AI Shopping Assistants

3 years ago

Why Use an Online Shopping Assistant?

Personal shoppers are ordinarily seen as a benefit only the rich and famous can enjoy. However, that’s no longer true. Today, ordinary consumers worldwide can get the personal shopping assistance they need to make the right purchasing decisions.

You may think that a shopping assistant is just there to provide recommendations, but the modern shopping assistant app does so much more than that. From scanning for similar products to comparing prices across thousands of retailers in seconds, an online shopping assistant is the ultimate way to save.

We discuss all in one online shopping and why now is the time to make your shopping smarter.

What is a Shopping Assistant App?

A shopping assistant comes with several features to enable you to get the lowest prices on the products you love. What shoppers expect is an intelligent platform that anyone can use. The best assistant apps are those where consumers don’t even notice they are running in the background. focuses on incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning into its app to access real-time data and hunt down those elusive deals you need to know. 

Here are some of the most essential features of a smart shopping assistant:

Find similar products when you can’t get the price you want.

  • Get personalized recommendations on your next shop.
  • Scan billions of products to find the best deal.
  • Uncover one-time deals and discounts.
  • Discover cashback shopping options.

Personal shopping assistance is ultimately designed to save you money on the products you love from top retailers, such as Amazon, Target, Macy’s, and even independent brands.

The Benefits of an AI Shopping Assistant

Shopping has changed with the general introduction of artificial intelligence. AI shopping makes it simpler than ever to find the right retailer to buy the right product from. When used correctly, a smart shopping assistant could potentially save you hundreds of dollars throughout the year.

So, how has eCommerce intelligence changed for the benefit of the consumer with the introduction of AI shopping apps?

  • Shop with Thousands of Retailers – Forget long hours of browsing. With, you can shop with all your favorite retailers and discover the best deals online
  • Apply the Latest Deals – Your new shopping app not only automatically applies valid deals and coupon codes at the checkout, but it also scans the Internet for active online promo codes, so you don’t have to.
  • Get Price Drop Notifications – Add products to your watchlist and select the price you want to pay. Then, whenever a product’s price reaches the upper limits of your desired price, we’ll send you an instant price drop notification.
  • Know When to Buy – By leveraging the power of data, you can know when the best time to buy is. tracks not just current prices but historical prices and their trends.
  • Be Inspired with the Best Deals – AI shopping is not just an app to make shopping easier. Instead, it’s proactive and uncovers the best deals on the products you may be interested in.

The modern shopping assistant is revolutionizing online shopping by making price comparison more accurate, simpler, and more proactive. Now has never been a better time to upgrade your online shopping experience.

How to Use an Online Shopping Assistant

You may be wondering what the difference is between a personal shopping assistant and a browser extension.

Put it this way; the Chrome browser extension follows you around as you shop. It compares prices as you browse and finds any deals that might apply to your purchase. In other words, it’s the assistant that’s always working for you to find the absolute best prices. 

Your smart shopping assistant, on the other hand, brings your favorite products and retailers to you. It’s proactive shopping at its very best.

Using personal shopping assistance with couldn’t be easier. The majority of your assistant’s functions are automated. Artificial intelligence and machine learning tailor the experience to your shopping habits.

For an intelligent shopping app that supports you, look no further than is Changing the Game

The race is on to create the most intelligent shopping assistant on the web today. is changing the game and leading the charge in the field of eCommerce intelligence.

Here’s how is delivering greater savings for shoppers across the globe:

  • Latest Technology – Artificial intelligence and machine learning are at the heart of This is a fluid, living database of products and retailers, rather than the static price comparison entries of old. Technology like this ensures you get the best price every time.
  • Data-Driven Movement – Data is what makes work. By tracking not just current prices but also historical prices and broader trends, shoppers make better purchasing decisions.
  • Lasting Change – AI tailors the shopping experience to the user. By learning from your habits and preferences, your intelligent personal shopping assistant becomes more powerful and more effective.
  • RealTime Numbers – Nothing is more frustrating than finding a great price only to find that it expired a few hours ago. prides itself on staying connected and obtaining real-time data. The price you see is the price you get with this app.
  • Everything in One Place – Tired of visiting different platforms? Sick of downloading multiple apps? is a no catches, all-in-one online shopping solution, with every feature included as part of a single platform.

What does it all mean to you, the shopper?

It means you have a higher chance of uncovering the best deals as you shop and guaranteeing the lowest prices. Plus, if you’re saving for a major purchase, knowing when and where to buy could save you hundreds of dollars.

There’s no better option than for the best in price comparison, online promo code hunting, and personalized recommendations. 

Make Online Shopping More Intelligent with

Online shopping has always been about getting the right product for the right price. We believe in keeping things simple yet intelligent.

With just a single app, you can access the lowest prices across thousands of retailers. Contact to find out more about personal shopping assistance and how you can start saving today.

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