10 best selling products on Amazon that are totally worth the money

1 year ago

Amazon is the marketplace of the world. People buy absolutely everything on Amazon: books, electronics, toys, clothes, cattle prods, banana slicers, boomerangs, used Weekend at Bernie’s DVDs, and more. When a product you make becomes a best-seller on Amazon, you’re pretty much set for life. We searched all of the top-selling products across all Amazon categories and found ten items that we now can’t live without, ever again. We’re sharing these life-changers with you because we’re essentially kind-hearted people.

Two faces have I | Original Reversible Octopus Plushie

The top-selling item in Amazon’s Toys & Games department (as of this writing) is this stuffed plushy in the shape of an octopus. Not just any octopus, though: an octopus with two faces, one with a happy expression, the other with a surly look. The object is to use this stuffed octopus to indicate what mood you’re in. Feeling bright, welcoming, and up-with-people? Show the happy side. About to go postal if someone shoots you a glance? Show the mad side. Passive-aggressiveness has never been so cuddly. Available in an assortment of colors.

Eye in the sky | Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor WiFi Smart Home Camera

Home surveillance fans are flocking to this tiny top-selling camera that you can place just about anywhere around your house. The very second it detects motion it starts rolling and takes a 12-second video clip, which you can store in the cloud and see on your smartphone. It’s got voice control functionality, so you can literally ask it “Who’s at the door?” and it will record that hunky UPS driver. It even has a smoke and carbon monoxide sensor that sends you a notification if your home is burning to the ground.

Small pleasures | Dash DMWP001OR Machine for Paninis, Hash Browns, Waffles & more

When you’re all alone and craving a waffle but don’t want to haul out a bunch of large equipment, this popular 4-inch electric waffle maker is your saving grace. It works exactly like any other electric waffle maker, just a bit smaller and less bullying. Best of all, the fine folks at Dash have made this tiny griddle available in several common shapes, including a pumpkin, a skull, a pineapple, and a heart. Strict conformists can just stick with the waffle shape.

Hit it with your best shot | The Original BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass with Real 0.308 Bullet

Somewhere in the depths of Wisconsin, a father-and-son team makes whiskey shot glasses with actual, copper bullets welded into the sides. Why do they do this? The better question is, why not? Especially since people seem to like them. Why is that? What does the bullet symbolize? The outlaw mystique of whiskey? A cautionary message about drinking too much? Really, interpret it however you want. Just know that this exists. Amazon says it “holds a true 11oz (minus a few drops because of the bullet).”

Finish this sentence | Kids Against Maturity

There is a wonderful, life-affirming game called Cards Against Humanity. It’s a kind of word game in which players finish sentences using hilarious phrases printed on cards. But as vital and regenerative as Cards Against Humanity may be, some of the phrases in the game are, let’s say, extremely adult-oriented, rendering it unusable for most family game nights. Thankfully, there’s a kid-friendlier version of this game called Kids Against Maturity, which features more genteel toilet humor and double entendres most kids won’t get anyway.

Welcome your robot overlord | Echo Dot

Alexa is the most popular disembodied personal assistant in the world, and if you haven’t gotten to know her yet, the latest iteration of Amazon’s Echo Dot is the perfect introduction. This orb with a mission does almost anything you tell it to: set an egg timer, stream music, look things up on Wikipedia, spell “handkerchief,” play podcasts and news shows, dim all the house lights — pretty much anything that doesn’t require it to grow arms and legs. That’s something for future versions.

Serious porridge | Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

The entire world is falling head over feels for the Instant Pot. This always ready-to-party countertop appliance, its makers say, single-handedly replaces 7 different, space-hogging cooking appliances. It’s a pressure cooker, a crockpot, a rice cooker, a steamer, a sauté pan, a warmer, and (this seems curiously specific) a yogurt maker. Just like other pressure cookers, the Instant Pot makes a whole meal in a shockingly brief time, and has built-in programs for making popular meal items like soup, stew, chili, poultry, and… porridge? It’s got a porridge program? It does! Porridge is back, baby!

Beads of power | Kanoodle Extreme

Kanoodle is a barn-burning, 3-dimensional board puzzle game in which the player constructs an object or shape with a series of welded beads. There are a few different Kanoodles, in ascending levels of Kanoodleness. The very popular Kanoodle Extreme is the most death-defying and assertive Kanoodle yet made. It features over 300 puzzles, the challenging nature of which the company promises will “cross-train your brain,” as any Kanoodle very well should.

Entertainment on a stick | Roku Streaming Stick+

Unlock a whole barn load of streamable TV with the Roku Streaming Stick+. Plug this stick into an appropriate spot on your television, and you’ll have access to a million and a half TV series, movies, and special events. Roku is an internet-based streaming provider, meaning your entertainment center won’t get swamped in coaxial cables. The newest Stick+ remote has enhanced coverage so you can schlep it all over the house and plug it into random units without losing picture or sound quality.

Heal thyself | Orgone Pyramid

This is a new-agey healing pyramid from India. More than 550 Amazon customers have given it stellar reviews for a cumulative 4.5 rating. Here’s what the manufacturer says the Orgone Pyramid does: it’s an “energy generator,” it “blocks (EMF) radiation,” it’s good for “chakra balance,” it performs “body detoxification,” and it “converts low frequency into high-frequency energy levels” in the body. That all may be true, but we can also tell you from personal experience that it makes an excellent doorstop.

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