10 Kitchen Gadgets to Help You Make Meals with Minimal Effort in 2021

1 year ago

Looking to make meals at home without spending hours in the kitchen? It doesn’t have to be a day-long affair! We’ve got 10 gadgets that will make cooking delicious meals a faster and easier process, so you can enjoy your food instead of spending your time watching it cook.

Chop it like it’s hot | Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

Spending time chopping vegetables is so last year. The Fullstar Vegetable Chopper has a set of four different safe-to-exchange blades, you can chop, spiralize, and julienne your way to a delicious (and beautiful!) meal in no time. Turn your zucchini into a long ribbon for an Insta-worthy at-home meal or chop potatoes into evenly diced blocks that all cook evenly at the same rate (finally!). A cut above the rest, the Fullstar Vegetable Chopper comes with an attached 1.2 liter container so you can catch all those tiny pieces of fruits and veggies without making a mess and store your ready-to-go ingredients until you need them.

An egg-cellent choice | Dash Rapid Egg Cooker: 6 Egg Capacity

This handy little machine will make cooking egg-straordinarily easy! Prepare hardboiled eggs or use the additional trays to craft perfectly poached or scrambled eggs in no time – no standing by the stove required. You can even make personal omelets with the touch of a button and add other ingredients to cook alongside your eggs. Weighing in at just one pound, the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is the perfect appliance for RV travelers, students in dorm rooms, or those with small apartments. Even picky eaters can be egg-cited by this handy kitchen gadget!

Don’t strain yourself | Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer

Looking for a space saver that leaves you with fewer dishes? The Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer is a clip-on silicone colander that takes up a quarter of the traditional strainer’s space. Instead of continually transferring vegetables and pasta from one place to the next, clip this strainer onto any pot, pan, or bowl to make meal prep a snap.

Mix things up | The Pampered Chef Mix N Chop and Mix N Masher Bundle

It’s the handy device you didn’t know you needed. The Pampered Chef Mix N Chop and Mix N Masher Bundle gives you two tools to break apart hamburger meat in a frying pan, mix mashed potatoes to the perfect consistency, and separate cooking vegetables. Prep all types of fillings, sauces, and syrups without squishing your whisk or inefficiently trying to squeeze ingredients with a fork. Dishwasher safe and made to withstand up to 428°F, this tool has unlimited uses in the kitchen.

A pretty big dill | Herb Scissors Set

Add healthy herbs and leafy greens of all kinds to your meals in a snap. The Herb Scissors Set lets you cut five times as fast directly into your dish with no cutting board cleanup. Simply hold a bundle of herbs over your bowl or pan, and hack away with the herb scissors to your heart’s content. With a no-slip grip that is both righty and lefty friendly, this rust-free and dishwasher-safe set of scissors is the perfect addition to your easy cooking routine.

Rack up the savings | 17.7″ x 15.5″ Large Dish Drying Rack

Don’t let the name deceive you – this thing can do it all. This drying rack by Attom Tech Home is made to stand strong over your kitchen sink so your drying dishes or freshly washed fruits and veggies have the ventilation they need. No more constantly wet counters or molding towels here! Use it as a cutting board or a trivet for fresh-from-the-oven cookie pans. It’s BPA-free, can support up to 70 pounds, and is non-slip and rust resistant. The best part? It’s foldable design. Roll up your drying rack, tuck it away until next time, and maintain a clutter-free and fully accessible counter space.

Hot and steamy | Hamilton Beach Digital Programmable Rice Cooker & Food Steamer

This rice-cooker does the work for you. Let the Hamilton Beach Digital Rice Cooker know what type of rice you’re cooking, add the water indicated in the included measuring cup… and then walk away. Simply come back to perfectly fluffy rice! The Hamilton Beach Digital Rice Cooker also comes with a steaming basket so you can make full meals with this miniature gadget, and it is the perfect option for hot cereal and whole grains.

I need to vent | PPINA Microwave Cleaner Steam Angry Mama

One of the most time-consuming parts of the cooking process is cleaning. Don’t leave your kitchen a mess, only to find cooking more difficult later on. The PPINA Microwave Cleaner Steam Angry Mama is a chemical-free way to get tough on leftover crud with a comical steam-coming-from-the-ears device. Pop off the head and hair of this tiny statuette and fill to the indicators with water, vinegar, and a quick squeeze of lemon. Microwave for three to seven minutes and let the baked-on microwave splatters loosen for easy clean-up.

Keep it clean | Bezrat Vented, Silicone and Glass Microwave Plate Cover for Food

Stop messing with sticky plastic wrap with this microwave plate cover. By keeping food juicy and tender, this dishwasher-safe splatter protector also ensures even cooking and proper ventilation. Made with a silicone grip for easy pick-up and safe for up to 450° degrees, the Bezrat Plate Cover is the better choice for the environment, and its BPA-free materials make it the safer choice for your next microwave meal.

Weight it out | Etekcity Food Scale

New year, new you. And no more quarantine snacking, right? Easily keep track of your health goals in the kitchen with the Etekcity Food Scale. Made of stainless steel and sporting anti-skid padding to prevent messes, this food scale can measure food, small items, and liquids. Top-notch and ready to perform, you can use the tare function to subtract the weight of your container from the total weight, so you’re only measuring your food. With an easy-to-read LED display and a compact design made for small spaces and travel, you can stop guessing on portions and get a jump on your health goals.

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