10 Products Every Toddler Mom Should Have

1 year ago

The first few years of your baby’s life are some of the most precious, sweetest times imaginable. They’re also terribly, terribly inconvenient. Today’s toddler mom needs all the help she can get. Every one of these 10 products is a modern-day necessity for toddler moms and the small creatures whose speed they clearly underestimated.


Close to the Edge | Baby Proofing Corner Guards and Edge Protectors

Everything’s fine and dandy when your baby still can’t walk. But the minute they discover two-legged mobility, it’s a race to keep them from running into hazardous spaces and sharp edges. This edge protection package includes corner pieces that replace those taped-on tennis balls. It also contains a coiled liner for table sides. All the cushions are easy to install, remove, and clean off. They come in three colors: coffee, oyster, and onyx, which are fancy ways of saying brown, white, and black.


Pleasant Dreams | Dream Lab Sleep Training

The free ride’s over, tots. When you were newborns you could sleep all day and stay up all night. But the time’s come to learn how to sleep like the giant people who brought you here. Don’t worry because the Dream Lab program is going to make this very simple. Someone with a smartphone assesses your sleep pattern. They’ll choose a sleep method and work to get you to sleep during the night like normal people. Listen, we’re all going to be the better for it.


Road Rules | AUCD Back Seat Car Organizer

Far too often, the backseat of a car owned by a toddler mom becomes the Island of Mislaid Toys. Action figures, dolls, stuffed animals co-exist uncomfortably with old food wrappers and sippy cups. It’s a hazardous and annoying situation. This backseat organizer is how moms keep sane. It’s got toy holders, a folding dining table, and no less than 4 USB charging ports. It also holds a full-size tablet in case your toddler wants to check up on their portfolio.

Somebody’s Watching You | VAVA Baby Monitor

Sometimes moms can’t be in the exact same room their toddlers are in. It’s nothing personal. It’s just practical. But it’s hard to keep getting up and going into the other room just to make sure all the bookcases are still turned upright. That’s why you need the VAVA Baby Monitor. Put the camera onto a tabletop or wrap it around a crib edge with a special rope. Leave the toddler, take the monitor. Now you’ll be able to see and hear every errant emission that your child makes, keeping them free from harm.

Days of Your Lives | Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

Time goes by extraordinarily fast when you’re raising a kid. One day they’re feeble and helpless, the next day they’re installing your cable. Keep track of every thrilling turn in the first five years of your baby’s life with this journal. Each page covers one calendar day over 5 years. There’s just enough space for moms to jot down their inspirational thoughts or baby’s milestones. Every quote, quip, and pearl of wisdom is preserved for generations to come.

We Got a Fever | Amplim Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Back when we were kids, let me tell you, taking our temperatures was no cakewalk. It involved the prying ends of a glass rod that had no business being in our mouths. And we had to wait for what seemed an eternity for the results. If only we had the Amplim Infrared Forehead Thermometer like you young’uns do now. It’s a completely contact-free device that reads the baby’s temperature just by looking at it. You’ll get fast, accurate LED readouts within mere seconds.


Much Knee-Did Relief | Bath Kneeler

Baby looks like they’re having the time of their lives getting scrubbed in the tub. But nobody’s sparing a thought for Mom, knees planted on the hard bathroom floor, uncomfortably washing away. This padded mat, specifically made for knees, gives Mom at least a smidgen of comfort while toddlers splash away. It folds over the bath edge so you can rest your elbows. It’s got extra thick cushions, anti-slip suction cups, and a couple of pockets for bath toys, bottles, or tools. It also has playful marine imagery featuring ships and well-adjusted whales.

Nasal Power | Baby Nasal Aspirator

There are really no delicate terms or euphemisms we can use to describe the Nasal Aspirator. We can’t beat around the bush on this one. What it does is clear the mucus out of your baby’s nose using your own breath. Stick one end of a tube in your mouth, the other end in your baby’s nose, and blow. All your baby’s nasal matter collects in an unfortunately see-through jar. That’s the end of it. We have no doubt it’s incredibly useful. We’d just rather move onto another topic.

Climb Every Mountain | Potty Training Seat with Ladder

It’s finally time to teach your child a skill that they’ll find handy for the rest of their life. This baby toilet trainer will help your toddler conquer the mountain of waste expulsion. It looks like just a seat attached to a ladder, but it’s more like a chariot to intestinal freedom. It includes non-slip steps, grip handles, a splash guard, and a real sense of accomplishment. It fits all standard toilet seats and a few of the non-standard ones as well. When the process is over and the wisdom is finally passed on, it can be folded for storage.

The Nerve Center | 4-in-1 Diaper Bag

This adaptable, versatile baby bag gives no room for excuses. It’s a waterproof diaper bag. It’s a bassinet. It’s a crib. And it’s a changing station. When you and your baby are in a bus station, a waiting room, a city park, or a gymnasium with lax rules, this backpack-style carryall has everything you’ll need. It’s thermally insulated and waterproof and can hold all the stuffed animals, rattling toys, and bottles you throw in its 16 pockets. It also lasts a good long while without wear and tear in case your baby still needs changing when they hit high school.

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