ANNOUNCEMENTS has partnered with UpTrade to provide certified used phones paving the way for a more conscious approach for a sustainable future.

2 years ago

At we provide the most comprehensive buying options from new to used to rental to offline merchants. Today we are excited to announce our partnership with UpTrade to provide certified used phones. 

1 billion smartphones have been sold in the U.S. in the last six years, 700 million of them weren’t reused or recycled. and have built a platform that enables people to find tech at affordable prices, while reducing the growing problem of e-waste. offers a 50+ point inspection, 1 year warranty, and a 30 day money back guarantee on all used and refurbished devices. UpTrade takes detailed photos of each device so users can easily see the condition of the phone they are buying. Additionally, UpTrade Protection is an option they provide to cover  accidental damage giving buyers total confidence in their purchase.

“ is building the world’s best savings platform and encouraging consumers to make more sustainable purchases. It’s a win-win: consumers can shop responsibly and at the same time save money. We have built a technology that, for the first time, allows us to seamlessly match a new product to a used product. We are excited to expand our partnership with UpTrade through certified used phones.” said RJ JAIN, Founder and CEO.

To make it safe and easy, we thoroughly test and background-check every phone to make sure it’s of good quality. We also go the extra step providing actual photos and detailed notes for each phone. While many companies will face capacity challenges of handling millions of used phones, we have found a solution by leveraging big data and automation. We are very excited about the partnership with to support us in scaling our mission” – said Marco Mai, UpTrade Head of Operations.

ABOUT PRICE.COM offers a one-stop shop for consumers to find the best price with the most savings, combining advanced comparison shopping of one billion+ items with; coupons, loyalty features and price alerts with the goal of being the world’s best savings platform. 

Unlike classic comparison shopping, which focuses on matching new-to-new products,’s comparison shopping also enables the matching of new products to used, refurbished, generic, rental and offline stores.

ABOUT UpTrade reinvents the way people buy and sell used smartphones.

For sellers, UpTrade removes the pain of dealing with potential scammers, spending time creating product listings, and waiting for the device to sell in order to receive payment. Sellers get paid up front once UpTrade receives and inspects the device.

For buyers, UpTrade conducts a 50+ point inspection on every device to ensure it works like new. Then they take photos of the device so the buyer can see for themselves the condition of each individual phone. This ensures buyers get exactly what they are expecting. UpTrade is so confident in their process that they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

UpTrade’s mission is to make technology affordable; to empower the world by extending the life of used electronics through the hands of others. UpTrade is committed to providing a safe and trustworthy service for everyone.