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2 years ago

Every summer we welcome a 48 hour frenzy of online shopping. Some might say it’s just as magical as Christmas, with deals flashing left and right in front of our eyes. With up to 30-80% off on most items, it’s really hard to resist the temptation to buy. Most big-ticket purchases won’t put a burden in your wallet like most days of the year, that is because Amazon Prime Day is like no other. 

Amazon Prime Day originated back in 2015 as a means to boost sales. It has since worked itself up to feeling like a national holiday for devoted shoppers. The good news is, just like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the deals don’t end on the day of. Oftentimes the best bargains are found after the mania has subsided. Some last all month long! These are the last call deals you won’t want to miss out on.

Check out the Amazon Prime Day deals that are still available for you. 

What are the best prime day kitchen deals?

Amazon Prime Day

For new homebuyers, Amazon Prime Day is the holy grail of shopping. It’s an opportunity to stack up your household with important items without feeling like you’re overspending. The deals are undeniable, but certain items offer the best bang for your buck. Household appliances, keurigs, and coffee pots remain some of the highest sellers during this shopping phenomenon. 

The COSORI Smart Air Fryer is an after-prime deal that will transform your cooking. It utilizes Wifi to create a seamless cooking experience that is much healthier than traditional frying. Not to mention, the COSORI comes equipped with a 5.8 quart capacity. To boost, that’s larger than the best-selling Vortex Plus Air Fryer on Amazon. 

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Homeowners love the convenience of having their coffee at home. Plus, not everyone has the time or funds to spend on a cup of joe from Starbucks each day. Thanks to, shoppers have limitless options. You can find Keurigs, Nespressos, and just your average coffee maker at low low prices. Perhaps our favorite from Amazon Prime Day is the EZBasics Single Serve Coffee Maker.

For just $49.99, coffee enthusiasts can brew fresh beans, loose leaf tea, and K-cups in minutes. With a high rating on Amazon and available protection plan, this coffee maker is a must-buy for those who want to avoid the price shock of popular name brands. 

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While shopping for last minute deals, don’t forget about everyday kitchen items as well. Search for utensil sets, wine glasses, and dishware this week. The prime day deals are still lingering in the kitchen and houseware department!

What electronic bargains are still going on?

Amazon Prime Day

One of the best ways to save on pricey televisions and electronic devices is waiting for Amazon Prime Day to arrive. Most electronic deals go fast, but these are some of the best options for buyers who missed out earlier this week. 

The Sony A8H 65-inch TV is retailing for $1,798 on Amazon as compared to its regular $2,499.99 price tag. This state-of-the-art TV delivers high pixel imaging and is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. Young families will also love the built-in gaming mode that comes included with this prime day purchase.  

Image source: Amazon

If you’re not ready to invest in a smart tv, upgrade to a new Roku Express Remote. This electronic device lets you stream free from the internet right to your television. For $28.99, it’s a great buy to have or give as a gift. If your kid is heading off to college this fall, add the Roku Express to their wishlist. 

Hoping to find a tablet that is easy to use and compact? The 8th generation iPad is the perfect choice as a substitute for a new computer. With a 10.2 inch screen, three color options, and multiple wireless communication technologies, this tablet is a steal on Amazon Prime Day. 

Like many 9 to 5ers, working from home has put you in desperate need for a new computer. You can’t go wrong with the Macbook Air, available new or used for purchase. Though, we suggest you take advantage of the awesome prime day deals and buy a new one for just $899.99. That’s $100 off from its normal retail price!

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If you’re a gamer, Amazon Prime Day delivers the best electronic deals. Between a TCL 43-inch tv as low as $264 to video games, media storage, and an essential gaming mouse, you’ll find everything you need to make a comfortable gaming environment in your home.  

A consumer favorite is the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller. Offered in a variety of colors and designs, kids and adults will appreciate this advanced controller the next time they play their Nintendo Switch. At a price as low as $14.99, you’re saving up to $10 by taking advantage of this prime day deal.  

Image source: Amazon

Which household cleaning products are discounted?

Amazon Prime Day

If cleaning is your favorite pastime, then don’t wait to get your hands on these awesome Amazon Prime Day deals. A consumer go-to is vacuum cleaners. Rather seldom do buyers splurge a new vacuum unless a deal is involved. Luckily, prime day leads to a number of great bargains and discounts that buyers can’t refuse.  

The iRobot Roomba 614 can tackle hard floor surfaces and carpet and will clean up to 90 minutes before making its return to the charging station. At $224, those in need of a new vacuum will cherish this sweet deal. 

Image source: Amazon

With its patented dirt detecting sensors, this vacuum will likely transform your household in the best way. No more having to worry about cords or when you’ll find the time to clean, the iRobot Roomba 614 has got you covered. Buy it as soon as possible before another prime day deal sweeps beneath your feet. 

For $89.99, you can purchase one of the best air purifiers on the market. The LEVOIT Air Purifier on Amazon is still available with up to 10% off on this popular household product. In just 12 minutes, this high performance purifier will eliminate the bad air and germs around your home. 

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Amazon Prime Day beauty deals 

Amazon Prime Day

While we love a good appliance or new TV, Amazon Prime Day highlights some of the best beauty buys on the market. It’s okay to toss out your old and worn out hair dryer for something more innovative. With prices so low, you can upgrade to something new without feeling the burden of spending too much. 

The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer is designed to make your morning routine easy. You can dry, detangle, and style with 3 heat settings and one cooling option. To save 25% on this popular beauty brush, buy yours before the deal runs out. 

Image source: Amazon

You might not put skincare and mini fridge in the same sentence, but recent trends towards storing your beauty products in cool temperatures has spiked the interest of mini fridges across the nation. The AstroAI Mini Fridge is not only a great deal, its size and cooling capabilities make it the perfect little addition to your glam space. 

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After considering the Amazon Prime Day deal, you’ll pay only $37.16 for this mini fridge. It offers plenty of storage for makeup, beauty products, and skincare essentials. Buy the Ysrisny Jade Roller to add to your new mini fridge. Made of natural material, this under $10 purchase will leave your skin feeling very happy this year. 

These discounts may be last call, but they are just as good, if not better, than actual Prime Day. We hope you find these items with ease and add them to your household. Let’s face it, one of the best parts of shopping on Amazon is the next day delivery! has everything you need and more for last minute Amazon Prime Day deals

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