10 Great Winter Sports Gadgets and Accessories

3 years ago

We’re smack dab in the middle of winter sports time when millions of snow addicts take to high elevations and test the limits of gravity on their skis and snowboards. Not many of us can survive the frosty challenge of winter without at least a little help. These 10 gadgets, accessories, and devices help make your winter sports trip run a little more smoothly, especially if you’ve run into or started an avalanche.

Hot Hands | VELAZZIO Thermo1 Battery Heated Gloves

Skiing and snowboarding are less enjoyable when you can’t feel your fingers. This pair of battery-operated gloves from the forward-thinking VELAZZIO corporation keeps your digits in fine fettle as you conquer the elements. It’s got three heat levels, topping out at 155°F, and works for up to 8 hours on a single charge of its lithium batteries. Its simple push-button operation makes defrosting your hands thought-free, and its 3M Thinsulation insulation keeps your hands comfortable even when it’s powered down.

Getting in Tune | Demon Mechanic Elite X Ski Tuning Kit & Snowboard Tuning Kit

A winter sports enthusiast is only as good as their equipment maintenance skills. This overwhelming care package for skis and snowboards contains all you need to keep your snow accessories in tip-top shape. It’s got a complete care kit for sharpening your skis’ or snowboard’s edges. It’s got a waxing iron, a wax scraper, and a tuning stone, objects that we’re fairly sure are necessary for winter sportspeople. It all comes in a handy zip-up package for easy transport from slope to slope.

Paradise Lost? | Garmin inReach Mini GPS Satellite Communicator

Downhill sports can be terrifying if you’ve somehow wandered outside your resort’s boundaries. Garmin, the first name in locating and gently chiding lost people, improves your chances of survival with their inReach Satellite Communicator. It sends an interactive SOS message any time of day with the need for a smartphone. It’s also got text messaging capability in case you’d rather be saved without too much fuss. If everything’s fine and you’re perfectly okay, you can still use the inReach communicator with an Earthmate app to download area maps and informative charts.

Ready, Set, Action | GoPro HERO9 Waterproof Action Camera

Video recording is the best way to prove to disbelievers that you actually partake in winter sports activities, and there’s no hotter brand in the mobile cam business than GoPro. Their latest HERO9 model takes breathtaking shots in 5k resolution, which you can live-stream at 1080p if you know what you’re doing. It also maintains excellent steadiness thanks to its HyperSmooth 3.0 technology. Its TimeWarp 3.0 feature makes time-lapse videos a snap, and it has slow-motion capability up to 8 times if you really want to be overdramatic.

Winter Hot Spots | Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die

Tired of throwing darts at a map to decided where to ski or snowboard next? Author Chris Santella’s guide to some of the most dramatic winter sports destinations in the world helps you decide where to spend your next snow-filled vacation. Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die contains pictures, descriptions, and expert interviews covering top-of-the-line resorts and accommodations for winter sports fans. Whether you’re headed someplace exotic like Chile, France, or British Columbia, or someplace really exotic like Wyoming, this book is your passport.

Dig Your Way Out | Backcountry Access Tracker S Avalanche Transceiver

One minute you’re enjoying the brisk thrill of downhill or cross-country skiing; the next minute you’re swallowed up by an avalanche. This wasn’t part of the deal. Fortunately, you’ve got this one-of-a-kind avalanche transceiver that will get the rescue team in motion. It’s got a numeric display to indicate where you’re currently trapped, and a “pinpoint search loudspeaker” and directional LED lighting for even more guided assistance. It’s also got a somewhat distressing “multiple burial scenarios” mode in case you need to rescue other victims.

High ’n’ Dry | Chialstar Upgrade Travel Clothesline

It’s awfully deflating to get all psyched up for another day on the slopes, only to find that your activewear hasn’t yet dried out from the previous day’s adventure. That’s why Chialstar’s portable, retractable clothesline is your secret weapon against Alpine dampness. With 12 clothespins, a stretching capacity of 10 feet, and a waterproof carrying bag, this clothesline turns your resort hotel room into an overnight drying beast. Give yourself peace of mind and give your hairdryer some rest.

Roll with It | 321 STRONG Foam Roller

An active day on the slopes can result in a painful night full of muscle fatigue. This low-weight, medium-density foam massage roller can be your ticket to comfort. Just lay down on an exercise mat or clean carpet put this roller beneath your frame, and start moving on top. Soon your body will feel the effects of a soothing massage session, working out those troublesome muscle knots, releasing tension, and increasing blood circulation. It simulates three hand-massage techniques, so you can experience a human-like massage session without having to make small talk.

Hand and Foot | DryGuy Simple Dry Boot and Glove Dryer

By far, the apparel items that receive the most punishment from winter sports are footwear and gloves. They get doused in ice, moisture, and sweat. Since they’re heavier than other clothing items, they take a long time to get restored to dry condition, unless you have the DryGuy dryer. This two-pronged device shoots warm air up a series of tubes, straight to your gloves or shoes at the top of the machine. Within 6 to 8 hours they get completely dry as if the whole day were just a distant dream.

Slippery Slopes | Backcountry Access Slope Meter

This handheld slope analyzer helps you understand exactly what kind of trouble you’re about to get yourself into. Whip it out when you’re at the top of a mountain, orient it with the bottom edge of the slope, and the meter shows you the angle of the slope you’re about to take on. It’s also got a color-coding system that shows you if the slope carries “the most avalanche potential,” in case you need to be warned or, if you’re some kind of monster, encouraged.

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