Backyard Games for the Whole Family to Enjoy in 2021

3 months ago

Kids are the experts on fun. They know exactly how to have a good time, come rain or shine. It’s no wonder why they were the inspiration for backyard games back in the 20th century. It’s said the idea evolved as a resolve to end kids’ boredom during the summer. And boy did it work. 

Since then, backyard games have become a phenomenon worldwide, targeting all ages and skill levels. Anything from corn hole, to Nerf guns, to bocce ball. Even a classic game of frisbee can keep kids engaged for hours on end.     

Today, the wide variety of backyard games allows for endless entertainment. No weekend or summer vacation can fully be enjoyed without outdoor games for kids. They truly make your time spent outside that much better! 

Check out the most entertaining backyard games for your family to enjoy.  

Why you need backyard games in 2021

From toppling towers to a game of catch, the opportunity for fun is always present when kids are around. In fact, after a year of virtual schooling, backyard games are the best way to bounce back into action. These games keep energies high and encourage teamwork and social skills. They also make great bonding activities for families. At a range of prices, it just goes to show you can have fun without breaking the bank.  

At $12.99, the Duckura Dueling Rocket Launcher is an instant hit. Two energized kiddos can jump and stomp a set of rockets right into the sky. The coolest part — the set comes equipped with 2 LED flashing rockets. These LED rockets shoot right into the night sky like fireworks.  Your kids are sure to love this purchase, especially when the magic in the sky. 

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If your little ones are big fans of sports, try integrating outdoor versions of their most beloved games. Whether you tie a net between two trees to create a volleyball court or create a make-shift obstacle course, sports inspire several outdoor games for kids. At $25.99, the Backyard Lawn Bowling Game provides hours of entertainment while developing your kids hand-eye coordination skills. It is easy to set up, and even parents can enjoy this one. 

What are portable outdoor games for kids?

Some families don’t have the luxury of a big backyard. But that doesn’t mean outdoor games can’t be had. Whether you live in a bustling complex with limited outdoor space or a city apartment, there are ways to pump up the fun the next time your family heads to the park. All you need are portable outdoor games for kids. 

These games are easily accessible and don’t take up too much space for those living in cramped quarters. Even better, they make the perfect addition to your next family road trip. What parent wouldn’t love having an option for entertainment at all times? These classic family favorites are the ones to buy. 

Start the weekend off right with a friendly game of GoSports Pro Grade Ladder Toss. This purchase includes two targets, score trackers, and 6 bolos for play. It even comes with a carrying case for easy mobility. At a price as low as $21.99, parents will relish at this purchase for both its efficiency and cost. 

Looking for something you can take to sporting events? Try out the Himal Collapsible Portable Corn Hole set. Just as the name implies, these corn hole boards take convenience to the new level. Forget worrying about how to fit outdoor games for kids in the car. After hours of play, just fold up the Himal corn hole boards and be back on your way. At $32.99 on Amazon, it’s a purchase worth making.  

If your kids are active, they’ll likely run out of energy sooner or later. To combat the fatigue, bring along outdoor folding chairs to your next adventure. They are trouble-free, allowing children to open and close without struggle. They also won’t take up much room in the car — a major bonus for large families. 

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Parents deserve to be included too. There are thousands of folding chair options for adults that will add much-needed comfort to your next day at the park. All you have to do is sit back and watch your loved ones enjoy the best backyard games. Hey, maybe even you’ll want to join in. There are no age restrictions on fun! 

The best outdoor games for kids 

If you ride with a rambunctious bunch, then it takes a bit of creativity to keep them entertained. Parents are always looking for something new to keep their loved ones busy, and these games are sure to do the trick. The good news is, always has an assortment of the latest and greatest backyard gaming options. Just a few clicks and you’ll find the right buy to turn up the fun meter at home. 

A popular hit among older kids is Kan Jam Disc Toss Game. At prices as low as $29.97, this interactive game is developed to keep families connected. With an easy setup, kids can get started on the competition within minutes. It requires two teams with two players. Each game adding up to 21 points. You can play again and again, switching up teams and never get bored. 

Kids who are 8 years and older will enjoy the Capture the Flag REDUX game. This popular childhood game takes on a new twist with glow-in-the-dark orbs instead of flags. What makes this game unique is you can play with up to 20 players. Therefore, this outdoor game for kids works great at backyard barbecues or birthday parties. It can even make the ideal birthday gift. 

Don’t let the fun stop there. There is a new version of dodgeball to check out too. This time, instead of throwing rubber balls at your opponents, try 3-foot tall inflatable burritos. Can you imagine any better way to have F-U-N? Flying burritos is sure to make friends and family share a good laugh, making this one of the most unique outdoor games for kids on the market. 

What are the best game sets for your backyard?

Sometimes it’s just more advantageous to buy in bulk. Especially for parents who are ballin’ on a budget. These outdoor game sets offer the best value at a low cost. They will even push your little one to get more active outside and spend less time staring at a screen. 

The Fun Little Toys Sports Outdoor Game Set is the perfect option for families who enjoy a bit of physical activity. The set includes a toss and catch game, slingshot, air scoop ball, and pickleball. With so many options, kids will never run out of activities to do. 

Another great set to add to your wish list is the FEPITO 6 in 1 Outdoor Games Combo. At just $20.99 on Amazon, this power pack offers a 36 piece lineup of fun-filled entertainment. This backyard game set contains 5 cones, 10 bean bags, 5 colored ribbons, 10 plastic rings, and 2 ribbons with 4 stakes to create start and finish lines. Let the races begin!

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No matter the time of year, these sets provide a great bonding activity that can withstand a little wear and tear. Encourage your kids to invite friends and family over to take part in some friendly competition. For $32.98, the Franklin Sports Yard Combo takes the cake on sporting options. This set includes 5 outdoor games, consisting of volleyball, badminton, flying disc, horseshoe, and flip toss. With this combo set, it’s not just an outdoor game for kids, the whole family can get involved. has everything you need for backyard games

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