10 great gifts for avid travelers

3 years ago

World travel. They say it broadens the mind and expands consciousness. It also gives you a great reason to hang out at airports and bus depots. As thrilling as it is to visit exotic locations, meet exciting and interesting people, and compare the menus from all the different McDonald’s in the world, international travel can be tricky without the right tools, tips, tricks, and fake accents. These 10 gifts help dedicated world travelers feel at home wherever they go, or at least look less foolish and helpless.

Take charge | Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger

Spending hours on a plane or train can sap all the life-giving energy from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Don’t let your electronic companions suffer — keep them fresh and ready for action with this amazingly lightweight portable charger. It comes with a micro USB cable, a pouch, and a user’s guide. Sold separately are USB-C and lightning cables for those non-conformist iPhones and iPads.

Safe passage | Zoppen Multi-purpose Rfid Blocking Travel Passport Wallet

You need a passport for globetrotting. All too often the world traveler leaves their passports loose in a coat or pants pocket, from which they can easily tumble out, or get stolen by an identity thief who’ll use it to order tons of uranium under your name. Don’t ask how we know that. Anyway, stash your passport in this far more protective wallet, available in about a million assorted colors. It has compartments for your passport, tickets, SIM card, keys, ID and credit cards, and receipts for all your uranium purchases.

Just a scratch | Scratch Map

Show off all the exotic, far-off lands you’ve visited with this beautiful scratch-off world map. Whenever you get back home from one of your trips, just scratch off the coating of the country you’ve visited, changing it to a more vibrant color to indicate you’ve been there. We’re assuming Greenland is green underneath, but strictly speaking, we don’t know. We haven’t been there. Also, Antarctica covers a surprisingly huge portion of the bottom of the map, so give yourself more time if you’ve just come back from marching with the penguins.

Place your neck in the upright position | Trtl Travel Pillow

Most neck pillows for air or train travel are downright murderous on your neck, leaving it free to bob up and down like you were a rag doll. The Trtl pillow absolutely will not stand for that. It wraps around your neck, offering supreme ergonomic support by keeping your head upright as you rest. It’s a slightly more dignified way to nod off as you through the flyover states.

Pack it in | Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter Starter Set

Only bad things happen when you allow your clothes to freely mingle with each other in your suitcase. Undergarments are terrible influences on wool sweaters, and no cocktail dress has ever survived an unexpected encounter with a sock. Eagle Creek’s set of packing bags, folders, and cubes makes suitcase organization easier to pull off. They’re lightweight and wrinkle-resistant, and somewhat miraculously compress to unbelievably small sizes. You can store a jaw-dropping number of garments and toiletry items in these bags, keeping your tuxedo as far away from the shaving cream as possible.

Adapt and change | Bonazza Universal International Travel Adapter Kit

One of the most disorienting things about world travel is how every country’s electrical outlets are different. Some have two holes while others have three. Some are arranged in triangles, others in straight lines. When you try and plug your device into an outlet that doesn’t fit, all it gives you is a blank stare and some sparks. That’s why this travel power adapter, which can be used on 12 distinct kinds of international power outlets, is essential equipment. It has four USB ports, so you can charge all your devices no matter what crazy-pants outlets your destination boasts.

Best-made plans | Clever Fox Travel Journal

International travel is always better when you’ve made an organized plan. This travel journal is formatted to help you maximize your budget and enjoyment for up to five different vacations. It’s got checklists, expense trackers, transport and accommodation pages, calendars, and a couple of blank pages if you just want to freestyle some random thoughts. It’s also got some colorful stickers to accentuate moments of your trip with cute sayings, such as “The World is Yours,” “Adventure Awaits,” “Life is Good,” and “Flu Shots Rock!”

Yes, we’re going there | Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel

There are at least 500 places in the world. Many of them are well-known spots that many people travel to. Others are less-known spots that visitors overlook. But they all need to be seen at least once before you shuffle off into infinity. The Lonely Planet, who’ve published great guidebooks for nearly half a century, has compiled a catalog of 500 sites and attractions scattered across the world that you must go. It includes superstars like the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, the Great Barrier Reef, and others, along with vital, lesser-known places like Ayutthaya, the Bazaruto Archipelago, Xochimilco, and Reno.

Electric dreams | Laptop Backpack

When you travel, don’t leave your laptop at home alone. It might call up all its smartphone and motherboard friends and throw a wild party behind your back. Take it with you, and use this water-resistant, theft-deterring backpack specifically designed for laptops. It’s fitted to hold your laptop and a few sundry items neatly and conveniently. Like just about all modern conveniences, it’s got a USB port.

Speak to me | Rosetta Stone Learn Unlimited Languages

Rosetta Stone makes the most popular, effective series of language-learning software on the planet. Now you don’t have to choose just one language to learn. Rosetta Stone now offers lifetime internet access to 25 lesson packages covering all the world’s dialects: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and many more. Just install the software on your broadband-ready device, and soon you’ll be ordering tacos, haggis, and piroshkis at the best bistros and trattorias like a pro.

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