All Elite Wrestling Dark December 7th, 2021

1 month ago

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Timestamp for this event:

00:10 Misterioso vs Lee Moriarty
6:44 Rayo vs Lio Rush
11:26 Angelica Risk vs Brandi Rhodes
17:20 Emi Sakura w/Mei Suruga vs Ryo Mizunami
26:00 Baron Black vs Anthony Ogogo w/The Factory
33:00 Jay Marte & Richard King vs Shawn Spears & Wardlow
37:52 Luke Sampson vs Fuego Del Sol
44:33 Kekoa, Omkar, & JT Dunn vs Dante Martin, Powerhouse Hobbs & Ricky Starks
53:43 Sofia Castillo vs Thunder Rosa
1:01:43 Aaron Solo Vs Jon Silver


Excalibur: Hello everyone and welcome to AEW Dark. Excalibur here joined by Taz and tonight’s episode of AEW Dark is presented by Take advantage of to save big on your holiday shopping holidays and come early. So make sure you go to and get your $25 sign up bonus right now.

Speaker 2: The opening contest is set for one fall with a to 20 minute time limit. Introducing first from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania weighing a 185 pounds, Lee [00:00:30] Moriarty.

Excalibur: Taz do you think our friends at appreciated Lee Moriarty’s soundtrack during the plug?

Taz: Absolutely. Yeah, it’s of course, the folks at are awesome. They love me. I love them. They love you. You love them. We all love them.

Speaker 2: And who’s opponent already in the ring from Los Angeles, California weighing 220, Misterioso.

Excalibur: And remember, visit [00:01:00] and get your $25 signup on us. Right now, Lee Moriarty and Misterioso kicking things off for us here tonight at AEW Universal in Orlando, Florida. Lee Moriarty coming off his huge match last week at Dynamite with CM Punk Taz.

Taz: Yeah no. Lee definitely had an excellent outing against Punk. He didn’t come out the victor, but still was excellent matchup. Excellent job by Tiger Style Jones. And [00:01:30] now controlling that wrist, Misterioso has got to try and get out this if he can.

Excalibur: Misterioso using the ropes, vaults over, transitions into a side headlock. Nice reversal there by Misterioso. Lee Moriarty backing Misterioso into the ropes. Shoulder tackle avoided. Misterioso comes through lands on his feet, throws the close line. Moriarty intercepts. Overhand chop. Moriarty climbs up arm, Andre takes time [00:02:00] Misterioso into the corner. Excellent job and look at that. Standing cross body might get a win here. Oh, Mario, already just with the one count off the cross body, but immediately putting the pressure on my stereo. So keeping his opponent on the ground Taz.

Taz: Yeah. Smart. You’re right Excalibur, smart with that arm bar to control Misterioso. But Misterioso knows what Lee’s trying to do. He stood up now, just got on dragged. Now, got to be careful in that corner.

Excalibur: Misterioso gets the boot up in the corner. [00:02:30] It’s the ropes, close line takes down Moriarty. Misterioso clearly with the strength advantage here. Hooks the far leg, just a two count or just a one count, excuse me. His got a body weight, that one, two, sometimes that’s confusing. I understand. But so the thing is, Misterioso a tad bit heavier to your point than Mariarty. And now using that weight advantage with those shoulder blocks. That’s what I think you want to do if you Misterioso. [00:03:00] Moriarty sent from pillar to post. Misterioso charges in, sweeps out the leg of Lee. Misterioso back to the opposite corner, running drop kick. Moriarty in some serious trouble here. Misterioso looking at capitalize.

Taz: Yeah, no doubt about it. Lets see what Mysterioso has got mind. Misterioso’s got in mind I should say.

Excalibur: Installing scent on off the ropes. Moriarty kicking out this time at two.

Taz: Yeah. Misterioso [00:03:30] not following up quick enough in my opinion. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if he’s hurt of his… I don’t know what’s going on there. I think you want to be a little bit more aggressive in my opinion. You know you got Lee hurt and get on him.

Excalibur: Moriarty escapes out of the grip of Misterioso, deep arm drying Moriarty takes Misterioso down, floats over transition, captures the shoulders, rolls them up into the crucifix. One, two, Nope. Misterioso able to break free. Moriarty so technically [00:04:00] savvy.

Taz: He is and he’s rangy too. He’s more of a leaner built guy and he’s… Well good job with that front kick to the chest. He stays locked in on his opponent. And now Tiger Style’s rolling.

Excalibur: Misterioso reverses the hammer throne to the corner. Moriarty with a trip. That kick to the elbow and Moriarty has the arm captured. Belly to belly suplex. Far leg hooked. No.

Taz: [00:04:30] Yeah. Misterioso able to kick out. Guy needs to change his name but let’s see. Lee’s locked and loaded, ready to finish this guy off I think.

Excalibur: Moriarty center of the ring, thinking maybe brain Buster. Misterioso floats over the top, sends Lee into the ropes. Big power slam from Misterioso. And Mysterioso [00:05:00] keeping the moment going. Oh, look at that Dumb Mood all press. He missed the first time, hit the second. Again, Moriarty already able to kick out and you see Moriarty already clutching that left knee. Federal press again.

Taz: Well the cover you saw that Misterioso trying to push the face down to keep the upper body down of Lee, but it didn’t work. Lee’s tough. He’s tough off the mat.

Excalibur: Misterioso, the firemens carry [00:05:30] slam in the corner. One of the hallmarks of that Lucha Libre style, Misterioso employs.

Taz: Again, not much sense of urgency here. He’s got to get moving dude.

Excalibur: Misterioso taking his time up to that time. Press, Moriarty gets both boots up. Got Misterioso right on the jaw. Moriarty slopes under Nate, the hammerlock larriate from Layard and now Moriarty [00:06:00] center of the ring once again. Oh wow. Just almost like a flat liner. Moriarty hooks the leg and scores the win.

Speaker 2: The winner of match, Lee Moriarty.

Excalibur: Taz we mentioned Moriarty’s tough loss to see CM Punk on Dynamite. What a great way to come back here on Dark.

Taz: Yeah. Bounced back really good. Congratulations to him on that victory. Well done.

Excalibur: [00:06:30] And coming up next here on AEW Dark, Lio Rush in action ahead of the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal tomorrow night. (Music)

Speaker 2: The following contest [00:07:00] is set for one fall with a 20 minute time limit. Introducing first from Washington DC, weighing a 171 pounds. The man of the hour, Lio Rush.

Taz: It’s a shame Excalibur, but this is someone that I just feel so bad for. I actually just feel bad for Lio rush. I really do. He’s all alone. Oh what a lonely man he is.

Excalibur: And by all alone, you mean tomorrow night at the Dynamite [00:07:30] Diamond Battle Royal where Lio Rush will be one of 12 competitors in the Battle Royal, but three of those competitors will belong to Team Taz throw it back down to Dasha, before you explore a little more on that.

Speaker 2: And his opponent from Lima, Peru, weighing a 170 pounds, Rayo.

