Stuck at Home? 10 Must Have Games That are Good for the Entire Family

10 months ago

In the world of COVID-19, we’re finding ourselves spending more time at home, trying to entertain ourselves, and find activities that connect family members of all ages. And while we love a good family binge-watching session, truly spending time with one another means interacting and having fun together! Looking for a better way to gather everyone for a good time? Check out this list of must-have family-friendly games.

Deal with it | Monopoly Deal Card Game

Ready to show your investing savvy off to your friends and family? This super-speedy version of a longtime classic will have you raking in the colorful cash without spending hours at a game board. Hold your hand or plague your fellow players with all types of fines with this card game’s special twists and turns made specifically for a quicker, more exciting financial takeover. Sweep the board with these deals.

Spit it out | PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Game

Think you’re witty? Test your ability to think on your feet with this lightning-fast game. With only a few seconds to respond, 5 Second Rule keeps things dynamic for easily bored relatives. Welcome to the high-energy competition you’ve been craving since sports were placed on pause! This game will have the whole family yelling the first thing they think of – hilarity guaranteed. Speed to these savings.

Turn the tables | Mattel Games UNO: Flip

Get ready to enjoy some double trouble with this card deck that comes with two-sided fun. Holding onto all the rules and high-paced guessing of the original, UNO: Flip comes with an additional set of policies that allows you to trip up your opponent by suddenly changing their winning hand into a card catastrophe. If you’ve got a good memory, this is the perfect way to take your revenge on family members who administer “Reverse” and “Draw Four” cards without mercy. Say “Skip You” to expensive family fun with these savings.

Master the poker face | Sheriff of Nottingham Board Game

A little gambling is fun when you’re sneaking past the Sheriff of Nottingham! Made to test your poker face, each player is assigned a suspiciously sneaky character in a faux-medieval world. Choose to tell the truth about your wares or try to smuggle illegal items into the market using your sly skills. You’ve got a secret – can you keep it? No need to lie about these prices.

Have you scene it? | Blockbuster Board Game

Alright, movie buffs, it’s your time to shine! Are you weirdly talented at remembering directors? Can you summarize your favorite movie in five words? These are skills you’ll need to bring to the table with this exciting movie-identification game. Crafted to bring back the good ol’ days of wandering around the plastic cases of your favorite films in a – gasp! – brick and mortar store, this game is the perfect way to show off your eclectic taste in films! These deals are picture-perfect.

You’re on a roll | Mexican Train Dominoes Game in Aluminum Carry Case

All aboard for a game that calls for both planning and constant adaptability as you and your family members challenge one another in this high-stakes version of a beloved classic. Build your own train “track” while trying to throw one another off course. A mental exercise (without feeling like one), this is a great way to get younger kids excited about math and finally trip up that family member who claims to be a computing whiz. Chugga, chugga, cha ching.

The Cat’s Meow | Exploding Kittens Card Game

Perfect for the sweet but secretly savage, this paw-sitively engaging game is made to be fun for both adults and kids. Easy to learn and exciting to play, Exploding Kittens features a Russian roulette-style intensity while allowing you to target opponents with hilarious kitten superpowers! Put off being demolished by an exploding kitten for as long as you dare because you won’t have nine lives in this game! Combined with goat wizards, meat bikinis, and magical enchiladas, you’re sure to love this wacky competition. These deals will have you feline good.

Heating up | Yard Pong Outdoor Backyard Game

Take the challenge outside with this family-friendly version of a college classic. Made to be larger than life, bond like the frat bros by trying your hand at this exciting game made durable enough for any outdoor surface. Score points, establish house rules, and get some fresh air while cheering on your team. A great way to establish tournament play, Yard Pong keeps you moving without extensive setup (ball pump included!), so you can shoot your shot and go for the glory. Fist pump for low prices.

Love at first spike | Spikeball Pro Roundnet Kit

Get the family moving with this exciting take on volleyball. A beloved tailgating game and the latest beach favorite, the Spikeball Pro Roundnet Kit can be set up in any outdoor environment. Team up in pairs and slam the ball into the net, sending your opponents running for the save. Bring the high school volleyball star out of retirement or let the kids burn off some energy through this super-fun and easy-to-learn mini-sport. Serve up some savings.

Accio mystery! | Hasbro Gaming Clue: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition Mystery Board Game

Have a family of Harry Potter fanatics? Seeking a game as fun as Quidditch? Hasbro’s new version of the famous “Whodunit” Clue game features all your wizarding world favorites while you search out the murderer in the Hogwarts castle! No need for an Amortentia potion – the whole family is guaranteed to fall in love with this magical game. Check out these magical deals.

Size Matters | Jenga Giant

This childhood balance game is now life-size! Standing at over four feet tall and promising an exciting avalanche, Jenga Giant is an adrenaline rush in a box – perfect for both indoor and outdoor play. Test your skills and stack your tower higher – just don’t be the one to knock it over! Stack up the savings.

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