Father’s Day 2021: The Perfect Gift Guide

3 months ago

Father’s Day was celebrated by most Americans for the better part of the 20th century, even though it took until 1966 for the White House to officially recognize the holiday. In 021, many people who’ve celebrated Father’s Day for their whole lifetime are running out of gift ideas.

What do you get a dad that lets them know you’re thinking of them? Not something cliche, overdone, or derivative. You want to get the best gift for Father’s Day, something that says you know them well.

Of course, all dads are unique, but here are some of the best gifts for dads in 2021.

The best gift(s) for Father’s Day, hands down

A pair of wireless headphones is one of the best gifts for Father’s Day 2021. Why? Because they can inspire your dad to be his best self. Maybe that means relaunching his workout routine, taking more breaks from work, or listening to audiobooks more often. Whatever the purpose, they’re a pathway to something better.

Beats by Dre wireless over-the-head headphones are a solid option (a lot of older dads may be intimidated by the small and easy-to-lose nature of airpods). At nearly $200, they are on the pricier side, but they are much cheaper than similar options from Sony, Bose and Bowers & Wilkins. For something a bit cheaper, try the Philips PH805  for under $125.

If your dad doesn’t listen to music or audiobooks often and instead spends most of his time on the computer, consider purchasing him blue light blocking glasses.Blue light blocking glasses are a must if you read or work on the computer frequently!

What do dads like as gifts?

Older dads nearing retirement might be looking to pick up a hobby, which is why a wood burning kit is such a cool idea. Compared to painting or drawing, it’s a bit more hands-on and there’s an added level of risk, which many dads find intriguing.

The Creative Woodburner from Walnut Hollow is a great starter option. It comes with a wire tip wood burning tool, power base with temperature control and an adjustable stand. Plus, there are extra parts so your dad can get creative.

If you haven’t heard of Hydroflask, Father’s day 2021 is the time to hop on board. This line of giftable items just screams dad. From insulated water bottles to cooler cups that keep the brew crisp, you can go for something small or opt for a whole kit of items.

And when in doubt, you can always pick up a classic Yeti insulated bottle for keeping drinks for dad cold. You really can’t go wrong with a Yeti.

Ideas for what to do for Father’s Day at home

These days, staying home is more likely to happen than having a big party. Because of that, certain gifts are sprouting to the top of the list. A Craft Beer Club subscription is a smart move for a brew-happy dad, and it starts at $44.75 per month for a 12-beer shipment (including four styles, three of each). Even if you don’t live near your dad, you can surprise him with something special.

While you’re at it, get your dad a beer flight board and glasses to taste test all those craft options.

What to get a dad who has everything

Got a dad who’s been gifted out? Here’s an idea that may just perk him up: Mobile car detailing.

Any dad with a car is sure to appreciate a gift card for your local mobile car detailing service. There are businesses in most areas that will come to your driveway and make your car spick and span in a matter of hours.

For example, Los Angeles has ECO Mobile Detailing and Tampa has Blue Diamond Mobile Auto Detailing. There are countless more across the nation, so search for one in your area and surprise your dad with a detail on you. You should expect to pay more or less than the national average price for a full detail, which is $160.16.

If your dad is a foodie, you can’t go wrong with the Truff hot sauce variety pack. It offers three different spice levels for black and white truffle hot sauce and it’s absolutely smashing. Plus, it’s something your dad can enjoy as long as the good stuff lasts. has everything you need and more for Father’s Day shopping

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