How to Host the Best March Madness Party Ever

3 months ago

It’s that time again when we reawaken our collegiate spirit by rooting for our favorite teams and competing over NCAA brackets. Perhaps March Madness helps us feel like we’re back in the golden time of our college years. Maybe it’s a love of the game, or perhaps it’s just plain entertaining.

The NCAA Division I Men’s basketball tournament is a seven-round single-elimination tournament in which 68 teams play for the national title. The Final Four is the penultimate round, in which only four teams remain.

If you want to host an awesome March Madness party, then you might want to plan it for the first weekend of the tournament. We’ll help you with some ideas to kick it off!

March Madness Party Ideas

If you intend on watching the games at your home, here are some fantastic March Madness themed party ideas to help you organize and host an amazing viewing party:


Ensure your March Madness celebration buffet table has lots of food that you can pick up and eat with your hands without double-dipping (or double dribbling):

Team Themes

Choose a culinary category — snacks, appetizers, entrées, or desserts — and ask guests to bring a dish that showcases their favorite team’s flare. A UCLA-themed dessert could be gold and blue Jell-O, while an Indiana-themed snack might include corn nuts.

The Drink of Champions

Purchase a barrel and fill it with Gatorade or make your own, similar to those seen during basketball games. Just don’t let your guest dump it on you! Top it off with ice, and you’ve got yourself a beverage station.

Basketball-Themed Snacks

Bake basketball-shaped desserts and serve them in basketball-themed wrappers alongside your main courses. Basketball-topped pastries or doughnuts with hoop designs are fantastic for your hungry guests.


Stick to a minimal color palette and simple products that carry an impact while decorating for your March Madness theme party. After all, most of your guests will be concentrated on the game for the majority of your party!

basketball invitations

March Madness Invitations

What type of invites are you planning to send? Make a Facebook event, send an email, or make a creative flier with your favorite team’s colors. Consider making the invitations basketball-styled. For a team-neutral basketball aesthetic, you might go with orange and black. Set the start time for at least a half-hour before the game begins so that your friends can finish catching up before the game starts.

Basketball Party Decorations

Streamers and Balloons

As previously mentioned, when it comes to basketball party decorating ideas, utilize neutral basketball colors. If all of your guests support the same team, go ahead and decorate accordingly. These basketball party theme decorations are colorful and contain many basketball element designs. High-quality printing makes these basketball theme party decorations more appealing and innovative, and they are fantastic methods to demonstrate your enthusiasm for your March Madness party.

Referee Shirt

Referee the Party

Wearing a referee jersey and carrying a whistle to draw your visitors’ attention is a fun way to make it easier for them to locate you amidst the madness.

Let Your Guest Know Where the Party's At

Let Your Guest Know Where the Party’s At

For simple March Madness birthday party ideas, consider a yard sign that reads “Let the Madness Begin.”

When you greet your guests with this personalized décor, everyone will know where the party is. The waterproof nature of this reusable party sign makes it ideal for use in any outdoor setting. 

Just place the provided stakes into the plastic yard sign to let everyone know they’ve come to the right place. This beautiful yard sign is ideal for a short-term display, but it may be used again for next year’s tournament with careful maintenance.


You can’t host a March Madness party without some March Madness crafts and activities! Here are a few basketball theme party ideas you can try out before tip-off:

Basketball Reusable Dry Erase Bracket

Make Your Bracket

A March Madness party isn’t complete without a bracket for your guests to fill out and compete with each other. Don’t forget to pair your team selection with a pair of awesome March Madness party socks! It also encourages healthy competition and, perhaps, a few wagers here and there (the bracket, not the socks).

Bracket Trophy

Have a Winner’s Trophy

March Madness betting is infamous for its volatility and Cinderella stories, which may explain why no one has ever created a perfect bracket.

For casual sports fans, bracket bets are a popular form of entertainment. You may begin at the bottom and work your way up, or you can start at the top and work your way down.

While it may be nearly impossible to create a perfect bracket, you can still win money if you have the top score in your bracket pool. 

You can compete against your pals for monetary rewards or in a global tournament. Each round may be made more interesting by forming a bracket pool with your friends or coworkers. You can present the person with the highest scored bracket with a trophy to culminate the tournament!

Inflatable Basketballs (Pack of 12)

Three Pointer

Set up a basketball hoop in the space where guests will be viewing the game with inflatable basketballs or foam balls. The best part is you can toss these balls without worrying about breaking a lamp!

Folding Portable Basketball Game

Trash Toss

When you hang a basketball hoop above your garbage can, your guests will be happy to assist you with the clean-up. At the end of the night, don’t hesitate to ask the stragglers for an assist. You might not even need to ask; most visitors will gladly assist without prompting.

Pictionary with Logos

Make a list of all the teams that have competed in this year’s March Madness. Try your hardest to design a random team’s logo on a blank whiteboard and see who can determine whose team it belongs to the fastest!

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