10 Great Gifts for Basketball Fans

3 years ago

Basketball season is officially underway. Indoor arenas are lighting up. Hardwood courts are getting cleaned and polished. Players are getting new shoes, new uniforms, and new contracts. And hoops fans across the world are emerging from their autumn hibernation, ready to watch the game they love for at least a few months. It’s time to get your gift game on. These ten gift ideas are sure to brighten the face of your favorite, basketball-obsessed family member or friend, whether they play, practice, coach, or just watch the game on TV and scream at the refs. Have a look, and score savings more easily than a 2-foot layup.

See the light | Glow in the Dark Mini Indoor Basketball Hoop

At long last, a common-sense solution for anybody who’s ever wanted to play indoor basketball in the middle of a blackout. This miniature set includes a lime-green basketball and spring-supported hoop you can mount over a door top or indoor wall. Wait until the sun sets, turn out the lights, and aim the luminescent basketball toward the glow-in-the-dark hoop. You’ll be dunking, shooting threes, and committing technical fouls through the night.

Shoot to thrill | Pop-A-Shot Official Dual Shot Sport Basketball Arcade Game

Now you don’t have to sit through a plate of so-so buffalo wings at a sports bar to enjoy a few games of arcade basketball. Pop-A-Shot’s replica of the much-beloved basketball shooting game lets you play round after round in the privacy of your own living room, rec room, garage, or walk-in freezer. With an LED-powered scoring mechanism and a setup for 10 different variations on the game, you can save your arcade quarters for something that really matters: Ms. Pac-Man.

On the rebound | Franklin Sports Mini Basketball Hoop with Rebounder and Ball

One of the big minuses about indoor basketball is gravity. After most players make a shot, the mini-ball drifts harmlessly to the ground, meaning some poor sucker is going to have to bend over and pick it up themselves. But all that’s ancient history with this deluxe indoor hoop, which comes with an attachment that goes under the net. Now, after you make a shot, the mini-ball gets spit right through the air, hopefully straight into the arms of the next shooter. Stop the dizziness and vertigo of indoor basketball before they start.

A throne of its own | Ballqube Grandstand Basketball Display

Some basketballs are too good for this world. They’re not to be used in play; rather, they’re meant to be gawked at and adored. This display case from Ballqube gives your most cherished basketball the solitary, sedentary showcase it deserves. It fits any regulation-size basketball, shielding it from physical contact and blocking out 98% of the UV rays that sap its strength. It’s an instant artwork perfect for your mantlepiece, man-cave, bookshelf, or dentist office.

75 years of hoop dreams | NBA 75: The Definitive History

The National Basketball Association celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2020. To commemorate three-quarters of a century’s worth of dunks, three-pointers, rebounds, and players’ strikes, sportswriter Dave Zarum has written an enjoyable chronicle of the league’s glorious history. You’ll read thrilling accounts about the NBA’s formative years; the Chamberlain-Russell and Bird-Magic rivalries; the championship runs of the Celtics, Lakers, Bulls, and Warriors; and other delightful stories. Filled with pictures of all your basketball heroes (not actual size).

Hologram hoop | 3D Illusion Lamp / Basketball Night Light

For basketball-loving kids who are terrified of the dark or adults who enjoy sports-associated holograms, here’s an LED lamp in the shape of a basketball, hoop, and net. It provides an other-worldly glow in 16 assorted colors, which you can cycle through with a remote control device. You can also adjust the lamp for a variety of lighting effects: flash mode, fade mode, smooth mode, and the always relaxing strobe mode.

Happy returns | SKLZ Kick-Out Basketball Return Attachment

A thoughtful accessory for those basketball fans who play the game to the extent that they actually practice from time to time. Just connect this appendage to the bottom of a regulation-size basketball hoop. After you’ve drained the shot, the rotating chute delivers the ball back to your general location, so you don’t have to run under the hoop and retrieve it yourself. Because nothing grinds a basketball workout to a halt more than running around a court.

Bounce your colors | Spalding NBA Mini Rubber Basketball

Teach your kids about basic basketball skills and the importance of team loyalty with this 22-inch, rubber basketball, emblazoned with the logo of their favorite NBA franchise. It’s manufactured by Spalding, a company that makes real basketballs for professional games, so you know you’re not messing around with a cheap imitation. It’s a fun, bouncy way to express affection for your local professional basketball team and its decades of success, and also the New York Knicks.

Team-building | FOCO NBA3 Team Logo Construction Set

Ordering already-made team merchandise from an online retailer is rewarding and all, but there’s something to be said for building souvenir trinkets yourself. You can do exactly that with a FOCO team logo assembly kit. Available for all NBA teams, this gift contains hundreds of very, very tiny plastic construction bricks, which you patiently, obsessively snap together until they form a 3D replica of your favorite team’s trademark. It’s a lot like building a ship in a bottle, except the ship is an NBA logo and there’s no bottle.

Fingers of fire | FINGERGAME Basketball King Ball Shoot Mini Basketball Game

If mini-basketball still isn’t mini enough for you, this tabletop, electronic shooting game brings the breathless action of arcade-style basketball down to the size of a toaster oven. Gameplay is pretty straightforward, except instead of heaving the ball at the hoop, you depress a spring-action lever that shoots at a plastic net. If the ball goes through, the electronic scoreboard gives you a point. If it misses, you get nothing. There are several different game modes in case you want to change the scoring system. Just don’t try any dunking, show-off.

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