The Best Gifts for Singers and Karaoke Lovers

2 years ago

There’s no obsession quite like karaoke. All over the world, millions of middling-to-average singers gather in lounges and parties to sing along to their favorite hits, while others try to appear interested. True karaoke freaks don’t need to wait to indulge their sonic pastime. These ten gifts for karaoke singers and fans keep the karaoke spirit alive wherever you may go, minus the long-suffering bartenders.

What to Look for in a Gift for a Singer

Singers are always passionate, creative, and expressive. The best gifts for singers can range from personal lessons in singing to gag gifts that will put a smile on their faces.

Focus on what they’re interested in, such as karaoke gifts or something they can add to their next performance. Ultimately, search for something personal that they will appreciate.

See below a list of the best gifts for singers, whether young or old.

Have Song, Will Travel | BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Available in a rainbow of colors, this party-starter is a mic and a speaker. It’s got every setting you need to make a strong vocal impression wherever you are. This sonic wand has echo and volume control, Bluetooth capability, and attitude. It’s wireless, so you can link with the song catalog on any karaoke player, even a smartphone. If the party won’t come to you, whip out 13 ounces of solid-state karaoke power on the bus, on the sidewalk, in couples therapy, or in the emergency room.

Name That Tune | Spontuneous – The Song Game

This musical board game is perfect for anyone who can’t control their impulse to burst into song. Players write down lists of “trigger words.” When it’s somebody’s turn, they announce one of the words. Other players then claw all over each other to sing songs relating to the word. If one of them gets through five words of the song, they move forward. The less successful players then hang their heads and ponder their shortcomings. Then it’s time for the next turn. The makers of Spontuneous boast “Talent Not Required!”, making this game awfully close to real life.

Live from Your Sofa | Singing Machine VIBE Hi-Def Digital Karaoke System

It’s time to move karaoke out of trashy dives and cocktail lounges and into your living room. The Singing Machine package includes everything you need to launch a vocal assault at home. All you need to bring are your friends, your pipes and your fearlessness. It’s got two microphones, Bluetooth connectivity, echo control, LED disco lights, an 8GB flash drive, HD video capability, and a cradle for your tablet. Stop searching for sketchy bars to display your lack of dignity — do it at home instead!

Turn Up the Volume | 500 Song Karaoke Hits CDG Starter

Some of us karaoke veterans still haven’t joined the online karaoke world. Our old-fashioned CDG players are doing just fine, thank you very much. But they look a little hungry. Fortunately, this astounding “starter pack” gives us a whopping 500 karaoke standards on sparkling compact discs. The songs cover every style: pop, rock, country, R&B, rap, disco, metal — basically every genre except opera. Besides, if you can actually sing opera, you’re probably overqualified for karaoke anyway.

The Smart Mic | Wireless Karaoke Microphone H8 2.0 with Smartphone Holder

This wireless microphone doesn’t just take care of your golden pipes. It also has room for your smartphone. Position your iPhone or Android in the holder, download a karaoke app or two, and belt away. As you sing, 48 LED lights on a box-like attachment will pulse and flicker to the beat. Onlookers will be impressed. Children will start dancing. Talent scouts will call their bosses. Small woodland animals will mysteriously gather around you in search of direction. It’s also Bluetooth-compatible.

Shower of Hits | INSMY IPX7 Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Speaker

Sometimes your singing jones can’t wait for you to get out of the shower. Now it doesn’t have to with this waterproof, Bluetooth-empowered speaker. The INSMY Shower Speaker has volume, bass, and power that blows other speakers — well, out of the water. It can withstand submersion into one meter of water for 30 minutes if, for whatever reason, your shower gets flooded. A single battery charge delivers music for up to 12 hours, so don’t feel like you have to skip conditioning your hair.

See the Light | Party Lights LED Projector

Love a karaoke light show, but hate having to use flashlights, glowsticks, and stolen police lights? This portable LED projector is about to make your night. Mount the system on your favorite planed surface and flip it on. Choose one of several modes, turn out the room lights, and gaze upon your floors and walls. Spectacular light beams will soon overtake your living space in a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns. They’ll even pulse to the beat of the music if you want to ramp up the crazy.

Take to the Highway | Official Carpool Karaoke Microphone Set

There are plenty of wireless karaoke microphones, but only one has the official approval of Carpool Karaoke. Now you too can turn your favorite vehicle into a traveling hit parade, just like on TV. The Carpool Karaoke set contains two mics. Both connect to your car’s FM tuner with the power of Bluetooth. With echo and volume control and a gaudy, gold mic screen, you’ll turn heads in every car, semi, or ambulance on the road. James Corden not included.

