What Every Golfer Needs: A Complete Guide to Golf Essentials

7 months ago

Going golfing? Beginner, intermediate, and seasoned golfers all want to be prepared when stepping out onto the fairway or driving range. Golf is a fun pastime, a challenging sport, and a precise skill to exercise for all ages – but only if you have the right equipment. Whether you’re shopping for the golf lover in your life or replenishing your supplies, we’ve got you covered with what every golfer needs.

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14 Golf Essentials You Need to Pack for the Golf Course

Here are 14 golf bag necessities to ensure you’re well prepared for a day out on the driving range or golf course:

Golf-EZ Golf Essentials Kit

Golf-EZ Golf Essentials Kit

Before you leave the house for a day of golfing, you may think, “What should I have in my golf bag? Am I missing something?” Well, this kit has all the small essentials that come in handy while out on the range. It includes a golf ball alignment kit, a repair tool, a magnetic golf ball marker, a two-sided brush designed to clean in between grooves, and a microfiber towel to keep you feeling fresh. 

The little accessories are some of the details that make a huge difference in your game. They can be given as stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, or to treat yourself.

Slim-Fit Quick-Dry Golf Polo Shirt

Men’s Slim-Fit Quick-Dry Polo Shirt

Golf courses are beautiful, whether located in chilly Scotland or the middle of hot, dry Arizona. Even if you’re at your local driving range and not golfing at a destination location, you must dress comfortably and appropriately. 

This means wearing layers and wicking, sweat-absorbent clothing. This wicking shirt in medium for men is perfect for spring and summer and good to wear under a windbreaker in cooler weather. This collared, slim-fit shirt has three buttons. It shields the sun’s rays with UPF 20-40 protection.

Robin Golf The Essentials Women's Set

Right-Handed Golf Club Set for Women

You can’t play golf without clubs, that’s for sure! It’s essential to have the right kind of club for every golfer. These clubs are meant for right-handed women between the heights of 5’2” and 5’10”. These sleek, black clubs are made of stainless steel and titanium and come in a black bag with head covers. They are suitable for adult women players at any skill level. 

The nine clubs include a driver, irons, a fairway wood, a hybrid, a putter, and a sand wedge. Having your own golf club set is empowering and gives you ownership over your game. It allows you to feel at one with your equipment. Knowing that the clubs are yours to take care of means they will be kept in pristine condition and not subject to the state of borrowed or rented equipment.

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

One Dozen White Golf Balls

Spare standard adult-size golf balls are golf bag essentials for both play and practice. Even the pros will occasionally lose balls by hitting them into a body of water or losing track of them. You can never have too many. The trusty Titleist brand will ensure your ball flies far, high, and with control.

FootJoy Men's WeatherSof 2-Pack Golf Glove White

White Golf Gloves for Men

Gloves are helpful in preventing calluses, and if you’re prone to sweaty hands, they keep the club secure in your grip. You certainly don’t want it to go flying when you swing! And if you’ve ever been golfing and it starts to drizzle, you’ll understand why gloves are one of the must-have things you need for golf. 

This pack of two left-handed gloves are made of synthetic, leather, and mesh materials. Breathable, soft, and flexible, your hands will stay in good shape even after a long day of golfing in inclement weather.

Golf Net

Golf Practice Net

Want to practice your swing but don’t live near a driving range or golf course? Set up this golf practice net in your backyard, or front yard. You can even bring it to a park. It’s good for all ages – perfect for parents and children to practice their golf game together. It comes with a target, net, a mat to stand on, five golf balls, a tee, and a bag. 

The net is ten by seven feet, and eight feet tall. You can practice aiming safely in your neighborhood, a beach, or garage – wherever is convenient for you. Practice your stance and aim as well in a no-pressure, casual environment. This golf practice net has an easy setup and assembly. Having your own place to practice is convenient, so it will be more likely that you will make time for those practice swings.