Taz: Yeah. We have 125% chance of winning. 125% chance of winning the Battle Royale tomorrow night. The Dynamite does it. The 12 men that will end this thing, three of [00:08:00] them, do the numbers, the math it’s simple. It’s we have the advantage Excalibur, I’m so excited about this on Long Island. Can’t wait.

Excalibur: 25% of the competitors in the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale tomorrow night belong to Team Taz. Lio Rush, nice ankle trip as he takes the side headlock. And as we mentioned, Lio Rush will be a part of that Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal. Also tomorrow night, Jamie Hayter and Reho go one on one ahead of Reho’s shot at Dr. Britt Baker and the Women’s World Championship. Plus the Young Bucks return [00:08:30] to action as… Oh Rayo looking for a quick upside here, as they take on the team of Rocky Romero and Chuck Taylor, the chaos contingent from the New Japan Pro-Wrestling here and AEW, all that so much more tomorrow night, AEW Dynamite… Lio Rush tope Rayo.

Taz: Listen, there is no doubting Lio is a tremendous athlete. Well accomplished wrestler, does some amazing things that you’re witnessing right here. Going to go for a cover. [00:09:00] But he needs a support system. He needs people. He used Dante Martin for his own ego because he wanted to mentor Dante Martin. Dante Martin never asked him to mentor him. That’s a maniac Lio Rush.

Excalibur: Lio Rush threw that kick to the chest of Rayo. Rayo caught it. Lio though, you see his agility, lands on his feet. Really threw a lot into that kaza dora. Lio gets bulldog. Rayo here with a opportunity. [00:09:30] Lateral press, just a two count.

Taz: Well, it’s pretty obvious that Lio Rush now is in a little bit of trouble right here. Seemingly an athlete that is competing against that most people don’t know has him literally under rooms right now. Lio is done. After this battle roll tomorrow night, I’m tell you he’s going to retire. He’s going to leave. He’s going to be done. He has to.

Excalibur: Right now, Rayo with a handful of hair on Lio Rush. [00:10:00] But Lio with Rush fast hands. The explosive elbow, staggers Rayo. Lio set into the ropes, comes back with a close line, a second one. Rayo up to his feet. Lio pushing the pace. Lio Rush the hand, bring to back elbow. Tremendous agility by Lio Rush.

Taz: Yeah. Again, he’s bouncing back here. Awesome athleticism for sure. He’s in control. I thought maybe I’d be seeing an upset victory, but maybe not. Maybe we will, I don’t know.

Excalibur: Oh, Rayo [00:10:30] got rolled back. Lio fake with his sweet, caught him with the Enz Gary from the mat. And now Lio Rush headed up to the top. Could we be seeing the frog splash? Yes we did. Lio Rush crash it down, books a far length and scores the win.

Speaker 2: The winner of this match, Lio Rush.

Taz: Some might think that Lio’s got some momentum into [00:11:00] tomorrow night at the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale. I don’t think so. Again, Dante Martins with team task now. Three of my guys are in this thing. Well, as we segue into ladies’ action. Look who’s back. Can’t wait for this. The one, the only Brandi Rhode in action right now on Dark. This should be great. (Music)

Speaker 2: The following contest [00:11:30] is set for one fall with a 20 minute time limit. From Detroit, Michigan Brandi Rhodes.

Excalibur: Taz this past Wednesday night at Dynamite, we saw Brandi Rhodes make her surprise reappearance [00:12:00] with the Lighter Fluid. The matches in hand. She was the catalyst for that flaming table that Cody and Andro crashed through.

Taz: It was a shocking moment. Brandi showing she’ll do anything it takes to take care of her man Cody Rhodes and she did. I’ll never forget that flaming table.

Speaker 2: And her opponent from Albuquerque, New Mexico Angelica Risk.

Excalibur: Before this match gets underway, want to remind everybody that AEW Dynamite will be live [00:12:30] tomorrow night on Long Island at the brand new UBS Arena at Belmont park. And then the TBS era of Dynamite begins this January in Newark, New Jersey, when we return to the Prudential Center, January 5th. Tickets for both events on sale right now, at still have a chance to join us tomorrow night on Long Island. And Angelica Risk taking down Brandi Rhodes.

Taz: Yeah. Nice shoulder block right there. And her for hip to look out I should say Brandi. [00:13:00] And I got to say Excalibur, Brandi looks tremendous just after coming off of the birth of her daughter, having a child. This woman, she looks great. She’s in great condition.

Excalibur: Yeah. Brandi Rhodes doing a lot of hard work to get herself back in ring shape. That is no small feet after any layoff from the ring. Brandi looking sharp here, and Angelica Risk though, looking to make a name for herself at the expense of the CBO.

Taz: Well, it could happen because she [00:13:30] got Brandy that could have some, the proverbial ring rushed on her. You don’t know and Risk might not want to turn them back because then you get kicked in the face. Wow.

Excalibur: Massive pump kick by Brandi Rhodes. And Angelica Risk sent hard into the corner. Brandi charges in a back elbow. Brando hangs on, rolls through to her feet, got kicked to the side of the head. Brandi Rhodes looking sharp, hooks the leg and Angelica Risk though kick it [00:14:00] out.

Taz: Yeah. You can see smart by Brandi. She kept her poised. She didn’t lose her cool because Risk kicked out. She kept her composure. Now both ladies grabbing the hair in that. Well, Brandi won that one.

Excalibur: Yeah. And Angelica Risk planted hard on the back of her neck.

Taz: It’s like man, it’s like Brandy’s song says Excalibur. Long hair don’t care.

Excalibur: I got to get the rest of the lyrics. But that’s what long hair don’t care. That’s what the lady singing said. I heard it.

Speaker 3: Oh, I thought you going to say that. She’s a fine girl.

Taz: [00:14:30] Long hair don’t-

Excalibur: Angelica Risk punishing Brandi in the corner, sweeps out the leg. Brandi down against the bottom turn buckle. And Angelica Risk once again, doing a little much posing and posturing.

Taz: The next Excalibur going is in ring days. Running up big hot spots when you work. I know when you wrestle. That and the title driver 98.

Excalibur: Which one was more dangerous Dennis? Look at this jack knife and Angelica [00:15:00] Risk once again, going for the upset. Brandi almost got caught sleeping there.

Taz: You’re right. Again, the upset would be the thing. And now Excalibur, look at Risk here, she’s going after the lower body after the legs of Brandi, looking for a submission hold. Taking a little while to get it though.

Excalibur: And Angelica Risk rolls Brandi through. She’s got the ankles crossed and putting pressure on the knee as well. Brandi [00:15:30] fighting off the canvas for those elbow strikes. That’s the reach advantage of Brandi Rhodes.

And talk about reach, Brandi fired up that thrust kick to the jaw from across the ring. And Angelica Risk taken off her feet twice in a row. Brandi move to the midsection, the kick to the knee. Nancy Gary. [00:16:00] Brandi Rhodes, putting together some impressive combination offense here Taz.

Taz: Yeah, you could sense that she might be building up to beat Risk here. That was a nice forearm shiver by Brandi.

Excalibur: Randy with the ankles of Angelica Risk crossed. And now Brandi… Look at that, just a neck crank with the legs captured.

Speaker 2: Your winner by submission, Brandi Rhodes.

