10 Useful Gifts and Accessories for Self-Care

3 years ago

Normal existence can be a real drag, one that saps your energy, youthful vigor, and taste in clothes. From time to time we all need to transcend this tarnished landscape to regain our health, focus, and peace of mind, or simply just to maintain a baseline of basic sanity. To assist us in this cause, we use self-care products. Here are ten of the best that you can acquire right now.

Ball of Peace | Hypersphere Mini Vibrating Massage Ball

This compact vibrating ball packs the healing command of a full-time masseur or masseuses into a ball measuring only 3 inches in diameter. It’s got three settings for different levels of soothing motion, making it easy to apply on almost any area of your body for relieving tension, exerting deeper pressure, and otherwise cajoling muscles and tendons into a loose, care-free state. You can roll your feet over the ball. You can sit on it to massage thighs and backsides. You can rub it on your face if that’s your thing.

Spread the Healing | Speckled Ceramic Oil Diffuser

It looks like a giant roll of Swiss cheese that’s been turned into a post-modern lampshade, but this device is for subjecting entire wings of your home or office to aromatherapy. Simply add up to 200 milliliters of your favorite essential oil into the reservoir, plug in the diffuser and turn it on. Soon your chose room will be elevated into a soothing, fine-smelling den of healing and calm. It’s also got an internal light, so in a sense, it is kind of a post-modern lampshade. But better.

This Mat is Bananas | YAAZH Hand-Loomed Eco-Friendly MANTRA Yoga Mat

What’s the secret to this 100% natural, hand-woven yoga mat? Bananas. The YAAZH MANTRA mat is comprised of naturally extracted banana fibers. Not only does this practice make the mat comfortable and attractive, but it also helps the environment by utilizing banana trunks that would otherwise be thrown out in the waste. Included with that goodwill are rubber bottoms so it won’t slip, and wooden beads that make an appealing “clicking” sound whenever they scrape together. It’s the small things.

Deck of Enlightenment | Mindfulness Cards

Finally, a way to elevate your consciousness that’s as simple as when you learned math through flashcards in second grade. The Mindfulness Cards set features more than 50 “prompts” for working out your mind, as well as the rest of your body. Every card has a pithy phrase and directions for an easily-executed “mindfulness exercise.” They’re even color-coded to represent tasks in four different areas: rest, insight, curiosity, and kindness. They can also probably be used for poker tournaments in which the grand prize is morale rather than cash.

Drink Up | Motivational Fitness Sports Water Bottle

This water bottle does more than make hydration relatively pain-free — it also times your liquid intake and acts as a sort of drinking coach, so you get all the water your body needs in a day. Fill this receptacle with up to 32 ounces of water and start drinking. After you’ve drunk a certain amount, the inspirational messages will start piling up: “Get started!” “Keep chugging!” “Don’t give up!” When you finally reach the confetti-strewn end of your drink adventure (confetti not included), you’ll then refill the bottle. It’s an endless cycle you can live with.

Give Your Face the Vapors | Facial Steamer SPA+

Everybody knows that moisturizing is a key concept in maintaining your face’s natural shine, health, and beauty. The Facial Steamer SPA+ quenches your face’s undying thirst. It works much like a vaporizer: Fill the SPA+ with water, set it up on a flat surface, and hold your face precariously close to the steam it generates. The people behind the SPA+ say it provides 320% deeper hydration, optimizes your face’s blood flow, pries open your skin pores, and lets your other facial beauty products like cremes and serums do their jobs better.

A-maze-ing Grace | Finger Labyrinth

According to our notes, many different cultures and belief systems employ the use of labyrinths for followers to walk through, relax, and meditate. This product is just like those life-sized labyrinths, except it’s for your fingers. The idea is to slowly — slowly — trace the path of the labyrinth with the pointing finger of your non-dominant hand. As you progress, your breath normalizes and your mind slowly clears. When at last you reach the center, you can reflect some more or get up and do something else. Perfect for instant enlightenment on a commuter train or your dining room table.

Sodium Ecstasy | Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt Lamp

This lighting device is made of salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains. These are no ordinary, iodized table salt crystals. For one thing, they’re millions of years old, so they’re not “just a fad.” Also, they look fabulous, as you can plainly see from their use in this electric table lamp. Allegedly Himalayan salt crystals have some health benefits, but these theories are largely untested and unproven. But the mere aesthetics of this table lamp may be just enough to send your consciousness into the stratosphere.

Under Pressure | Goda Acupressure Massage Rings

Acupressure is a little like acupuncture, without all the needle piercing, practitioner vetting, and questionable insurance coverage. Goda has found a way to bring the stimulating quality of acupressure straight to your fingers with these specially-designed rings made from stainless steel. Just move these rings up and down your target fingers. It applies gentle pressure to all your finger’s complex elements, activating your mind, making your energy skyrocket, allowing you to focus, and of course rejuvenating your tired, dejected digits.

Sweat It Out Alone | Infrared Sauna Blanket

Some people find public saunas in spa resorts a little uncomfortable: forced communities of total strangers, bound together only by hot sweat beads amassing on their exposed flesh. Now you can get all the healing of increased thermal energy without the risk of accidentally looking somebody else in the eyes with this infrared sauna blanket. Designed by NASA, the folks who brought you Apollo 13, this blanket encourages the deep cleansing and soothing that a regular sauna offers, one relaxed, modest patron at a time.

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