10 items to make your life a little easier in 2021

3 years ago

We all had some tough times in 2020. While the new year arrives with the promise of being simpler, healthier, or just a little less hellish, we’ve found a few pieces of retail merchandise that can help you lead a more trouble-free life in 2021.

Tablet heaven | The Original Flippy

It looks like a pillow for people with no neck, but the Original Flippy is actually the world’s softest, plushiest, most luxurious tablet holder. The Original Flippy cradles your tablet in bucketloads of healing comfort. Cushioned bubbles of space-age foam and a gentle, ultra-suede cover collaborate to give your tablet that gently levitating feeling. It’s also adjustable so you can view your laptop at three different angles. It’s also available in a rainbow of colors, including (we’re not making any of these up) “Def Leopard,” “Orchid You Not,” “Mushroom Boom,” and “I Wanna Go to Miami.”

Hold on tight | Stasher 100% Silicone Food Grade Reusable Storage Bag

Never use disposable zip-lock bags again. A groundbreaker in food storage technology, the Stasher comes to you straight from the entrepreneurial reality show Shark Tank. It’s made of 100% pure non-toxic platinum silicone. The proprietary Pinch-Loc Seal holds your food under arrest while it marinates or lingers in your refrigerator or freezer, sealing all the flavor and nutrients in so they don’t wander off aimlessly. We’re happy to report the Stasher is dishwasher-, freezer-, microwave-, and mockery-safe.

Stroke of genius | Pet Hair Remover Glove

Thinking about subjecting your pet to another grooming session with a stiff, clogging, boring old brush? Forget it. The Pet Hair Remover Glove combines powerful hair-clearing bristles with the gentle art of stroking. Simply summon your dog or cat, slip on the glove, and start petting. Your animal will believe you’re just expressing your affection in an agreeable, physical way; but in reality, you’re freeing it from excess hair and improving the softness and condition of its fur. Your dog will react in rapture and gratitude, and your cat will act as if nothing’s happening.

Powerfolding | BoxLegend Shirt Folding Board

Shirt-folding is a talent. Some people were born with this talent. Others most definitely were not. For those poor souls, shirt-folding is an exercise in labored futility, resulting in chaos, wrinkles, horrific flashbacks to military school, and rolled-up balls on the floor. The BoxLegend Shirt Folding Board is the only tool that can ease the anxiety of amateur-at-best shirt folders. Just lay a shirt on top and fold the helpful panels across each other. The result? A perfectly folded shirt — no struggle, no heartbreak, no tape measure necessary.

Key figures | Esky Wireless RF Item Locator

If you’re like us, lost keys are the bane of your existence. They’re always flying out of your hands, landing between sofa cushions, or skittering under dresser tables. Goodness knows how many hours we’ve wasted in the agonized search for lost keys. Those days end now with the Esky Wireless Item Locator. Just attach a charm-like device to your keychain and set up the transmitter. Next time you lose your keys, press its corresponding button on the transmitter, and you’ll hear a lonesome, whining beep if your keys are within 98 feet of the device. Not recommended for pets or older relatives.

Sous vide need | REDMOND Sous Vide Cooker Immersion Circulator

We don’t have sufficient space to get into much detail about the sous vide cooking craze. We can say it involves a vat of water, meat or vegetables in a bag, and close temperature monitoring. You also need something that will heat up the water, which is what an immersion circulator does. The latest Redmond model is one of the most foolproof immersion circulators you can get, with LCD temperature indicators, constant temperature management, fast heat circulation, and easy adjustability. It’s an absolute necessity for your food Jacuzzi.

Eternal towels | Bambooee Reusable Bamboo Towel

Ordinary paper towels are moderately effective, but they’re wasteful because you can only use them once. If you’ve ever tried re-using a paper towel, you know how frustrating it can be, if little else. The Bambooee Towel, on the other hand, can be used and washed up to 100 times. Made from (wait for it) bamboo, the Bambooee towel has all the absorbency and cleaning power of paper towels but is more than happy to stay around for a while instead of going straight to the dark hell-scape of a landfill.

Welcome your mopping overlord | Samsung JetBot Mop

You’ll have to pry our Roombas out of our cold, dead hands, but even we admit the carpet-sweeping robot doesn’t always work optimally on kitchen floors. Sooner or later, you’re going to have to break out the mop. But now Samsung has conjoined the task of wet-mopping with the stark functionality of androids with its JetBot Mop. Turn this bad boy on and set it free on your kitchen, bathroom, or hardwood floor. It will then travel the area, mopping up stubborn dirt and grease with its rotating yarn and microfiber pads, never once asking you for directions.

Smart pages | Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

The Rocketbook is a fully functional, spiral-bound notebook with a scandalous secret: It syncs with the cloud. Write onto the specially designed, erasable pages of the Rocketbook just as you would any other notebook with a Pilot Frixion pen. Then sync your handwritten pages to your cloud storage or organizational app — Google Drive, Dropbox, OneNote, Evernote, etc. — and your handwritten thoughts will be saved for all time. To erase the pages, stick the notebook in a microwave and nuke away. If only we could solve all problems that way.

Stick with it | Duct Tape

That’s right, duct tape. What makes lives easier than duct tape? Got a computer cable to hide? Get the duct tape. Got a broken chair? Get the duct tape. Need to cover up a broken car window? Get the duct tape. Having trouble understanding Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophical concept of eternal return? Get the duct tape. These duct tape rolls from Craftzilla come in six assorted colors, so you can be fashionable while you’re solving every problem in the world.

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