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10 months ago

gifts for yoga lovers

Say namaste to your old yoga gear! It’s time to snag the best deals on all your favorite wellness brands this year. With a wide variety of mats, accessories, and yoga props to choose from, we’ve compiled the best gifts for yoga lovers in 2021. Along with extremely low prices that guarantee quality with every purchase. 

Although yoga has nearly doubled in popularity in recent years, its practice has been around for centuries. Its origin dates back to ancient India, where it was formed to promote harmony between the mind and body. Today, over 30 million Americans partake in this spiritual discipline, which is why having the right products is an absolute must. 

Help get your yoga lover the perfect gift this year with these exclusive deals below!

What to get someone who loves yoga?

gifts for yoga lovers

For many budding yoga enthusiasts, Om is more than just a mantra. It’s a way of life. That means it’s important for all yoga lovers, from amaetur to the most advanced, to seek out the best yoga props along their journey in 2021.  

Yoga essentials range from clothing to ambience boosters like meditation sprays. And let’s not forget the most important item: a yoga mat. With a quick browse online, you’ll see there are a number of top-rated brands to choose from. Though Gaiam is hard to surpass, we’ve heard nothing but good things about Amazon favorite, Gruper. 

The Gruper TPE Yoga Mat is a yogi’s dream thanks to its sturdy, eco-friendly material. Both men and women can enjoy the versatility of this mat because it’s offered in multiple sizes and thicknesses. At $21.66, it retails lower than most comparable options on the market, so you know you’re getting a great deal. 

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Next, treat your favorite yoga lover to a new set of foam blocks. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced practitioner, this popular prop is one of the most useful products to own. Essentially, the block works congruently with your body to support the back, neck, and hips as you move into a new pose. Therefore, helping to prevent any strain or injury during your practice. 

The Tumaz Yoga Blocks are a fun and incredibly reliable option for beginner yogis. Included with this purchase is the best-selling yoga strap on the market. And not to mention, 7 color options! Every age or aspiring yoga lover can choose the color that best fits their personality. 

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While you’re shopping, don’t forget to add some apparel to your cart. Maybe treat your partner to a brand new workout set or loungewear. For example, the Hotexy Workout Set comes in a lightweight material while still offering high quality support. The best part — you get two pieces for under $25!

What should I get for a yogi?

gifts for yoga lovers

Of course, there are a few staples that every yogi needs to make the most out of their yoga practice. Let’s be real, what’s yoga without a proper yoga mat? However, there are certain items that not every yoga lover thinks to buy. We know exactly what you or your favorite yogi need in 2021. Check out the best options to gift below: 

Add a pair of non-slip yoga socks to your gifting list this year. It’s the treat that every yogi wants but doesn’t necessarily find the time to splurge on. You will see a range of brands, styles, and designs online, which might overwhelm most buyers at first.

One of our favorite go-tos is the Ozaiic Yoga Socks for Women. Retailing at a price of $14.99 for a two-pack, you can finally say goodbye to that embarrassing lack of grip at your next Vinyasa class. Even better, they help to increase balance and stability while mastering every pose. 

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For $26.97, try gifting your favorite yogi with the YogaAddict Tote Bag. This 30” carrier offers plenty of room for your yoga matt, 2 blocks, and added accessories. Not to mention the miscellaneous items you always bring to class, like your wallet, phone, and car keys. Everything truly fits into this one convenient tote!

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With a scope of color options, this makes a great gift for yoga lovers. The benefit of having this accessible tote is not only the storage, but it works excellent for busy professionals on the go. Just keep it safely stowed away in your car trunk or apartment. That way the next time you’re ready for yoga class, you’ll have everything you need.

Last but not least, just about every yogi raves about the benefits of owning a Yoga Wheel. At prices as low as $26.87, the Pete’s choice Yoga Wheel is a great gift option for the meditation enthusiast in your life. Additionally, it helps increase flexibility, posture, and improve inner core strength. Made of durable ABS material, this product will last long throughout your yoga experience. 

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What gift should I give my yoga teacher?

gifts for yoga lovers

Your yoga instructor is a trained wellness professional. They are the ones that guide you through those difficult poses and open a door of possibilities for your physical and mental health. For some, they take on the role as mentor, helping aspiring yogis achieve mindfulness both in the classroom and in life. With their support, even the most inexperienced yogis begin to feel at peace.  

With that said, give back to your yoga teacher this year with a meaningful gift item.

Does your yoga instructor love to travel? Get them the Gaiam Yoga Folding Travel Mat. Unfortunately, airline restrictions and limited carrying capacity make it difficult for yogis to take their favorite mat everywhere they go. Luckily, the Gaiam Travel Mat fits into a 10×12 inch square. Yes, that’s right, it fits perfectly into your carryon!

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This is one of the best gifts for yoga lovers and it falls under the $20 range, making it both affordable and unbelievably convenient. For yogis who are looking to create a zen space for meditation, the Ehome Meditation Chimes makes the ideal gift for teachers. For $9.99 on Amazon, you’ll get your hands on this natural cherry wood hand bell at the lowest deal possible. 

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Yoga teachers will appreciate this gift because it adds value to the classroom and private meditation. In addition, your instructor can gather the class’ attention with just one tap. Subsequently delivering 10 seconds of echoing chimes throughout the room.

Maybe your yoga teacher is suffering from unrelenting muscle pain. We recommend this back stretching device as a gift in 2021. For $19.17, they can enjoy muscle pain relief and stress reduction by using this sturdy device daily. No need for batteries or annoying cords, this simple massager will help restore their body as they continue to do what they love. 

Can I call myself a yogi?

gifts for yoga lovers

Whether you’ve mastered Ashtanga or find relief in dhyana, the fact of the matter is anybody can call themselves a yogi. From students, to teachers, any age, any sex, the opportunity for growth in this spiritual practice is boundless. 

A true yogi is not defined by one method. In fact, there are 8 different methods of yoga to try. Some might seek yoga for physical strength, while others solely rely on the breathing and meditation practice. One of the most marvelous components of yoga is that any person can benefit from its exercise. 

To all the yogis out there, this is your exclusive source to all the best gifts for yoga lovers on the market. No matter what type of yoga you enjoy, there are plenty of accessories and affordable items that will add value to your experience. Also, keeping your health and wellness a main priority. Get all the must-have items this year for your favorite yogi or simply treat yourself. The only question at hand: are you ready to start shopping? has everything you need and more for last minute gifts for yoga lovers

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