Get Your Tonsils in Shape | Roland VT-12 Vocal Trainer

Karaoke, unlike most kinds of performing arts, requires no talent. But it certainly doesn’t hurt. Should your local karaoke night become unexpectedly competitive, the Roland VT-12 vocal trainer can help. Developed in cooperation with the Berklee School of Music, this device helps singers get in tune. It steers them away from undesirable sharps and flats. It has a metronome to keep the rhythm. It can even be used to train two vocalists at once. Within a matter of weeks, the Roland VT-12 can turn you from a slurring, pitchy warbler into a near-diva.

Little Voice | Uniwit Mini Portable Microphone for Smartphones

This miniature microphone does a lot more than look adorable. It’s an actual, working mic that plugs into your smartphone, laptop, or notebook. Plug in your earpiece and start singing, talking, or practicing at the karaoke joint. It’s fully compatible with digital audio recording apps. It comes with a holder clip. It’s even got an extra-cute, little desktop mic stand. This working microphone is more than suitable for on-the-go singers and talkers. It’s also perfect for pet ferrets looking to break into the music biz.

Music Gifts Under $20

Game That Song

Game That Song builds connections through music and competition. You pick the best song based on the topic of the card selected. Some of the songs will take you back in time, and others might stump you, making it fun for all players. It’s a good and easy game option when you’re looking for karaoke gift ideas. 

Music Playing Cards

Each of these playing cards features the image of a famous artist, such as Jimi Hendrix or Lady Gaga. Every suit concentrates on a specific genre. It’s an excellent stocking stuffer if you’re searching for gift ideas for singers.

The Rap Yearbook

If you’re looking for a great find, the Rap Yearbook is the gift that keeps on giving. It was a New York Times bestseller. It also contains everything you need to know about the genre, including a list of all the top rap songs since 1979. The illustrations are even better!

1000 Record Covers

1000 Record Covers

If you’re looking for gifts for singers to sit on the coffee table, 1000 Record Covers is a walk down a classic collection of album covers from the 1960s to the 1990s. It celebrates all the hits and the bands that made them possible.

Ticket Stub Diary

The chances are good that you know someone who goes to concerts regularly and wants a place to store their links to concerts past. This collector’s book gives them a place to store their stubs without any work required. It also works for movie and sports tickets.

Music Gifts Over $20

Shure PGA48-XLR Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

PGA48 Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Dynamic vocal microphones are great gift ideas for performers. They work while recording, performing, or streaming. For under $50, this incredible microphone produces crystal-clear HD sound quality.


Black Beauty Cowbell

Nothing can match the unique sound of the cowbell. Bring the iconic sound into bands and other ensembles for a touch of professionalism. It’s also one of the cheapest instruments you will find if you’re on a budget. What’s more, if you need gifts for karaoke lovers, this is an easy way to add to the fun.

Djembe Drum Bongo Congo African Wood Drum

Compact Junior Djembe

The Djembe is one of the most exceptional gifts for a singer, whether you’re giving something to an established singer for an impromptu performance or a child looking to explore the world of music for the first time.

iRig 2 Guitar Interface

iRig 2 Guitar Interface

Enjoy the world of electronic sounds with this guitar interface. These perfect gifts for performers allow them to shape the effects of the electric guitar and the bass. Add in some amplifier emulations and enjoy the wonderful, tailored sounds from your headphones.

Parents will also love this if they’ve got a child learning the guitar for the first time!

ATH-M60x Closed-Back Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

ATH-M60x Closed-Back Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

High-quality audio gear doesn’t have to be expensive. These professional headphones are great gifts for performers because they’re designed for pro-level recording sessions. If you’re live streaming, these headphones are another excellent choice.

Music Gifts Over $50

Google Nest Audio

Combine Google Assistant with the musical experience with Nest Audio. These are the perfect gifts for singers because they allow you to listen to rich vocals and incorporate more bass. Automatically adjust the settings based on whatever you’re listening to and get the full musical experience. It’s also an excellent option for karaoke gift ideas if you’re looking to enhance the surround sound.

Korg Nu: Tekt DIY Synth

If you need singing gifts for someone who’s looking to produce, this beginner’s synthesizer comes with a digital oscillator, multi-mode filters, and other effects. It snaps together easily, so it’s great for young producers.

Mixing Master Class

Become a master mixer and take your tracks to the next level with famed producer Joey Sturgis with this most ultimate of gifts for singers. In this class, you will learn everything you need to know about delving deep into audio mixing. There’s no better way to take your skills to the next level.

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