20 Going-Away Gifts for Cherished Friends and Coworkers

3 weeks ago

Finding appropriate going-away gifts for colleagues might be challenging. A bland “good luck” card is one of the most uninspired going-away gift ideas imaginable. This list, curated by, features numerous thoughtful and original goodbye gifts for coworkers that are sure to leave an impact. These farewell gifts for coworkers will make it easy to send out your favorite colleague in style.

20 Thoughtful Going-Away Gifts for Coworkers

The right gift for a coworker leaving the business can range from practical items like office supplies or spa treatments to more personal things like photos of you two or other souvenirs of your time working together. You can’t go wrong with any of these options for a farewell gift, and whichever one you pick will ensure they will remember you not only as a colleague but also as a friend:

Oversized Travel Duffel Bag

 Weekend Bag

Are you looking for something special for a boss leaving? Gift them with something to make their transition into their next chapter easier. They’re bound to want to spend some of their free time traveling. So, for the perfect going-away gifts, get them a weekend bag. 

Weekend bags are the ideal size for a short trip over the weekend. A weekender bag should have an adjustable strap for wearing across the body or slung over one shoulder for easy grab-and-go access. Weekend bags are usually lightweight and open at the top with a zipper. When the zipper is completely undone, the bag’s opening is spacious enough to accommodate the bag’s entire contents.

Farewell Mug

Themed Mug

Are you scrambling for last-minute going-away gifts? Well, a themed mug is all you need. Most people who work in an office strongly prefer to use their own mug. However, many telecommuters keep a separate cup on hand for use in the office. Why not send someone you care about a unique mug as a gift they will always treasure? You never know; your themed mug may end up at company meetings or in the background of a Zoom call. Your choice will surely be a talking point and a memento of your time spent together.

TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router

TP-Link Portable Wi-Fi Device 

Do you have a friend leaving the office because they’re moving?

The recipient of a portable wireless gadget may view this as an unusual farewell gift, but it is anything but for the practical person.

One of the most challenging components of moving is setting up the house with modern amenities. Help them get through the period between packing and internet installation by giving them a wireless mobile hotspot they may use to stay in touch with the outside world.

Stemless Wine Glass

Wine Glasses

When a friend moves out of town, you still want them to feel your presence. This customized glass will put a grin on their face every time they pour a drink in anticipation of video calling with you. Perhaps anything with a personal message, humorous inside jokes, or a map of their old neighborhood would be perfect. It could even lead to some interesting dialogue between the two of you.

You can personalize these wine glasses to help your friendship with your coworker stand the test of time.

Spa Gift Box Gift Basket Set

Spa in a Box

Everyone deserves a peaceful time after moving, especially your work best friend. This spa box set is the perfect farewell gift you can add for an extra touch of personalization. If you know their smell preferences and sensitivities, a stress-relieving “spa” box will be a fantastic fit.

You might want to add a few pictures of your time together with the great gifts in this box. You can always place a special note in the box, so they chuckle or grin anytime they go for the box.

Long Distance Touch Lamps of Friendship

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

As a farewell gift, buy more than two in-sync lamps so that you may keep in touch with friends who are relocating. Perhaps they are moving across town, or maybe they are venturing to a different country. Whatever the case, you can bridge the gap with these fantastic lamps.

All that’s needed is a wireless connection and a gentle tap whenever you miss someone; its partner would provide an ambient light regardless of the distance.

The friendship lamps go through a full spectrum of colors with a simple touch. Additionally, you can give each relative or friend a color so that when they touch their lamp, yours will light up in their preference.


Rather than saying farewell, you’re saying “see you later” with one of these thoughtful tokens of appreciation. Sending a thoughtful keychain like this might help keep a long-distance friendship alive and thriving.

Every time your friend uses this pendant, the world will seem a little smaller, and the distance between the two of you will shrink. This charming and genuine phrase is imprinted on a little disk that reminds us we all share the same sky every night.

KOYAIRE Motivational Desk Plant Set of 3

Desk Plant Set

If your favorite plant-loving coworker is leaving, gift them some greenery!

Plants make great presents since they may be purchased with little effort and delivered with much joy. They are thoughtful presents that may be used for a more extended period than a bouquet of flowers. 

You can send a plant or a gift package by simply selecting the one you like best. Include your own heartfelt message on a complimentary gift card and top it off with a thoughtful care item, a fragrant candle, or a box of chocolates.

Choose a plant that fits their personality. This person may like to stay put or constantly be on the move. They could be minimalists or pattern lovers. They may even have a modest apartment or sprawling suburban property in the city.

A few potted plants on their desk will brighten their day, whether they have a formal study or a more relaxed workspace at home. A plant on their desk has been demonstrated to relax the office and increase their productivity and creativity.

Leather Journal

Leather Journal

This Leather Journal is an excellent idea for someone leaving their current position, whether a colleague or friend.

If you give someone a journal as a present, you’re telling them that their journey is beautiful and worth documenting. You’re showing them that you have faith in their writing skills and ability to develop a thrilling tale.

With this exquisitely bound leather journal, they may keep track of their plans and progress toward their goals.

The Cotton & Canvas Co Pillow

Personalized Pillow

It’s upsetting when coworkers leave the job, whether because they are moving to a new state or their career is evolving. Printed pillows and cushions with memorable photos and texts are great gifts, especially when you’re close.

