10 Great Gifts for Movie Lovers

4 months ago

Everyone loves the movies, but some of us are more passionate about the silver screen than others. They can quote movie lines without any prompting, they’ve got arms full of android tattoos, they know every role Denzel Washington’s ever played and the roles he turned down. Understand and show support for these friends’ singular obsession. Here are ten gifts your favorite movie buff is bound to adore.

Blow-Up | Airblown Inflatable Movie Screen

Tired of peering at your favorite movies on that tiny, little, 65″ flat-screen TV? The kind hearts at Gemmy have your solution: one of their inflatable movie screens, perfect for turning your backyard into a drive-in or your basement into a screening room. This model is a widescreen monster with a 144” inch diagonal screen and can inflate itself in mere minutes. Pair it up with your home projector and you’ve got your own in-house cinema, minus the sticky floor and limited legroom.

You Light Up My Life | Decoluce Industrial Tripod Floor Table Lamp

This whimsical table lamp gets your desk ready for its close-up. It’s fashioned like an on-set movie light from the Golden Age of Hollywood. This easy-to-assemble tripod is height-adjustable up to 24 inches and includes fully functional shades for increasing or decreasing the light intensity for dramatic effect. You can rotate it 180 degrees in any direction if you really want to exercise artistic control over your living room. It works with E26 Bulbs, which aren’t included, but that you can demand as part of your contract.

Play It, Sam | Roku Ultra 2020 Streaming Media Player

Roku is changing the streaming game by the minute. Their Ultra 2020 player dares you to ignore it. Wirelessly connect it to your home entertainment setup, and dozens of movie, TV, and music options fall at your feet. Roku’s latest, boldest, most boisterous media player yet relays images in stunning HD, 4k Dolby Vision, and fills your ears with Dolby Atmos sound. It’s also built to work seamlessly with Alexa if she happens to drop by.

100 Movie Party People | 100 Movies Scratch-Off Poster

Real cinephiles know they have to watch all the classic films if they’re true to their passion. If you haven’t caught up with the most popular and acclaimed movies of all time, this scratch-off, hangable “bucket list” of 100 films will help you keep track. Every time you watch a flick represented on this poster, scratch off the panel to reveal a minimalist, iconic graphic that relates to some element of the movie. When you finally finish them all, use the completed poster as proof of your accomplishment to friends and passing strangers. It’s very validating.

No Reservations | Eat What You Watch Cookbook

Brought to you by the creators of the YouTube cooking show Binging With Babish, this cookbook by Andrew Rea features recipes inspired by food items from 40 very famous movies. It’s got the pastrami sandwich from When Harry Met Sally…, the gravy with meatballs from Goodfellas, some bourbon-infused French toast sticks that had something to do with Kramer vs. Kramer, the pizza from Saturday Night Fever, the birthday cake from Sixteen Candles, and many other recipes that turned ordinary food into stars.

Say Anything | Movie Quotes Drinking Game

Have hours of unbridled fun challenging friends to identify classic movie quotes and threatening them with forced consumption with the Movie Quotes Drinking Game. Each card contains dialogue snippets from a classic movie. Re-enact them while sitting around a table with glasses full of your favorite drinks. Should they falter and be unable to identify the movie, they’ll take a drink. The cycle repeats until a winner is declared or nobody can sit upright anymore. Also contains a die for occasional throwing fits.

Children of the Corn | Williams Sonoma Popcorn Seasoning Library

Popcorn is the official food of movies because it’s small, light, and portable. Try enjoying a rib-eye steak or rack of lamb next time you’re at the movies — it just doesn’t have the same magic as popcorn. The culinary minds at Williams Sonoma can improve your kernel game with this gift pack of six different popcorn seasonings: salted butter, sour cream and onion, garlic asiago, cheddar jalapeño, vanilla cinnamon, and kettle corn. Shake one of them into your next bowl and your taste buds will experience an IMAX screen full of flavor.

Ticket to Heaven | Ticket Stub Diary

As soon as it’s okay to go out to the movies again, don’t throw your old ticket stubs away like they never meant anything to you. Rather, commemorate every one of your trips to the local multiplex with this ticket-stub scrapbook, which also works with concert stubs, sporting event stubs, amusement park stubs, and parking violations. Years from now you can share this collection with your grandchildren and talk about the “old days” of going to the movies when everyone had to wait in line and only had five soft drink flavors to choose from.

House of Cards | Cinephile: A Card Game

Described as the party game cinema geeks have been clamoring for, Cinephile is several games in one. It’s a deck of 150 cards with movie stars and titles on them and instructions for no less than five different game modes. You can challenge players to name as many films featuring the stars as they can, make them guess the actor by listing their films, play “Six Degrees of Separation” between two actors, or any other convoluted contest you can come up with.

Your Excellent Adventure | Keanu Reeves Throw Pillow

Do you know what your couch is missing? Do you know what you need to fill that empty spot on your recliner? Do you know what face you really want to wake up next to? The answer to all these questions, and many more, is the same: Keanu. You need Keanu in your life, in as many situations and settings as necessary. This exquisite, sequin-made throw pillow bears the face of the star of John Wick, The Matrix, Point Break, and The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run, gazing in your direction with those knowing, melancholy eyes. This is one furnishing you want to have a dangerous liaison with.

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