Players Clover Valuables Pouch

Golf Valuables Pouch

Store car keys, wallet, phone, and other valuables in this black executive zipper golf pouch. Have bracelets or rings that might get in the way of your swing? Keep them tucked away in here as you golf. With a four-leaf clover on the pouch, it’ll be your lucky charm on the golf course. Pouches are golf bag must-haves, especially when traveling. This one is weather-resistant, has a soft interior, and is large enough at almost ten inches to store plenty of items.

VIVA EAGLE Golf Tees Pouch Bag with Clip

Golf Tees Transparent Pouch

It may come in handy to store golf tees separately from your valuables. This transparent pouch makes it easy to find the tees you need and to keep track of how many you have left. This five-inch pouch fits in any golf bag. Squeeze the top to open and let it snap shut to close. 

Of course, you can store anything in this pouch for safe storage or easy transport. The leather top adds some class, while the PVC clear sides are easy to clean and create no hassle in inclement weather. Clip it to a bag or backpack so it won’t get lost amongst other golfing supplies. It also comes with a pack of fifteen golf tees!

PGA Tour Golf Multi Tool

PGA Tour Golf Multi Tool

Don’t want to carry a bunch of individual golf tools and accessories? This all-in-one multitool is easy to throw in your golf bag. It gives you peace of mind knowing you have the means to fix any problem that may come up in your equipment during a day of golf. With the seal of the Professional Golfers’ Association, this tool includes a club groove brush, magnetic ball marker, pen, divot tool, shoe spike tool, and bottle opener, all on a keyring.

Zeonetak Golf Swing Trainer Aid

Golf Swing Trainer Aid

This tool is helpful for practicing your golf swing. You can swing this trainer aid the same way you would swing a regular golf club. The weighted head and easy-to-grip shaft helps you warm up before a round or practice your swing on days when you can’t get outside and hit some balls. It’s the perfect way to develop the muscle memory, rhythm, balance, and strength needed to create consistent swings. 

The golf swing trainer aid comes in two sizes: the 40” is meant for beginners, intermediates, and golfers under 5’6”. The 48” is intended for players over 5’6” and players with lots of golfing experience. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Nike Men's 3 Pack Golf Web Belt

3 Pack of Men’s Golf Belts

Look sharp out on the golf course with these one-size fits all men’s golf belts! They come in white, gray, and navy to go with khakis, chinos, or athletic shorts. Of course, these belts can also be worn off the golf course. The Nike swoosh and web strap give a distinctly casual, sporty feel. They are made of 100% breathable cotton and can be cut if too large.

Women Long Sleeve Moisture Wicking Sport Golf Polo Shirt Tops

Women’s Long Sleeve Wicking Golf Polo

This half-zip long sleeve women’s top is perfect for protecting your skin during hot summer days, yet its dri-fit material keeps you sweat-free. It provides UPF 50+ sun protection. It can also be worn in windy, cool weather to keep you warm. This polo shirt fits snug to the body and won’t get in the way of your swing. 

There is a specific dress code on the golf course, and this collared top will keep you feeling comfortable, with a full range of motion, while stylish when paired with pants, shorts, or a skirt. It’s great for golf and tennis players alike!

Ram Golf Junior G-Force Girls Golf Clubs Set

Golf Club Set and Bag for Girls

Girls golf, too! This set of clubs comes in three sizes: one specially tailored to girls ages 4-6, another for girls 7-9, and the final for girls 10-12. As kids grow up and get taller, their strength and weight distribution change, so their clubs need to change to accommodate them. Once outgrown, a golf set for girls can be shared among sisters or passed down to the next generation of golfers. 

Learning young instills a lifelong love of the game. Having the right-sized clubs makes all the difference. This set includes six clubs (a driver, putter, irons, and hybrid) with a matching bag.

Bag Boy Golf- Tri Swivel II Cart Push Cart

Tri Swivel II Push Cart

Not all of us have access to a caddy, and golf clubs are heavy. Allow the Tri Swivel II Push Cart to carry them for you! The front wheel turns 360 degrees for smooth and flexible maneuverability, and the back two wheels stabilize the cart. Your bag will be locked and secure in this push cart on hilly terrain and flat surfaces. The cart collapses in three easy steps for effortless transport and storage.

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