Taz: Let’s take a [00:16:30] look here.

Excalibur: Brandy Rhoades returning to action and scoring a win in her return.

Taz: Boom, that forearm right there was the beginning of the end. That next greg hook and that submission getting the tap out victory. Brandi Rhodes in ring returns successful. (Music)

Excalibur: [00:17:00] And coming up next year on AEW Dark, your majesty, Emi Sakura with Mason Suruga in her corner goes one on one with anarchy, Ryo Mizunami. (Music)

Speaker 2: The following contest is set for one fall with a 20 [00:17:30] minute time limit. Accompanied to the ring by Mei Suruga, Emi Sakura.

Excalibur: Emi Sakura, one of the most experienced competitors in our women’s division here in AEW. But she is going to have her work cut out for against the hard hitting Ryo Mizunami here tonight’s Taz.

Taz: Yeah no, there’s no doubt about that. And Emi usually you see Lulu Pencil out here with her and Surugu, but [00:18:00] I don’t know. Lulu Pencil, Lulu Pencil Jones as she’s known here in America from me, I think she might be back in the land of the rising son. That’s what little bird told me.

Excalibur: Yes. Lulu Pencil has returned to Japan. Mei Suruga though standing by the side of her mentor, Emi Sakura.

Taz: You have that same bird. You not a little bird?

Excalibur: I did actually.

Speaker 2: And her opponent from Nagoya, Japan, [00:18:30] Ryo Mizunami.

Excalibur: Ryo Mizunami she’s going to be Across the Seat Champion of the seed link promotion in Japan, that is that title belt that Mizunami is wearing. She’s going to go one on one with a woman she knows very well. Emi Sakura. This is the first time they will meet singles competition here in AEW.

Taz: Sorry to interrupt you there, sir. Very rarely I make an error like that, [00:19:00] but I digressed. Yes. Mizunami is a tremendous in ring competitor and world renowned for sure. And like you said, Emi knows her very well. See the calmness of Emi before the match. But very flamboyant is Mizunami.

Excalibur: And before this match gets too far away, want to remind everybody AEW Dark tonight is presented by Take advantage of and save big on your holiday shopping. The holidays have come early, so make sure you go to to get [00:19:30] your $25 sign up bonus right now.

Taz: Side headlock applied.

Excalibur: To start a new browser tap Taz?

Taz: Yes, yes, yes. Side headlock trying to cool the action, sir. Side hook. Oh, turnabouts fair play on the sign headlock by Emi Sakura.

Excalibur: Emi Sakura set into the ropes, collides with Ryo Mizunami center of the ring. Another shoulder tackle. Mizunami, not given any ground.

Taz: Tons of screaming at the moment, screaming.

Excalibur: Oh, [00:20:00] knife edge chop. Mizunami just ate that one for lunch, fires back with one of our own. Sakura fires back. Man, this is a battle we were witnessing unfolding here in AEW Universal.

Taz: I’m telling you man, these two athletes out of the great country of Japan. Look at those slaps to the face.

Excalibur: Kick to the knee, followed up by a knife edge chop [00:20:30] by Emi Sakura. Mizunami sent into the ropes. Shoulder tackles and Mizunami lays out, Emi Sakura.

Taz: Mizunami coming out of Nagoya. It’s a beautiful part of the country there. I’ve been to Nagoya several times. Lot of tough people in Nagoya.

Excalibur: Look at this, Mei Surugu grabbing the boot of Ryo Mizunami and Emi Sakura from behind. And then we see [00:21:00] the hair toss and homage to Emi Sakura’s mentor Koto Fuyuki.

Taz: We will Sakura. We will, we will chop you.

Excalibur: Well, the cross body in the corner, Ryo Mizunami caught it. Taz we’ve seen Emi Sakura employ that move over the last few weeks or months actually. And I [00:21:30] just thought it was a matter of time until somebody caught it and the power of Ryo Mizunami proved to be too much Emi Sakura.

Taz: Yeah. Look at Emi Sakura. Watch out.

Excalibur: Oh, at that time the cross body on the apron and look at Mei Surugu once again, Rick Knox’s attention is diverted and Mei Surugu is just punishing me Mizunami on the floor.

Taz: Well, that Mei Surugu, she’s a vicious, violent young lady. I’m telling you. I’ve done my homework on her. She’s [00:22:00] kind of Team Taz material. I never say that much, but because she’s mean and nasty. She’s mean.

Excalibur: Now, Emi Sakura got the double under hook. She’s looking for that queen gambit, her finishing technique, but Ryo Mizunami able to power out. Mizunami with a chance to catch her breath as Emi Sakura is in the corner.

Taz: Thunderous chops from Mizunami. [00:22:30] Brutal. Oh and the shoulder in the midsection. Mizunami building up and one more knife edge chop in the corner. Yeah. Ryo Mizunami has the advantage for sure. Watch out here.

Excalibur: The close line in the corner drops Sakura. Mizunami looking for that big leg drop. She lands it. Mizunami the lateral press, Sakura kicks out.

Taz: Yeah. You could sense [00:23:00] that Ryo Mizunami understands that all of this matches leaning towards her in the advantage department, and now Emi sees that too. And she’s trying to elbow her way out of this, whatever she’s got in mind there.

Excalibur: I think Mizunami also knows that she’s in a bit of a handicap match with Mei Surugu at ring side. Mizunami wants to end this as quickly as expediently as possible. Big time close line, lateral press. Mizunami once again. A [00:23:30] close two count.

Taz: Oh, another chop.

Excalibur: Oh, the chop lariate combo there. The left arm lariate from Emi Sakura dropped Ryo Mizunami.

Taz: We will chop you.

Excalibur: Sakura charges in, gets caught. Ryo Mizunami covers, again Sakura able to kick out.

Taz: She had that high collar turned back. Watch out, [00:24:00] here she comes, Mizunami with the spear.

Excalibur: The spear, the far leg is hooked and oh, Emi Sakura is still in this fight. This is a battle. These two going at it at a fevered pitch and Mei Surugu getting up on the… Mei Surugu very nearly blew up both of her ankles, dropping off the apron.

Taz: She kept those crazy platform like high heels… [00:24:30] Oh, way the head.

Excalibur: The Septer in the head and the mahi stroll from Emi Sakura and the win.

Speaker 2: The winner of this match, Emi Sakura.

Excalibur: Behind the referee back Mei Surugu hit Ryo Mizunami with that septer that allowed Emi Sakura to wrap Mizunami up in that mahi strong and score the win. And there we see, look at this [00:25:00] Surugu once again.

Speaker 3: Yeah. Mizunami now, it’s a two on one situation. It’s screaming, yelling. They want to just damage Rio even more Ryo Mizunami, I should say.

Excalibur: Emi Sakura trying to set Ryo Mizunami up for that.

Taz: Look at this. Reho former AEW Women’s World Champion Reho, even up the odds here tonight. Reho say’s Reho different spelling.

Excalibur: [00:25:30] Wow. Reho had seen enough out her former mentor, Emi Sakura. Taz, we could be seeing some big things on the horizon between these four women.

