Trendy And Protective Sunglasses for Summer 2021

2 years ago

When it comes to summer fashion, every look should be complimented by a great pair of sunglasses. From thick frames to round lenses, every consumer will fall in love with a style that works best for them. Once they see the amazing deals out there, you might even want to buy a back-up pair. Not to mention, the moment you step outside on a blistering sunny day, you’ll be glad your eyes are protected. 

The first sunglass dates back to the 12th century. Since then, the shape and styles have transformed over the years, becoming more lightweight and offering higher quality protection against the sun. Finding the right pair of shades for your face shape can take some time so we’ve narrowed down some of the best available brands and style options for summer 2021. 

Check out some of our favorite sunglass trends at costs that won’t leave you broke.  

What are the best sunglasses for blocking the sun?

Not every pair of sunglasses will weather the elements well. Some are merely a fashion statement, while others offer the strongest UV protection on the market. For those who spend a little too much time in the sun, having the right protection is a must. You can’t go wrong with these amazing deals below. 

The KUGUAOK Polarized Sports Sunglasses are a great value buy for those who want to protect their eyes without spending a packet. The best part about these affordable shades is they provide anti-glare for nighttime driving. Therefore, after a long day in the sun your eyes will remain protected once the bright night lights come into play. 

If you’re looking to invest in an indestructible pair of sunglasses, the Oakley Men’s OO9101 Batwolf Sunglasses are one of a kind. At prices as low as $137.20, sports enthusiasts and outdoorsmen can amp up their cool factor with these rectangular shades. 

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The matte black frames deliver a sophisticated look, but the polarized lenses keep things fun and youthful without sacrificing protection. With 100% UV protection guaranteed, this awesome buy is just a click away.  

Don’t worry parents, kids have sunglass options too. Whether at the beach or playground, your kid will benefit from a pair of quality sunglasses that properly block the sun. Retailers sell flexible and polarized sunglasses for kids that come equipped with a strap to keep them in place while your active toddler moves around.

Perhaps you’re looking to spark interest in your little one to wear sunglasses more often. We suggest finding a pair that incorporates their favorite cartoon character or tv show. For example, the Spiderman Kids Sunglasses are always a big hit. Prices drop as low as $15.94 with Amazon prime, so both parents and toddlers are sure to love it. 

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On top of that, the spiderman shades include a protective case with every purchase. This makes things easier for towing and storing your kid’s sunglasses for the beach, playground, or anywhere under the sun. It’s good to know they’ll always be shielded with quality sunglasses like these.

What sunglasses are in style for summer 2021?

Summer 2021 is turning out to be one for the books. All you need is some fun in the sun to make it even better! While summer essentials like sunscreen and hats are always important, we don’t recommend taking on summer 2021 without sunglasses. Here are the ones most in style this season. This section is dedicated to those who love to keep up with the trends!

The cat eye look has taken trend in recent years, but for summer 2021, a square cat eye is the real look to try out. The FEISEDY Vintage Sunglasses are an affordable replica of many high end brands without sacrificing quality. For $8.96, sunglass enthusiasts can embrace a popular look in a new form. Speaking true that not all vintage sunglasses have to be narrow and easily breakable. 

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If unique shapes don’t flatter your face shape, then you can’t go wrong with the timeless Wayfarer look. Even in summer 2021, these popular frames are still in style. And the good news is most brands offer a version of this style in their collections. A consumer favorite is TOMS Wayfarer Sunglasses.

At under $100 and 100% 5 star rating on Amazon, it’s clear this stylish pair is a good investment for summer 2021. There are approximately 20 frame and color options to browse through so you’re sure to enjoy the wide variety. Buy it today and you can have a new pair of shades by next weekend. Sounds like a good excuse to head to the beach! 

Which brand of sunglasses are the best?

These days, there are plenty of brands to choose from when looking to combat the sun. Whether you prefer high-brands like Prada and Tom Ford or enjoy knock off versions at low costs, has got you covered. Keep in mind, these three sunglass brands are the highest-selling, consumer-approved sunglass choice worldwide. 

When it comes to style and durability, it’s hard to beat the Ray Ban brand. Iconically known for their Aviator sunglasses, this eyewear mecca has produced some of the best sunglass options for over 80 years. At one point, Ray Ban’s were so popular other brands struggled to match its notoriety. 

Oakley made a name for itself as being the sport sunglass of choice. Since producing its first pair of Factory Pilot Eyeshades in 1984, the brand has become a mainstream retailer of sunglasses across the globe. These sunglasses include polarized lenses, which help to protect sportsmen and women from heavy glare in varying light conditions. 

Just imagine being on top of a snowy mountain with a pair of Oakleys. Being that close to the sun, you’ll be thankful you choose this sporty sunglass maker as your brand of choice. 

Another strong ally to UV protection is the Maui Jim. What originated as a product line sold exclusively to Hawaiians became a major success in the United States. Consumers love the Maui Jim line for its quality protection and its balanced look between sporty and stylish. It’s no wonder it’s one of the top selling sunglass brands today. 

After you narrow down your favorite brand of sunglasses, make sure to invest in a protective case. Having a sunglass class to throw in your purse or beach bag will help you keep track of your new investment. In addition, it is the best way to keep your sunglasses from getting scratched or bent over time. 

If your car doesn’t come equipped with an eyewear holder, consider buying the HALOYIVGO Glasses Holder that easily attaches to your car’s sun visor.

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At $14.99, this protective case will last you forever, even among your changing sunglass trends. 

What sunglasses are in style now?

The evolution of sunglass trends is rather surprising. With statement looks from a century ago making their rebirth on retail shelves worldwide, it’s fair to say that trends never really die. With a variety of frames (round, square, semi-rimless, etc.) to classic and polarized lenses, the sunglass consumer today has a ton more options than decades ago. Multiple styles might speak to your style, but there are certain styles in trend right now. 

Recently, slim and tiny frames have become one of the hottest sunglass trends of 2021. You’ve seen this look rocked on celebrities, influencers, and your average joe. The best part about this style trend is that it’s reemerged from a past style. It just goes to show what’s trendy in the 50’s and 90’s is just as relevant today. 

On Amazon, you can browse a variety of slim and sophisticated options, some even come in packs of two. This is a great option if you love to switch up your look on the daily. The BUTABY Rectangle Sunglasses deliver the retro look that 2021 buyers are looking for.  

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The bottom line: the vintage look is here to stay for some time. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to find the perfect pair of retro sunglasses to compliment your look in 2021. has everything you need and more for sunglasses

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