10 Meaningful Gifts for Mother’s Day

3 years ago

Mother’s Day is coming up soon. Along with the flowers, the candy, and the fast-casual restaurant reservation, you’ll be a well-served daughter or son by giving Mom a unique, special, or truly helpful gift. Here are 10 ideas for Mother’s Day presents that go beyond the mundane and straight to the heart.

A Real Gem | Birthstone Necklace

We quite like this sentimental, customizable jewelry gift. Each pendant contains a gem corresponding to the birthstone for each of your mom’s children. Each one is adorned (if you wish) with a small metal leaf inscribed with a single initial from the first name of each child. Choose the gemstones you need, match them up with the initials of the children in question, and pick a gold or silver chain. Your mom can get anywhere between one and 14 gemstones. If she needs the whole 14, she also gets our awe and respect.

Spread the Warmth | THE COMFY Oversized Microfiber & Sherpa Wearable

This extra-large pullover will swamp your mom in unstoppable warmth and comfort, just as she tried to do to you when you were a difficult toddler. THE COMFY is half-coat, half-blanket made with the durable and popular sherpa polyester blend. Your mom can wear THE COMFY while lounging around on a sofa sipping Victoria tea on a cold winter afternoon. Alternately, she can wear it while screaming her head off in the football stands on a cold autumn afternoon.

Warm Feet, Warm Heart | Pure Enrichment PureRelief Deluxe Foot Warmer

The feet are a couple of the most sensitive parts of the human body. That includes your mother’s feet, too, no matter how much she tried to hide it when you were young. And they’re even colder now that she’s older. Except now, she’s more likely to tell you so. That’s why this unique foot warmer is an ideal gift. It’s sherpa-lined, which means it’s incredibly soft. Mom just sticks her feet in the openings, chooses one of four temperature levels, and relaxes in thermal luxury until it shuts off.

Warm Mug, Warm Liquid | Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Keeping your mom’s tea or coffee warm is almost as important as keeping her feet warm. In some cultures, it may be even more important. And that’s the directive the Ember Smart Mug addresses. Mom simply puts liquid in the mug, sets her desired temperature between 120°-145°F on her smartphone, and waits for the smart mug to heat or cool the liquid to that temperature. It works for up to 90 minutes on a single battery charge, or for the rest of her life if she leaves it on the plug-in charging coaster.

For a Green-Thumbed Mom | Heirloom Lettuce & Leafy Greens Seeds

This gift addresses two of the biggest needs of the aging mother population: to eat healthy greens and to putter around in gardens. The Lettuce & Green Seeds Pack includes all she needs to grow 8 different, kind of exotic-sounding lettuce breeds (“Cimmaron Red Romaine” and “Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach,” anyone?). It has seeds, plant markers, and a planting guide. These nutritious and sustainable greens can be grown in your mom’s outside plant bed, her indoor garden, or — if she’s developed some hobbies she obviously hasn’t said much about — her hydroponic garden.

Vino Vidi Vici | Toast of California Wine Basket

For some reason, wine becomes a little more important to parents as they get older. More specifically, good wine is more important. No more of the swill that comes in boxes with spouts, or anything described as “fortified.” Your mom, in all probability, has reached that point in her life. So, there’s no better option to satisfy her inner sommelier than this wine basket. It includes two excellent California wines, one red and — this should go without saying because she’s your mom — chardonnay. This basket also includes some delicious go-with snacks and, of course, a basket.

A Brief History | Mom, I Want to Hear Your Story

Sometimes it’s hard to get mom to open up about her life story. She can be guarded, hesitant, or right in the middle of her favorite sitcom at the moment. That’s why authors Carl and David Marshall came up with this guided journal. It features leading questions asking your mom about the most pivotal, joyful, and memorable moments from her childhood until today. With the right prompts, soon she’ll be opening up about her years in high school, college, courtship with your dad, work life, and championship rodeo.

Personal Touch | Custom Fingerprint Necklace

This unique necklace for Mom features a charm unlike any other in the world — literally. After you choose the size and finish, you’ll send the craftsperson a picture of a fingerprint. It could be yours or your mom’s, although we think it would be a little difficult to get one of your mom’s without raising too much suspicion. Alternatively, you could send a signature or a very brief message. In a few weeks, you’ll get a lovely heart-shaped charm, fully engraved with the fingerprint you submitted in gold, silver, or rose.

Now It’s Her Turn | Pink Picasso

This art gift received the stamp of approval by no less than Oprah herself, and it’s the perfect way to bring out your mom’s artistic side. It’s essentially a paint-by-numbers set, but with much more sophistication and elegance than the ones you got that ruined her favorite end table. Each Pink Picasso kit contains a picture, paints, brushes, and a very precise painting outline. With carefully applied strokes and attention to detail, Mom will create a bona fide masterpiece. Don’t be surprised if she tries to re-gift the final product to you (or, if she’s really on the ball, sell it).

Long-Distance Love | 2 Friendship Lamps

Keep your Mom close, even when you’re far away, with these exquisitely designed friendship lamps. You keep one of them yourself. Whenever you or your Mom touches a lamp the other one turns the same color. Then, when you or she touches in response, both lamps turn into an altogether different color. It’s a beautiful way to keep in touch, and far preferable to her staying up all night until you finally get home.

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