More and more people are showing appreciation for pillows and other bedding gifts. Why? They make excellent presents for any group, which is a major plus. This is the perfect present for any special colleague.

If you really want to remain in their lives, you can always give them a pillow with your face on it!

Vase Cube Picture Frame

Picture Frame 

Pictures make great parting presents. Give this memorable picture frame filled with all the beautiful memories you’ve shared to make it easy for them to recall the good times. Personalized picture frames may be made to look exactly how you want them to, and they’re simple enough to create without much hassle. Gifting bespoke image frames allows the recipient to build a gallery wall, which is a nice touch. There is a wide variety of gallery wall designs and concepts. 

However, if you want a fantastic self-contained gallery picture frame, this vertical frame doesn’t require any assembly, and you can use it as a vase or a container.

Personalized Stainless Steel Tumblers 20Oz

Stainless Steel Tumbler

People really love branded stainless steel tumblers, so they make a great farewell present, especially for your coworker who loves to stay hydrated at the desk.

A tumbler filled with cold water is the perfect way to beat the heat and stay hydrated on a sunny day. 

A well-insulated tumbler will have a wide enough hole to accommodate a good number of ice cubes without breaking them, all while keeping your drink at the perfect temperature. Although some ice will melt when the liquid is cooled from room temperature, the final product should be a refreshingly cool drink they can savor at leisure.

Aromaflare Scented Candle

Personalized Candle

Uprooting is challenging, primarily when a person has grown close to the place. Your colleague or friend leaving the job may get homesick. Purchasing a set of candles is a thoughtful gesture that will help them feel closer to home and those they love. Lighting this candle will transport them back to a certain time or place. A beautiful candle can turn into a lasting gift even after the wax has burned away by converting it. Turning your old candle jar into a decorative and functional glass vase or holder is a breeze.

Wherever You Go, Go With All Your Heart Artisan Journal

Artisan Journal

The next time your pal is feeling homesick, tell them to look at this reflective vegan-leather journal. This lovely leather journal is engraved with the encouraging message that its owner can achieve any goal they set their mind to.

Aside from being a reminder that your friendship will endure, this journal will also give them a place to chronicle their adventures in their newfound life that they will be able to reflect on for years to come.

Personalized Cross Coventry Ballpoint Pen

Personalized Pen

Are you looking for going-away gifts that carry some gravitas?

Then give your coworker a personalized pen.

Having a customized pen, as opposed to using one accidentally taken from a bank or found in a shared office closet, is a nice touch, especially if they always took yours.

While they aren’t the most common going-away gifts, recipients enjoy receiving them. A personalized pen is one of those simple details that makes a big difference, like a watch, cufflinks, or matching your shoes and bags.

A unique, personalized pen not only shows others that you are well-organized and have great taste but also gives the recipient a sense of authority. When signing official documents, many individuals want to make an impression, and the correct pen can do just that.

Farewell Greeting Card

Farewell Signing Board

Do you want to send off a colleague or friend in a unique way? You can leave a note for the departing party on the matting that surrounds the “FAREWELL” lettering in this unique farewell guestbook. It’s the kind of present they’ll keep and cherish forever, like a high school yearbook. If you can coordinate it, have coworkers, friends, and loved ones share their favorite memories and advice for this exciting new chapter. When they start to miss the team or are just having a bad day, the messages can serve as a sweet pick-me-up.

Instant Happy Notes Boxed Calendar

Happy Notes Calendar

Even though the morning sky might be cloudy, your colleague and friend will still greet the day with sunshine when they receive a Happy Note from you. The instant smile calendar is filled with positive affirmations, mantras, and slogans to consume the entire year. No matter what kind of day they have, they can count on these simple notes to brighten their day.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Iced Coffee Maker

You don’t have to look hard to find the perfect going-away gifts. After all, one might be right under your nose. 

If you’ve been working with someone for a while, there’s a good chance that you’ve shared a cup of coffee together, and you probably know their preferences. So take advantage of the inside knowledge and get them an iced coffee maker. 

When your favorite work buddy is adjusting to their new coworkers, a cup of coffee that has been made properly might give them the boost they need to face the day.

Infusion Pro 32 oz Infuser

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Do you have a health-conscious coworker making their grand exit? Do you want to give them a way to add some flavor to their water without adding extra calories or sugar from other sources? 

The problem could be solved using a water bottle with a fruit infuser. Fruit is added to the water by being chopped up and placed in a basket that is then submerged in the water inside the bottle. 

With this bottle, they’re left with a refreshing beverage that is good for them and makes it easier to get their daily water intake. Thank us later.

Bholi Sage Plus Sage Smudge Kit

Sage Cleansing Kit

Sage burning is a Native American practice with deep cultural roots. These days, many people burn sage and other sacred plants to rid themselves and their surroundings of negativity, increase their clarity, and facilitate healing. Give them the gift of instant good vibes by purchasing a sage housewarming kit they can pack in their suitcase and use the moment they set foot in their new home.

The Best Going-Away Gifts are at

It can take a while to come up with the ultimate present for a colleague you’ve grown close to. You want the gift to be practical, uplifting, and memorable. 

You can give a fantastic going-away gift to a beloved coworker without breaking the bank. has a little something for everyone! Search for the best deals online on going-away gifts your coworker and friend will cherish forever.

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