Taz: No doubt of it. I’ll tell you what else, which on horizon. Right now to return of my man Anthony Ogogo, Olympic Boxing Champion. He’s back from the UK. He’s got QT marsh on his corner. Here we go. (Music)

Speaker 2: The [00:26:00] following contest is set for one fall with a 20 minute time limit. Being accompanied to the ring by the factory from the east of England weighing 219, Anthony Ogogo.

Excalibur: Anthony Ogogo the London 2012 [00:26:30] Olympic bronze medalist in boxing. A man with over 180 knockouts. Junior Olympic Champion, a Junior World Champion, European Bronze and Silver medalist. Commonwealth Games Silver medalist, and the man with the heaviest right hand in all of professional wrestling.

Speaker 2: His opponent from at Atlanta, Georgia weighing 216 pounds Baron Black.

Taz: Yeah, you do not want to get caught with any, I don’t care if it’s a [00:27:00] right or a left hand from Anthony Ogogo plus it’s lights out, baby. So Baron Black best be ware. Don’t screw around throwing hands with Ogogo.

Excalibur: And on Wednesday, December 29th, AEW will close out the year. We’ll close out a TNT era of AEW Dynamite before moving to TBS in January in Jacksonville, Florida at our home in Dally’s place. Tickets on sale right now. And then on Saturday, January 8th, 2022.. Oh, Baron Black, looking for a roll [00:27:30] up there. A Battle of the Belts at the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tickets for both events on sale right now, AEW tickets make a great holiday gift this season.

Taz: Well, good count on that top wrist last side, headlock by Ogogo. Like I said at the top, it’s great to see he’s back here in AEW, he’s back in the ring. I love it. I know you always, behind Anthony’s back you talk trash. I’ve always loved the guy personally.

Excalibur: Oh, dare [00:28:00] you Taz?

Taz: Come on.

Excalibur: Abdominal stretch here by Baron Black. Oh, but Ogogo grabbing a handful of hair.

Taz: The governor baby, you don’t play around.

Excalibur: Baron Black floats up and over the top, the boot thrown dragon screw. Baron Black clover leaf and step over into the clover leaf. But you see, look at that. Anthony Ogogo grabbing the ankles of Baron Black to prevent Baron from turning the corner.

Taz: This [00:28:30] project that Anthony was looking at the audience you want to keep your eye on your opponent. Anthony should know that as a boxer for sure, but maybe he’s not showing much respect towards Baron Black. Great back breaker right there, a good job.

Excalibur: Back breaker fought up by the scoop and the slam. Ogogo once again, sends Baron Black crashing down. We’ve seen the man himself-

Taz: QT Marshall. One of the most [00:29:00] handsome men, in old AW is QT Marshall out New Jersey.

Excalibur: QT Marshall recently was honored by Planet Hollywood in Orlando, Florida. His boots put on display in Planet Hollywood, just outside for a few days.

Taz: I thought that was awesome as Black boots with the factory logo on it.

Excalibur: But right now, Anthony Ogogo in control of Baron Black. We’re seeing a lot [00:29:30] more pro wrestling technique out of Anthony Ogogo here tonight. He’s not so reliant on his boxing and Ogogo bit of a cocky cover there Taz. Now it goes for his leg.

Taz: Yeah. Then he hooked the leg. But back to your point about him showing his Pro-wrestling skills. I like that, man. He’s a hybrid this guy, he’s obviously an amazing athlete, amazing boxer. You pointed all out all those athletes for everybody that’s new here to watch our programming and his pro wrestling ability is on point. So [00:30:00] he’s looking good right now Ogogo.

Excalibur: Snap suplex by Ogogo takes Baron Black over the top. Ogogo hooks the far leg, once again, Baron able to kick out.

Taz: See the confidence right there of Ogogo, a long time ago when Anthony first started coming around, he joined us here at the announced desk. You remember that?

Excalibur: Yeah and oh, it’s a forum shiver to the kidneys. If you recall Taz, Anthony Ogogo, [00:30:30] he was very complimentary to Baron Black. Not so complimentary here tonight as he is brutalizing the lower back of Baron here on Dark.

Taz: Yes, you have a very good memory. It’s the mask. Good block right there by Baron Black, I should say.

Excalibur: Well, it’s actually Google test. Baron Black shot across the chest. Ogogo goes underneath, Baron counters. Rolls him up into the ropes. Ogogo [00:31:00] broke the plane to the bottom rope. Forced the break.

Taz: For a shop. I’m shocked he got counted on that.

Excalibur: Baron Black upper cuts chops over hand knife edge. No matter what, but Anthony Ogogo toe kick to the stomach. That’ll stop anybody in their tracks.

Taz: Yeah, no it will. Short shoot from the middle. Nice close on by Baron Black. Another one.

Excalibur: [00:31:30] Baron Black avoided what would’ve been a catastrophic right hand. It’s the atomic dropped a back stabber. Baron Black has a chance to pick up a win here Taz.

Taz: Yeah, his got Ogogo’s rocked

Excalibur: Rolling elbow strike. The Exploder. Baron Black, just a one count on Ogogo. Look at Baron [00:32:00] Black looking for the clover leaf. Ogogo gouging the eyes of Baron Black after QT Marshall provided the distraction. Ogogo, Lance Baron Black with the Olympic slam. One, two and three.

Speaker 2: Here’s your winner, Anthony Ogogo.

Excalibur: Ogogo [00:32:30] really relied on his pro wrestling technique. And Taz, just knowing that Ogogo has that right hand in the chamber makes him that even more dangerous.

Taz: Oh, I completely agree. That’s a great point Excalibur. Don’t need to use it in every match. Smart, good win.

Excalibur: Representing the Pinnacle, Shawn Spears and Wardlow in tag team action, coming up next here on AEW Dark. (Music)

Speaker 2: The following contest is [00:33:00] a tag team match set for one fall with a 20 minute time limit. Representing the Pinnacle at a combined weight of 509 pounds, The Chairman Shawn Spears and Wardlow.

Excalibur: Taz, this tag team of Wardlow and Spears on an [00:33:30] undefeated streak in recent months. But we’ve seen some weirdness, shall we say where Wardlow does a lot of the work and then Spears kind of jumps in at the very end to kind claim the spotlight.

Taz: Oh, smart of Shawn Spears. He’s an opportunist. You know what, if all who loves to just go to war and destroy people, let Wardlow do the heavy lifting. He’s a big strong man. And if your experienced, pick up the scraps. That’s what we’re witnessing over the time here.

Speaker 2: Opponents [00:34:00] already in the ring at a combined weight of 401 pounds. The team of Jay Marte and Richard King.

Excalibur: Jay Marte, and Richard King making their debuts here tonight on AEW Dark and speaking of debuts, AEW will be making our Atlantic City New Jersey debut at Boardwalk Hall on Wednesday, February 9th. Tickets go on sale. Friday, December 17th at 10:00 AM Eastern, at [00:34:30] Tickets start at $29, plus fees makes a great holiday gift.

Taz: Where you hear the reaction for team tags and AC bro at Atlantic city by the way. Be loved through out South Jersey. Forget about it.

