10 Products to Make Your Home Office Look Awesome

1 year ago

Working from home doesn’t require you to be locked in the most boring room in the house. As we’ve transitioned into our home offices and have finally gotten the basics we need, it’s time to spice up the workspace to be an area we actually enjoy. By choosing office essentials and exciting work-related pieces, you can bring out your personality while still maintaining a professional space. Here’s our top 10 products to make your home office look awesome.

They see me rollin’ | Anji Mountain Rug’d Collection Chair Mat

Replace the plastic (or the nothingness) beneath your rolling chair with one of the stylish chair mats from the Rug’d Collection by Anji Mountain. Available in two thicknesses (1/4” for hard surfaces and 1/2” for plush carpeting), these specialized rugs are designed to provide a sturdy surface for rolling chairs with their phthalate-free PVC layers. The tightly woven polyester surface keeps wheels from catching on stray strings and the non-skid rubberized dots keep your rug from sliding while also protecting your floor from marks and scratches. Whether you’re a simple stripe lover, an ornate design enthusiast, or a floral fiend, the Anji Mountain Rug’d Collection has the chair mat you need to spice up your space.

Don’t want to be board | Magnetic Glass Dry-Erase Board, Blue

Thinking about getting a boring whiteboard for your office? Add a pop of color and unique accent piece to your office walls instead. Magnetic to hold onto important papers and made with tempered glass to prevent smudging, scratching, or denting, this clean-cut board is a gorgeous and useful addition to your space. You can use dry erase or wet erase markers and easily install horizontally or vertically using the simple mounting hardware that accompanies your board’s delivery. Remember important dates and ideas, set up a professional video call background, and find a fun way to write reminders with the Magnet Glass Dry-Erase Board.

You win or you die | Pacific Giftware Novelty Guardian Skull Dragon Stapler

Calling all Game of Thrones fans! Turn your desk into a regal throne with this dragon skull stapler and remover set. Bound your most important documents with the confidence of a king – whether they be royal decrees or payroll documents. The ideal addition to any fantasy-lover’s office, the Pacific Giftware Novelty Guardian Skull Dragon Stapler utilizes standard staples, providing a dramatic flair while still being functional.

Say watt? | 61″ Soft Light Floor Lamp

Keep your office “lit” with this Twisting Tower standing lamp by LEONC Design Store. Easy on the eyes and less invasive than an open-bulb desk lamp, this Soft Light Floor Lamp features textured material that allows light through without adding visual strain. Simple and modern while still fitting in with all styles of décor, this lamp is lightweight, tall, and features all sorts of color options. Keep things classic with off-white for professional online meetings or mix things up with your colleagues by turning their screens pink and blue and green to add some creativity to your brainstorming sessions.

Show you’re well-rounded | Globe With Antique Shading

Exuding the feel of a posh library and offering the promise of adventure from your desk, this Globe With Antique Shading brings your home office to a new level of sophistication and classiness. Show off your cosmopolitan aura in every Zoom call with a vintage-looking piece and enjoy a fun educational accessory when you need a break from the computer. Textured with mountain range reliefs and featuring gorgeous colors that speak of royalty instead of the ordinary blue of childhood classrooms, you’re sure to impress your colleagues and sit a bit straighter yourself.

Use protection | GOODYEP Dual-Sided Desk Pad

Protect your desk from heat, water, scuffs, and stains with the GOODYEP Dual-Sided Desk Pad. Sturdy enough to write on and soft enough to act as an effective mousepad, this stylish desk protector is made of PU leather and can stand up to even your busiest workdays. Both decorative and minimalist, this addition to your desk space will inspire organization and efficiency while matching the décor of your office.

A squishy solution | ABRONDA Gel Keyboard & Mouse Wrist Rest Set

Add a pop of color while also including ergonomic equipment in your office. The ABRONDA Gel Keyboard & Mouse Wrist Rest Set brings back memories of those childhood tubes of slime while also providing essential protection from carpal tunnel and wrist pain. The perfect addition for anyone who spends hours at their computer, this gel-filled wrist support comes in multiple colors and is safe to pinch and squish, offering a much-needed muscle tension release.

Organization station | Wooden Docking Station

Treat your desk to real organization. With the Wooden Docking Station, your phone, keys, watch, pens and pencils, sunglasses, credit card, spare change, wallet, and coffee all have their own special spot so you can stop scrummaging around a messy desk for what you need. Featuring a charger slot and enough strength to hold up a tablet for easy viewing, this gorgeously crafted accessory is your one-stop-shop for all your essentials. If you’re looking to upgrade your office’s style, keeping your necessary items in an easy-to-reach but organized area is the best place to start.

Off the record | Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser, Record Player

For music-lovers everywhere, the Scotch Record Player tape dispenser is the ideal way to deliver a normally boring adhesive. Add a hint of musicality and show off your lyric-loving style with this personal desk accessory. Whether you’re showing off your passion for showtunes or you’re reminiscing about your time in that high school band, the record player tape dispenser will be a fun talking point to show off in your pre-meeting Zoom greetings.

Stand out | VIVO Black Height Adjustable 32 inch Standing Desk Converter

Beyond adding a chic and professional look to your office, the VIVO Standing Desk Converter allows you to take control of your health throughout the workday. Made wide enough to support all your devices (including dual monitors), this desk converter has a sturdy keyboard tray and rises straight up to avoid sliding devices or roughness on your computer.

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