Pool Toys To Float On This Summer

3 months ago

Break out the swimwear, it’s time to take a dive in the pool. There is no better feeling of relaxation than dipping your toes in crystal clear water. Luckily, once summer arrives, the time for a little R&R is easier to achieve. More time for vacation means more time for swimming in the pool, and no swim experience is complete without pool toys.  

Pool toys have evolved from the classic rubber ducky of the 1940s to an array of pizza, bananas, and unicorns. Those buoyant pool noodles that have kept us afloat for decades are now a thing of the past. The pool toys that are being produced today are cooler than ever. Now, it’s just time to get your hands on the best ones. 

Discover the trendiest pool toys for summer 2021. 

Why a pool float is necessary in summer 2021

Invite family and friends over and commence your summer 2021 with a pool day. Bring food, refreshments, and pool toys to amp up the excitement. But all you really need is a sturdy pool float to make your day in the sun a success. Even those who don’t enjoy swimming will gladly take the opportunity to float. 

You can even go the extra mile and make sure your household is equipped with an Electric Air Pump for Inflatables. As low as $8.99, your family can inflate pool toys in a matter of minutes. This means more time in the water and less time worrying about logistics.  

The electric air pump is easy to use, and it saves time and energy. It’s small in size so once you’ve finished inflating all the pool toys, you can store it away until the next sunny day.

What are the best pool floats for kids (+ furry friends)?

What’s more fun than splashing in the water with family and friends? In 2021, make sure your loved ones remain safe while in the pool. Purchase the best pool floats for kids and make this summer one for the books.  

At $17.99 on Amazon, the Blue Mars Kids Swim Vest is a safe and reliable swim floatie for kids 1 to 4 years old. It keeps them afloat and protected while in the water, giving parents peace of mind. Looking for something more stylish? Buy the Mario Kart Nintendo Pool Float. This nostalgic pool float will have your 3 month old and up enjoying the refreshing water from the front seat of a mario kart. 

If your kids are growing too fast, try out a tubular floatie. These inflatable ring-shaped pool floats date back to the 1950’s, and still offer one of the best ways to float securely in the water. With differing colors and designs, kids are sure to enjoy it as they become more acquainted with swimming. 

The “Intex Lil’ Sea Turtle is always a big hit. Kids can float at their leisure on a giant turtle. With the added handles, this pool float offers the security parents want. At prices as low as $19.00, it’s an affordable choice to keep your kids entertained all summer long. 

Want to give your pet a piece of paradise? Buy them a dog float

For medium to large-sized dogs, the SwimWays spring float is the best. Your dog is sure to love it so much that you might not be able to get them back on solid ground. Can you blame them? Floating on the water in summer 2021 is just the right move. 

Can I bring pool floats to the beach?

Don’t just confine the giant avocados and unicorns to your pool. They deserve a little vacation too and nothing says paradise more than an open ocean. Pool toys make great additions to a family beach day. Keep in mind: not every beach allows pool floats so you’ll have to do some legwork. No one wants to drag their pool float across the hot sand, only to find out it’s not permitted. Make sure to check ahead. 

Whether you want to float in the ocean for hours or use your pool float as a makeshift beach chair, these inflatables come in handy. Even birthday gatherings and other celebrations will be made more fun. Let’s face it, pool floats make the perfect photo opp. 

If you want to go all out in summer 2021, purchase the Island Hopper 13′ Bounce N Splash water trampoline. This purchase comes at a high price, but it takes inflatable pool toys to a new level. Both kids and adults will rave over this buy. 

With 10 handles and 4 easy access ladders, you can feel reassured that safety is a priority while out on the water. The best part — once ordered on Amazon, you can expect it delivered within a week. It might just be the perfect last minute buy to make your summer 2021 memorable. 

How do you store your pool floats?

After all the fun is had, it’s time to clean up. This means properly storing your pool toys to avoid sun damage and deflation. Many families struggle to find the right space to keep pool floats protected. Some think the shower is the best spot, but oftentimes inflatables require deflation to be stored correctly. 

The Essentially Yours Rolling Pool Storage Organizer is the perfect buy for families with too many pool noodles to count. It’s easy to assemble and both kids and adults will have no problem throwing them in the basket once a day of swimming has come to an end. 

Another great addition is the Suncast 83-gallon Waterproof Outdoor Storage Container. With ample room for pool toys and other swim gear, its seamless design and efficiency make this purchase a win/win. 

This outdoor storage container can also store towels, goggles, and other small pool toys with effortless access for kids. At prices as low as $81.80, investing in this type of pool storage is the right decision. It can even endure years of wear and tear. 

For summer 2021, you’ll want the best storage options for your pool toys. Don’t wait, and buy today has everything you need and more for pool toys 

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