Excalibur: Wardlow given his job. Jay Marte takes the side headlock. I think I would’ve gone for a kick to the face.

Taz: I agree, I would’ve definitely for a punch to the face in the words of Natura Libre, a punched to the face [00:35:00] or kick to face.

Excalibur: Right now, Wardlow massive, massive right arm lariate. He went back deep, hit up the wind up and took his opponent off his feet.

Taz: Sure thing. And now you see Wardlow just throwing his opponent to the corner, telling the other young man, come on in. Let’s see what you got.

Excalibur: [00:35:30] Wardlow, given his opponent a free shot once again. Nice drop step by Richard King. Wardlow tries to create some distance swing and a miss. Great speed by King. Peppering Wardlow with shots. Wardlow throws once again, work on rana. The strength of Wardlow and the power bomb.

Taz: And now you hear the audience here in Orlando say one more time. [00:36:00] We’ve seen the Wardlow do the power bomb.

Excalibur: Yeah. Last Wednesday night on Dynamite. Wardlow hit that power bomb symphony. Spears wants to see it, the fans here at AEW Universal want to see it.

And Shawn Spears still coaching up Wardlow on the corner. Spears hasn’t even tagged into this match yet. [00:36:30] Wardlow has done all the hard work. Jay Marte, boot to Wardlow and the power bombs symphony continues.

Taz: Yeah. He took the words out of my mouth. That’s exactly right. It does continue and it’s not done yet.

Excalibur: Spears trying to call up Wardlow. Wardlow, he’s just seeing red. He is a man possessed.

Shawn Spears: Good job baby. Your power bomb one, your power bomb two. You’re the man, Wardlow baby. Hold on a second.

Excalibur: And [00:37:00] look at this Spears. Two, three.

Speaker 2: You’re your winners Shawn Spears and Wardlow.

Taz: Or what more does anybody would Wardlow want spears to do? There’s nothing to do. The guy’s dead to rights. He’s done. Power bomb symphony’s done.

Excalibur: Shawn Spears may have the best job in all of pro wrestling. You let Wardlow do all the hard work and then you [00:37:30] come in, you score the victory and you head to the pay window.

Taz: While speaking of pay window, can the man that’s in action right now, the hooded man himself, someone I’m not a fan of personally. Fuego Del Sol in action right now on Dark.

Speaker 2: The following contest is set for one fall with a [00:38:00] 20 team minute time limit. Introducing first from Mobile Alabama weighing 175 pounds, Fuego Del Sol.

Excalibur: Taz, are you telling me that Mobile Alabama’s favorite Lucha dog is not Brooklyn’s favorite Lucha dog?

Taz: No, no. You know who’s Brooklyn’s favorite Lucha dog. You are second behind the super strong suplex machine. [00:38:30] You are second favorite.

Speaker 2: And his opponent, from Stone Mountain, Georgia weighing 250 pounds, Luke Sampson.

Excalibur: Well, as that really warms my heart to hear that we see Luke Sampson making his AEW debut, you know who else was from Stone Mountain, Georgia, Taz?

Taz: Let me think it rhymes with the word snake.

Excalibur: Well, I guess it does rhyme with the word snake. It is Jake Roberts.

Taz: You know someone else?

Excalibur: Who [00:39:00] else?

Taz: Crusha Blackwell, if you remember him.

Excalibur: Oh yeah. Wow. Stone Mountain, Georgia. Lot of history coming out of that place just outside of Atlanta. Fuego tried the Cross-

Taz: And I didn’t have to Google it.

Excalibur: Behind the scenes Jones over here.

Taz: Exactly. Look at this, Fuego now getting backed up to the floor, not floor sorry, the apron and that nice forearm by the young man with the mask. The mask mobile man. L.

Excalibur: Fuego coming [00:39:30] in for a double sledge. Luke Sampson just planted Fuego Dol Sol.

Taz: This guy Luke Sampson it looks like a throwback from back in the days when I broke into business in the mid-forties.

Excalibur: Of course, Taz the human suplex machine, a 70 year vet in this great sport of professional wrestling.

Taz: Point of the elbow there by big loop. [00:40:00] Right on the back of the neck area of Dol Sol.

Excalibur: Want to remind everybody that-

Taz: I can’t remember next match Excalibur, hold on before you do that. You do your thing and I’ll remind you of something. Go ahead, sir. Continue.

Excalibur: Next week, winter is coming to Dallas… As Luke Sampson goes for the cover here. We will be back at the Curtis Coldwell Center in Garland, Texas next Wednesday night. And then in two weeks time, Greensboro, North Carolina at [00:40:30] the Greensboro Coliseum Wednesday, December 22nd. Tickets for both events on sale right now,

Taz: What I was fixing to say is that, Fuego Dol Sol I’ll never forget that on rampage several weeks ago, when he battled for a contract against Miro, God’s favorite champion, that was unbelievable. He lost a match Fuego, and we still gave him a contract. That’s what upsets me sometimes about Tony Con, he’s too nice.

Excalibur: Well, not only that, remember that [00:41:00] Fuego Dol Sol, he got cocky and he wagered his car against Miro, the car that he bought with his contract money. And I’m not sure if Fuego didn’t realize that, you don’t actually get all the money up front from the contract.

Taz: Well, right now he’s getting beat down is Fuego Dol Sol, but you got to stay on Dol Sol man, because he’s got a lot of heart. I might unlike him, but he’s a battler for sure. He’s definitely and he’s well accomplished in the ring.

Excalibur: Jawbreaker knocks Luke Sampson [00:41:30] back towards the ropes back elbow by Fuego, Sampson really staggered by that one. Fuego feeds the boot, Sampson spins him around. A half Nelson slam, Sampson. Fuego doesn’t have the most impressive win loss record here in AEW. But I think to come in here in your debut and defeat somebody like Fuego that be something of an upset Taz.

Taz: I don’t disagree [00:42:00] with you. Yeah. I mean, we’ve never seen this young man Sampson here to your point. So that would be. But right now, Sampson has the size advantage and he is also got the beat down advantage because Fuego is in grave danger.

Excalibur: Sampson really taking his time. Fuego floats over, leaping neck breaker by Fuego Dol Sol. Sampson up in the corner. Fuego has absorbed quite a bit of punishment [00:42:30] here tonight. Fuego charges in, upper cut creates a distance. Another upper cut there by Fuego. Fuego looking for the third. Oh, the spear catches Sampson in the midsection. And now Fuego off the top, the tornado DDT countered. Swing and a miss. Back elbow well placed there by Fuego [00:43:00] step up into giri. Sampson in trouble. Can Fuego capitalize? Fuego comes off to a ropes. The moon salt in spring. Fuego with the chance here Taz.

Taz: Yeah, no doubt. He’s great off the ropes. And he’s got something in mind off the top rope. He’s got the people behind him here in Orlando.

Excalibur: [00:43:30] Fuego up to the top. The tornado DDT plants Luke Sampson.

Taz: Fuego. He might not be done.

Excalibur: Maybe thinking one more. Oh no, the leaping stomped to the back of the head. The exclamation point for Fuego and it gets to win.

Speaker 2: The winner of this match, Fuego Dol Sol.

