feelings with a feature drama.

The Bucket List Activity Book for Couples by Dr. Carol Morgan

The Bucket List Activity Book for Couples by Dr. Carol Morgan

When couples can’t be together, there’s a lot of pressure on planning the next date night! This activity book gives pages of ideas and questions to get couples thinking of their next adventure. The couple can share it, annotating the margins and putting sticky notes highlighting their favorite ideas. Author Dr. Morgan brings her informed perspective on fun date ideas that also foster connection!

Gift Ideas for Homebody Couples 

You don’t have to go out to have fun! Whether they’re quarantining or just introverted, activities designed for couples to do at home are great for weeknights and weekends alike. 

Wine & Paint Night

Wine & Paint Night at Home

Do you know a crafty couple that also enjoys a nice glass of wine? Painting is a relaxing activity that provides color therapy and a rewarding finished product by the end. This kit comes with two wine glasses, two paint by number canvases, two coasters, six brushes, an easel, paints, and yummy candy! Get messy, or paint a masterpiece! (Wine not included.)

Grow Your own Bonsai kit

Grow Your Own Bonsai Kit

Indoor plants are all the rage right now, especially succulents and bonsai trees. This starter kit includes step-by-step instructions for growing and maintaining four different types of small bonsai trees to make a living room feel unique and fresh. Two people will make the planting process all the more fun and rewarding. This kit includes seeds, soil, and planting tools. Every time you visit their home, you’ll be able to see how much its beauty has flourished!

Luxury Candle Making Kit

Luxury Candle-Making Kit

What’s more romantic than candles? Home-made candles! A fun gift idea for a crafty couple is this luxury candle-making kit. It makes six candles in three scents, so they are not stuck with one scent they end up hating. It includes all the tools they will need, plus waxes and fragrance oils. Maybe they’ll get hooked on this new hobby and make you one… after all, cotton gift bags are included if they decide to regift the candles once they’re made!

500 Piece Large Format Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle

When complete, this 500 piece puzzle reveals the image of a cozy candlelit room, complete with a lit fire, tea and pastries, twinkle lights, a snoozing kitten, and an open book. Doing a jigsaw puzzle is the perfect activity for couples of all ages as they hunker down during a snowstorm or relax the morning after a night out on the town. Between the peaceful image and the doable 500 piece limit, this puzzle is not one of those multi-thousand behemoths that end up starting fights!

Home Improvement Projects for the Busy & Broke: How to Get Your $h!t Together and Live by Christina Salway

Home Improvement Projects for the Busy & Broke: How to Get Your $h!t Together and Live by Christina Salway

Know a couple who just bought a house? For young couples with a sense of humor, this book will be a lifesaver. Author Christina Salway brings her expert knowledge in architecture and design to help folks create a home that is efficient and beautiful on a budget. Home improvement tasks are always better with help, so help them with this must-have book. The simple fixes and doable inspiration in this book also work for apartments and condos.

Gift Ideas for the Newly Engaged 

Celebrate your friends getting engaged (or any other milestone in their relationship) with these special gifts to support their union:

Personalized Art: “Written in the Stars”

Personalized Art: “Written in the Stars”

Your friends can now stargaze in their own home! This art print is a reminder of how much you support their relationship. Their first names are literally written in the stars in this beautiful design, with silhouetted trees and a couple embracing in the moonlight. This romantic customized art print is 6.5 by 18 inches, perfect for adding some personalized flair to any home.

Mr. & Mrs. Kitchen Set

Mr. & Mrs. Kitchen Set

Time spent in the kitchen is quality time, so help spice up their dinner routine! This his and hers kitchen set includes a recipe book with over 50 romantic recipes to encourage your newly engaged friends to cook up some harmony in the kitchen. This set also includes machine washable Mr. & Mrs. aprons, oven mitts, and a potholder — not to mention decorative packaging and a best wishes card.

“Lovers on a Swing” Cast Iron Sculpture

“Lovers on a Swing” Cast Iron Sculpture

This handcrafted cast-iron sculpture of a couple embracing on a swing is the perfect addition to a mantelpiece, shared chest of drawers, or table decoration. The childlike innocence of a swing is reminiscent of swingin’ through life’s ups and downs, and represents how easy life is when they have one another. What better way to capture the essence of their love? Standing at 7.5 by 7 by 3 inches, this romantic sculpture will fit perfectly into any home.

The Marriage Survival Kit

For your friends with a sense of humor, this kit includes it all: his and hers steel tumblers, coasters with funny marriage advice, a bottle opener, “decision making dice,” a beautiful ring dish, and “coupons for couples” (for those pesky household tasks like doing dishes or vacuuming). The steel tumblers hold hot or cold beverages and come with steel straws and a cleaning brush. All the necessary products for a long and happy life together!

Mr and Mrs Luggage Tags and Passport Holder Set

Matching Luggage Tags and Passport Holder Set 

Help them jet set to their honeymoon in style with Mr. and Mrs. luggage tags. This practical gift features luggage tags and a passport holder to keep all their travel essentials coordinated, encouraging them to explore the world together. There’s nothing more romantic than going off on adventures together. It is the perfect gift to help your friends prepare for their honeymoon or to encourage adventure whenever the mood strikes. Or, if you are the long-distance friend, this gift also serves as a nudge to pay you a visit!

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