The Best Gifts for Beer Drinkers

2 months ago

Beer lovers are some of the best people to have around. They always make sure there’s something to drink at any party, they carry a bottle opener at all times, and you can count on them to introduce to you the best brews you’ve ever had in your life. And, you have to admit: beer drinkers are generally a fun and happy bunch.

So the next time Christmas or their birthday comes up, why not return the favor? Here are some of the best gifts for beer drinkers in your life (aside from a six-pack, that is).

The Best Gifts for Beer Drinkers

Often, a brewery’s best beers are limited releases that are only served on tap. But what if you wanted to take some of it home to share with family and friends?

Enter the GrowlerWerks uKeg, hands down one of the best beer lover gifts you can buy. It’s a portable keg that keeps beers carbonated for weeks. A double vacuum wall also creates an insulation layer that maintains beer’s optimal temperature for hours. And serving is easy through a built-in tap, giving you the experience of draft beer anywhere you go.

Coolers are the staple accessory of any beer lover. But when the situation calls for something a little more compact and discreet, this StowCo Small Portable Cooler fits the bill.

This suitcase-shaped carrying case can store ten cans or six bottles and keeps them cold for up to five hours. The rigid outer casing also protects bottles from breaking due to outside force and keeps them snug, so they don’t bump into each other. Stylish and unique, this portable cooler is one of the must-have beer gifts for any beer lover.

Bottle openers are one of the most ubiquitous companions of any beer drinker, so there are a lot to choose from. However, you want to pick a stylish and durable opener that can last for years; something like the OXO Stainless Steel Bottle and Can Opener.

This accessory features a brushed metal finish that’s both aesthetically pleasing and sturdy. A soft grip ensures you’ll feel comfortable opening bottles and cans. It’s also easy to clean and dishwasher safe, providing years of continued use.

Unique Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

Smelling like beer might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a dream come true for beer enthusiasts. So we’re pretty sure this Hoppy IPA Beer Soap will be one of the best beer connoisseur gifts to give.

When it comes to beer soap, using a real IPA is effective as it’s one of the most aromatic beers on Earth. So expect a lot of piney, floral, and herbal scents that smell fantastic. Pair that with its moisturizing effects, and you have the go-to soap for beer lovers.

The problem with always having a beer in your hand is not having a free hand to do other things. Beer lovers can quickly solve this problem with the BevBuckle, a stylish belt buckle that holds a beer bottle for you.

This unique holder fits any 1.5″ belt bracket, so your beer-loving friend or family member can use it with their favorite belt. It’s also made with zinc and finished with antique silver to boot for a stunning look and durability.

Beer lovers are often natural collectors – amassing anything from pub coasters to beer labels. But beer bottle caps are some of the simplest to collect. And what better way to show off a cap collection than with this Beer Cap Trap shaped like the United States?

This beautiful wall art allows beer lovers to display up to 77 standard domestic and international caps. In addition, slots are easily swappable so that you can update the cap trap anytime you have a new beer to add to your collection. What’s more, each Beer Cap Trap is handcrafted by skilled artisans, so you’ll get a unique display with each purchase.

These might seem like your regular (albeit comfortable looking) sandals, but they have something unique for the beer lover. A nifty little bottle opener is underneath the sole, ensuring you always have a way to open beer bottles no matter which island you end up on. Talk about survival gear! 

Christmas Gifts for Beer Lovers

Recently, food and beer pairings are enjoying the spotlight as more people realize that the beverage is just as versatile with food as wine. You can help introduce your beer lover to the art of food and beer pairing with this helpful guidebook. A Year in Food and Beer is a fantastic resource filled with hundreds of pairings and recipes for every season, and yes, that includes Christmas. Help spice up the holiday dinner celebrations with the best Christmas gift for beer lovers.

Up your buddy’s drinking experience with this authentic German beer stein, and feel what it’s like to down beer in Oktoberfest! The highly decorative exterior gives this mug a very festive atmosphere and a colorful history of medieval Germany. It also has a metal cover that keeps your beer cold and protects it from any debris. Great for drinking outdoors while enjoying a winter scene. 

Good beer is best paired with equally delicious food and snacks, which is what this crate delivers. This box contains various beer-infused snacks, sauces, chocolates, and cheeses. Everything is curated and lovingly prepared by food experts. For The Beer Lover Gift Crate is a mouth-watering gift not just for beer connoisseurs, but for foodies as well.

Top Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

Brewing beer at home can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially for the beer lover. However, most don’t pick up the hobby for fear that brewing can be expensive and complicated. The truth is that it’s very easy to get started, as Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Beer Making Kit can attest. Everything is provided in the kit; it’s as simple as following the instructions. And the results are as delicious – or even better – than what you can buy at the store.

If there’s one thing craft beer lovers are passionate about more than the beer, it’s the thrill of the hunt. The idea of going on a beer trail and scouring the country for the best breweries will get any craft enthusiast excited.

You can help them along with this book, The Craft Beer Brewery Guide to All 50 States, which lists every brewery, taproom, and beer garden in the United States. That way, beer lovers will never have to miss out on a great pint no matter where they are in the country. The book also covers beer history in America, beer etiquette, and other interesting facts for both novices and craft beer experts alike.

Glassware is something that craft beer connoisseurs find nearly as important as the beer itself. That’s because, like wine, the glass has an impact on the drinking experience. And when it comes to beer glasses, Teku is one of the most sought after. 

The remarkable angular shape and lip are designed to maximize the beer’s aroma, while nucleation points at the bottom create a steady stream of CO2 bubbles to maintain a good head of foam. Finally, the stemmed glass is not only visually stunning but also prevents your hand from warming the beer too fast.

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