Taz: Well, I agree with [00:44:00] you man. Exclamation point. I almost think Fuego didn’t have to do that double stomp, but you know what? He wanted to make sure he had him beat. He had Sampson beat with that tornado DDT. But he got to win did Fuego.

Excalibur: No matter how you do it, Fuego Dol Sol picking up the victory here on Dark. Coming up next, a huge trio’s tag team match Powerhouse Hobbs absolute Ricky Stark and the newest member of Team Taz [00:44:30] Dante Martin in action next.

Speaker 2: The following contest is a six man tag team match set for one fall with a 20 minute time limit. Being accompanied to the ring by Hook, the team of Powerhouse Hobbs, Dante Martin and the FTW champion, absolute [00:45:00] Ricky Starks Team Taz.

Excalibur: What an impressive trio you have assembled here tonight. Actually a quartet there with Hook on the outside.

Taz: Well, you never know what Hook’s going to do. You know that.

Excalibur: These three athletes that will be competing in this match, they compliment each other so, so well. I’m speaking of Dante Martin, Absolute Ricky Stark and Powerhouse Hobbs.

Taz: You’re correct, sir. That’s the reason why we wanted Dante [00:45:30] Martin because he kind of finished that thing off, bringing him off that highlighting style. We obviously have the power handle with that man right there, Powerhouse Hobbs, the experience and the savviness of Ricky Starks. Of course you saw Dante Martin there. One of the greatest high flights at such a young age in pro wrestling today.

Speaker 2: And their opponents already in the ring, the team of JT Dunn, the Bollywood icon, the Omkar and Kekoa.

Excalibur: This trio of Omkar, Kekoa and JT [00:46:00] Dunn. We’re seeing their debut as a trio tag team. We’re seeing debut of Team Taz as a trio’s tag team. And the three representatives of Team Taz to Dante Martin, Absolute Ricky stark Powerhouse Hobbs will be participating in that Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale tomorrow night on Dynamite live, coast to coast eight Eastern, five Pacific on TNT.

Taz: And as I stated so eloquently on Dynamite… Look at the power [00:46:30] of Hobbs, so explosive. We have the advantage. The numbers are in our favor. I mean three of the 12 men in the Dynamite dozen, the 12 men in this Battle Royale, three of them you’re looking at right now in action Team Taz, meaning Starks, Hobbs and Martin. So we’re in great shape.

Excalibur: And running splash in the corner. Hobbs Tags out to Dante Martin. Dante bringing the Bollywood icon.

Taz: Oh, Ricky tagged himself in. I don’t think Dante… Well, you saw what happened there. See that’s the thing. So [00:47:00] Ricky wanted to get some action in. So Dante was ready to get rolling and Ricky tagged himself in. That’s smart. Ricky’s the FTW Champion, Ricky Starks is. So we kind of have that respect amongst each other in Team Taz. You the FTW Champion, hey, you get the advantage.

Excalibur: Right hands by the Bollywood Icon Omkar, but Starks the close line takes [00:47:30] him off his feet. Starks taking a moment to pose perhaps, posing for a new t-shirt.

Taz: Well, like I don’t know why this young athlete in the ring right now would wear any kind of orange and black when he is facing Team Taz. That makes no sense.

Excalibur: Starks just plants Kekoa. Just a one count and Starks keep the pressure on his opponent.

Taz: Yeah. That’s the [00:48:00] thing, he wants to make sure he shoots him to the right rope and… Oh, okay. Well that was nice counter. But he’s got to do a lot more than Ricky Starks to knock him down. And just that or that. That’s not enough.

Excalibur: Yeah. JT Dunn great savvy competitor. Great technique. Very heavy handed. And there we see the big right hands on the jaw of Ricky Starks. But Starks makes the tag onto Dante Martin. Dante trying to take out all of three opponents, [00:48:30] bit of a misdirect there. JT Dunn spills to the outside and Dante Martin building up head of steam.

Taz: Man we call this. FTW look at. Dante Martin, what a great addition to Team Taz. That was awesome.

Excalibur: Dante Martin, back in the ring. Kekoa just ate a spear from Absolute Ricky Stark. JT Dunn charges in. [00:49:00] hi common giri by Dante.

Taz: Here comes Dante double jump moves off.

Excalibur: It’s the nose dive, the leg is hooked. And Team Taz scores the win.

Speaker 7: The winners of this match, Team Taz.

Taz: He fits right at Dante Martin. Right or wrong?

Excalibur: Absolutely. Dante Martin, a crucial get for Team Taz. And you know what Taz, we’re going [00:49:30] to take a look at some replay. But I like your guys chances tomorrow night at Dynamite.

Taz: Well you should Excalibur. Look at the high flying ability, the athleticism of Dante Martin. Right now, Schiavone is in the ring. Wants to talk with my guys.

Tony Schiavone: Tomorrow night on TNT live on Dynamite, the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal. Two men will remain and they will go on to winners coming to vi for the Dynamite Diamond Ring that is appraised in valued, that has [00:50:00] gotten better over time. Of course, you guys Team Taz, you have three in that Battle Royale tomorrow night.

Ricky Starks: Tomorrow night is a great night for Team Taz. We have started a new era having Dante on our side. And I would like to remind everybody, we have the numbers on our side. We have three members of Team Taz in the battle Royale and I’m telling you this, we are having a hundred percent chance of winning. [00:50:30] No, you don’t need a clap because I already know it’s true, baby. Here’s the thing, Lio Rush. He is broke financially. And I have said this for a very… Yeah, you guys can relate. I understand. I have said this many times before you need friends in AEW, Lio, you have none. Not only are you broke financially, but your broken friendship, you’re broken your heart. You’re down on your- (Music)

Taz: Well, what Ricky Starks is saying he’s right. [00:51:00] He’s a hundred percent right. This guy’s got nobody. Now coming out here now interrupting. Ricky Start speaking amongst me, 14 pad. I should say. You’re looking at a guy Excalibur in Dante, I’m sorry Lio Rush that has no one. Alone, a delusional, clueless man you’re looking at right now. Should not even come out here to talk. Should took his wipe from earlier, show up tomorrow night to lose in that Battle Royale.

Lio Rush: Ricky, [00:51:30] Ricky, Ricky, Ricky. Man you and the entirety of Team Taz continuously count me out. Why is that?

Ricky Starks: Yes, you’re absolutely right. I plan on embarrassing your low tomorrow night. You keep going ahead and play these little games.

Lio Rush: Embarrassing. Embarrassment, huh?

Ricky Starks: Yeah. Laugh it up.

Lio Rush: So you want [00:52:00] to talk about 100%, right? The only thing 100%… You want to talk about 100%. The only thing 100% is the fact that you are not 100%. So I don’t even know why the hell you’re talking. And if you want to talk about embarrassment, it is proven time and time again, when it comes to Team Taz, when the stakes are raised, you guys just can’t get it done. Ask your man Hobbs. He knows about that one. [00:52:30] Yeah so, I got so I don’t like to make promises because sometimes in this crazy world that we live in promises can’t be kept, isn’t that right, Dante? But when it comes to the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale, I can guarantee two things. One, there will not be a Team Taz member winning the Battle Royale. I can guarantee that.

Taz: [00:53:00] Come on.

Lio Rush: Two, I can guarantee that you and every single last member of team tasks will indeed my friends feel the Rush.

Taz: This guy’s delusional Excalibur. He’s delusional.

Excalibur: Well, we’re going to find out what will happen in The Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale tomorrow night on TNT.

Taz: [00:53:30] Well, as I keep calm and not get upset over what I just witnessed this goof, Lio Rush say I’m looking forward to see Thunder Rosa in action right now here on Dark.

Speaker 2: The following contest is set for one fall with a 20 team minute time limit. Making her way to the ring from the graveyards of Tijuana, [00:54:00] Mexico, Thunder Rosa.

Excalibur: Taz, what about the explosive scene we witnessed this past Friday night. Jade Cargill and Thunder Rosa. They will compete in the semi-final round of the TVS championship tournament. Let’s go back down the dockets.

Speaker 2: And her opponent from San Jose, Costa Rica, Sofia Castillo.

Excalibur: But at Rampage things got very, very heated ahead of that semi-final round matchup [00:54:30] Taz.

Taz: Yeah. Thunder Rosa was joining us at the announce desk on Rampage. Next thing you know, she lost it and just got upset and just went to the ring and just went right at Jade and just got crazy for sure.

Excalibur: Yeah. The two had to be separated. Can’t wait until they collide in the semi-final round. Thunder Rosa lateral press. And want to remind everybody AEW Dynamite will be returning… Look at this the roll up… To Washington DC on Wednesday, January [00:55:00] 19th and then Friday, January 21st for a live Rampage at the Washington DC Entertainment Sports Arena. Tickets are on sale right now. And then also we’ll make our return to Cleveland, Ohio for the first time in almost two years at the Wolstein Center visit Tickets for both events they make great holiday gifts.

Taz: That Cleveland’s a great wrestling town for sure, and a great wrestler herself is Thunder Rosa. Oh, Sophia [00:55:30] just had a running back elbow.

Excalibur: Thunder Rosa with the opportunity to advance to the finals of the TBS championship tournament with a victory over Jade Cargill. But Taz, Jade, Cargill undefeated here in AEW. That’d be no small feat for Thunder Rosa.

Taz: No, I mean that obviously Rosa’s going to have the advantage experience wise against Jade, but Jade’s so powerful, so intense. Mark Sterling’s in the head too. So got to be careful.. Look at this maybe upset.

Excalibur: [00:56:00] Sophia Castillo very nearly pulling off the upset.

Taz: Well, that’d be something for this young lady Castillo, if she was able to at the win.

Excalibur: Nice double leg take down there, sweep there as Thunder Rosa steps over, just a traditional Boston crab and Thunder Rosa. Now grabbing the wrist of Castillo got in the reverse pendulum and Castillo with nowhere to go. Thunder Rosa.

Taz: [00:56:30] Nasty submission that reverse pendulum. Just nasty. Nothing you can do. You can’t count in. You’re done when that happens.

Excalibur: And that’s the technique, the experience advantage that Thunder Rosa brings into that semi-final round matchup whereas Jade Cargill just has supreme athleticism, a natural gifted athlete is Jade.

Taz: And just an insane size advantage over Rosa too. That’s something that’s going to come to play, I promise. [00:57:00] But Rosa’s got this bad temper. She can bring the attention for sure.

Excalibur: Oh, but Sophia Castillo fighting her way out of the corner. Delivering some elbows. And Castillo turns Thunder Rosa around to the corner. Castillo creating some distance, charges in. Thunder Rosa bypass running shot through the ropes and now Thunder Rosa double knee strike. Thunder Rosa, [00:57:30] the drop kick coming in hot.

Taz: Yeah. Castillo really caught that hard. Look at Rosa here, man. Look at this.

Excalibur: A death valley driver and Thunder Rosa now has got Castillo all tied up the Peruvian neck tie and Castillo tapping out immediately.

Speaker 2: The winner of this match by submission Thunder Rosa.

Taz: Yeah. Peruvian neck tie is a nasty, nasty joke, nasty submission. [00:58:00] You move the wrong way, it makes it tighter if you’re the person in the hold. Let’s take another here at Rosa as she finished off Castillo. Again, Peruvian neck time, the more you move, whatever way you go, it tightens that thing up. You have no choice but to tap out.

Tony Schiavone: Let’s hear for Thunder Rosa. This young lady, another win and has made it all the way to the final four of TBS tournament.

Thunder Rosa: Well, I just want to say absolutely thank you to every [00:58:30] single one of you for believing in me, for being there from moment one, even before I was part of AEW. And I have shown over and over and over again, why I’m on top of the women’s wrestlers in the world. And now being in this position, I cannot wait to have my hands on that girl that has absolutely no respect for anybody or anyone and that is Jade. I cannot stand her right now.

Tony Schiavone: Yeah. You and Jade Cargill have certainly-

Mark Sterling: [00:59:00] Hold in a second. Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. Tony hit bricks. Sorry, I regret to inform you all Jade Cargill couldn’t make it today. Sorry. She’s busy doing rich people things, something you wouldn’t know anything about.

Thunder Rosa: Like driving her Lambo?

Mark Sterling: However, she sent me to take care of business and deliver a message to you. So I’m here to do that. Know before the message. [00:59:30] I just had a couple questions for you, little cross examination. First of all, is it true that you lost fair and square to Jade Cargill on October 1st live round?

Thunder Rosa: Absolutely not. That’s not true. Absolutely not.

Mark Sterling: That’s true. Is it true, Tony, please so I can get in the ring.

Thunder Rosa: Don’t do that to Tony.

Mark Sterling: Is it true that since then you have been acting unprofessional to my client in and out of the ring? [01:00:00] Yes, it is.

Thunder Rosa: You are delusional. You are totally delusional.

Mark Sterling: Now. Finally, is it true that you are a coward and you are afraid to meet my client face to face in the ring in the TBS championship tournament?

Thunder Rosa: Absolutely not.

Mark Sterling: Touch me and I’ll sue. Touch me and I’ll sue. Now, oh the message. I forgot about the [01:00:30] message. That’s exactly what I came to say. Jade Cargill is that.

Excalibur: Well, Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling orchestrating this assault on Thunder Rosa ahead of their semi-final round matchup with the TBS championship tournament.

Mark Sterling: A little message there. By the way, I’m charging you for that conversation.

Excalibur: [01:01:00] Wow. I’ll tell you sending that message is the right thing. The trap was set up, I’m sure orchestrated by Sterling. But the killing blows were done by that lady there, Jade Cargill. And as Tony Schiavone mentioned, we are down to the final four in the TBS championship tournaments, who will be the inaugural champion? [01:01:30] Coming up here tonight in our main event, the Dark Orders, John Silver goes one on one with Aaron Solo of the factory and that is coming up right now.

Speaker 2: The following contest is set for one fall with a 20 team minute time limit. Accompanied to the ring by The Factory from South San [01:02:00] Francisco, California, weighing 216 pounds Aaron Solo.

Excalibur: Undoubtedly, this will be a great main event here tonight on Dark. Can Aaron Solo capitalize on the momentum of The Factory. Anthony Ogogo part of the factory scoring a win earlier tonight. Can Aaron Solo continue the trend against the Dark Order, John Silver. ( [01:02:30] Music)

Taz: -1, getting John Silver motivated for this contest.

Speaker 2: And his opponent, accompanied to the ring by -1, representing the Dark [01:03:00] Order from Long Island, New York, weighing 216 pounds, John Silver.

Taz: That little kid with a Team Castro that said hello to might have been, that might have been one of our -1 classmates. That’s random. You walk around reach inside. You shake hands and one of your classmates is there.

Excalibur: I was going to say -1, not just hyping John Silver up for this [01:03:30] match here tonight on Dark, but also John Silver’s match tomorrow night on Dynamite from the beautiful new UBS arena at Belmont Park on Long Island. Long Island’s own, John Silver will go one on one with the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson. Danielson, who we know will face Hangman Adam Page next Wednesday night at Winter is Coming Dynamite from Garland, Texas for the AEW World Championship.

Taz: Well, I’m looking forward to this [01:04:00] match up with John Silver versus Danielson, no doubt about it tomorrow night. I really am. The thing is look, Danielson’s tremendous in the ring. His striking ability, his submission game is on point, but so is this guy here John Silver. John Silver, if Danielson… Look, I’m a big fan of Danielson. I can tell you professionally and personally, but he better not overlook someone like John Silver.

Excalibur: Yeah, and I mean for as someone as smart, as savvy as [01:04:30] Danielson is, you know he’s got to be preparing for a Hangman Adam Page in the AEW World Championship match coming up next Wednesday night. He could very easily underestimate John Silver and it could really cost Danielson tomorrow night in front of John Silver wrestling in front of his hometown.

Taz: Yeah no, I understand that. And I’m sure a bunch of John Silver’s friends and family, all of his friends will be there. All two of them… Hold on a second.

Excalibur: Whoa, Silver send Solo into the [01:05:00] ropes and then comes back with the running shot.

Taz: I’m not a big hometown guy thing. I feel you wrestle your best no matter where you are. John Silver’s from Long Island. Yeah, I get it. Look, he’s got to worry about Danielson Excalibur. You really got to… We can’t get hung up in that whole thing of your hometown being that we’re in Long Island tomorrow night.

Excalibur: Well Taz, I’ve heard some people call it strong neck guy. I’ve never heard that before. Somebody called it that.

Taz: Man, [01:05:30] it wasn’t me, but I hear what you’re saying, buddy. Oh man. And Solo man, he’s trying to get something going there Solo.

Excalibur: Snap suplex.

Taz: Strong neck island.

Excalibur: Lateral press by Solo.

Taz: Oh man, if people only knew. Look at Silver. Showing no respect towards [01:06:00] Silver, yeah.

Excalibur: There was some heavy chops from John Silver. Solo lands the knee to the midsection to send Silver face first into that top turn buckle pad.

Aaron Solo: Because of you -1.

Excalibur: Oh and Solo jaw jacking.

Taz: Oh, you heard Solo he’s talking… Yeah, -1. That’s dangerous. You don’t want to jaw jack with -1. That guy pulled out a kendo stick to soft and whoop your -1. He’s pissed on the outside -1 too.

Excalibur: And Solo took [01:06:30] his eye off his opponent and allowed John Silver get some combination strikes, swinging and a miss by Silver Solo, with down the stomp to the chest. Lateral press here by Aaron Solo. Solo really digging that form into the jaw of john Silver.

Taz: Look at this little round to pound action. You see that Silver’s trying to cover up. He did a good job cover up with those beefy biceps and triceps he has. Oh, [01:07:00] mocking look the Johnny hungry mocking. I love him.

Excalibur: Silver trying to pull himself up in the corner after those shots. We see -1 pacing at ringside. A little bit of concern from -1, but Silver, the well placed boot to the side of the head. Now the kicks across the chest of Aaron Solo.

Taz: Solo, I’m sorry I should say Silver is definitely bringing those forearm shots and it’s got Solo hurting.

Excalibur: And a [01:07:30] beautiful back body drop from the meat man John Silver.

Taz: Johnny hungry hitting those big double biceps. -1 backed off lows, taking a for a second.

Excalibur: Reversal into the rope. Solo went for a hork on Silver counter no. The lager bomb only getting the two count for John Silver.

Taz: Well, The Factory’s Aaron Solo. No, it’s not that easy just to get a win on this guy here. He’s been around. He’s tough as hell. He would not be in The Factory, if he wasn’t.

Excalibur: [01:08:00] You’re absolutely right Taz. And John Silver, trying to keep the pressure on but Aaron Solo fires back with that elbow strike, but Silver, a very heavy handed shot of his own.

Taz: Man, Both these guys to your point Excalibur exchanging, yeah.

Excalibur: Exchanging here in the center of the ring. Silver fights down in the proverbial mouthpiece, hits the combination [01:08:30] shots. Swing caught intercepted by Solo. Solo thinking back. Nope. Silver rolls through the kicks. Three consecutive kicks from John Silver. Silver hits the ropes, cork screw kick catches John Silver in the back of the head.

Taz: Got some momentum right now Solo. Oh, moving over zealous.

Excalibur: The trip sends Solo into the ropes of pumpkin to the back of the head. John Silver has Aaron Solo up the spin [01:09:00] doctor. Silver far like hook and he scores the win.

Speaker 2: The winner of this match, John Silver.

Taz: Well -1, very happy and very impressed with his man John Silver and he should be. Now Silver looks like he’s got some momentum going to this hometown tomorrow night, Long Island against a very dangerous Danielson.

Excalibur: Yeah. Let’s take a look at some of the actions from this match. Momentum is so key in professional [01:09:30] wrestling, especially when you are going in there with a world class athlete, like the american dragon, Bryan Danielson tomorrow night on Dynamite live coast to coast eight Eastern, five Pacific on TNT.

Tony Schiavone: All right here with John Silver and -1. And John Silver tomorrow night in your home in New York, that you and Bryan Danielson live on TNT on Dynamite. Eight days remove [01:10:00] from your friend, Hangman Adam Page that on page defending the world title at Winner is Coming against the same man, Bryan Danielson.

John Silver: You know leading up to this match Bryan’s been beating everyone up in the Dark Order. He beat the crap out of UNO. He knocked Colts teeth out. He tore Fives MCL. But guess what? This Wednesday I’m going to touch Bryan Danielson. [01:10:30] Not only am I going to touch him, I’m going to beat him. And guess what? Johnny’s hungry and what is Johnny hungry for? Some vegan meat of Bryan Danielson. It’s going down baby.

Taz: That’s tremendous.

Excalibur: Can’t wait for Dynamite tomorrow night, eight Eastern five Pacific on TNT live coast to coast from the UBS Arena at Belmont [01:11:00] Park on Long Island. Thank you for joining us here tonight on AEW Dark. I’m Excalibur as always joined by the human suplex machine Taz. And we will see you all tomorrow night on Dynamite. Can’t wait for that.