Gifts for Golfers: Ideas for the Golfer in Your Life

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If you’re looking for golf gift ideas, you’ve come to the perfect place! Finding the right surprise for the golfer in your life at the best price is easy with this extensive list of the best gifts for golfers. For those who love being out on the green, the game is more than just a sport — it’s a lifestyle, it’s a passion, and it’s something they simply can’t go without. Whether just starting out or playing countless rounds, golf has a magnetic attraction that non-golfers just can’t understand. That’s why cool golf gifts are always the perfect choice for anyone who loves the game. 

There’s always something more that a golfer can have in their collection, and a golfer is always in need of certain items that seem to be in continually short supply. Take golf balls, for instance! With all the tricky places they can disappear over the course of 18 holes, a frequent golfer should always be well-stocked.  Whether you’re shopping for men’s or women’s golf gifts, we’ve created a curated selection that will make any golf enthusiast happy. From golfing essentials to fun and unique accessories, here you’ll find gifts for golf lovers to suit any level, from beginner to advanced. Let’s get started so you can score a hole-in-one on your gift-giving for that special someone in your life!

Essential Gifts for Golfers

When it comes to finding the best gift for golfers, the choices are so overwhelming it can be hard to narrow things down — especially if you’re not a golfer yourself. So, where should you start? Maybe you want to combine golf gift essentials with some more unlikely choices to make a unique gift. Or, you can stick to the basics and ensure that your special present will get plenty of use out on the green. We’ve broken down this collection of the best gifts for golfers into the top categories so you can easily browse our suggestions and find one that will be just right. While another golf mug can always be fun, there are so many other choices out there so you can really mix it up! Let’s start with the basics: golf balls and golf gloves. Both are low-cost gifts that every golfer needs.

Essential Golf Gifts: Golf Balls

When it comes to golf essentials, there are some gifts that just can’t be beat. The basics are always in demand. It makes sense to start with the absolute must-have golfer item: the iconic golf ball. Golf balls don’t come in all shapes and sizes, of course, because those are standard to the game, but beyond shape and size, there are a wide range of variables that cater to different aspects of a golfer’s game. Some players are looking for more distance, while others want a ball that performs better on speed or spin control. There are also PGA tour-performance golf balls that promise a premium experience. There are lots of brands of golf balls to choose from, so let’s look at a few of the most popular choices in gifts for golfers.

One of the top brands in golf is Titleist, billed as the #1 ball in golf.  The best golf gifts could include a box of Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls, which are sure to be a hit with their ultra-soft feel and their promise to give superior distance and excellent control. 

Callaway is a top golf equipment brand and another excellent choice for gifts that can be used on the green. The 2020 Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls promise more speed off the tee and tour performance with a soft feel. 

If you want to give your favorite golfer a trio of brands to pick from, add a box of TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls to the package. They’re the softest Rocketballz ever, and TaylorMade is a popular brand when it comes to quality golf balls.

Essential Golf Gifts: Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are also another great gift and give players a lot of benefits out on the green. First and foremost, golfers use gloves for a better grip on the club, but they also increase comfort by reducing blistering from repeated swings. Add a pair of golf gloves to your gift for a golfer, and you can’t go wrong.

For golfers who play all year round, get some gloves that cater to the seasonal weather. For hot summer temperatures, the Under Armour Men’s UA Iso-Chill Golf Gloves have cool fabric technology that pulls the heat away to increase comfort during play. 

When cold and rainy weather rolls around, a pair of Callaway Golf Thermal Grip Cold Weather Golf Gloves are the go-to choice because they repel water and provide wind protection; plus they have a thermal fleece inner lining for extra warmth.

Is your golf lover a real patriot? Or perhaps you’re looking for a fourth of July gift. These premium waterproof Golf Gloves with USA Ball Marker are a fantastic choice, offering a Cabretta leather thumb, padded grip, and patriotic spirit. 

Golf Gifts for Men

According to the National Golf Foundation, 77% of all golfers are male. That’s nearly eight out of ten players on the green. While most golf gifts for men work equally well for women, the prevalence of men in the sport means that the majority of shoppers are looking for the perfect gifts for golfer dads, grandfathers, husbands, or brothers. Here are a few golf gift ideas that might spark your curiosity and creativity as you put together the perfect package for the man in your life.

The Perfect Gift for Golfer Dads

Personalized golf gifts are a fun way to add a little humor and spark to the game. There are lots of golfing accessories that can be personalized, including golf markers. Golf markers are used to mark the ball’s position on the green so that other players can putt. Without a marker, a golfer’s ball could obstruct the line of other players. If you’re looking for something to make your dad smile, you could get some golf ball markers that have a play on words, such as the Kick Putt Dad Golf Ball Markers or the Best Daddy by Par Golf Ball Markers

Golfers like to hit the green early, so a cup of coffee is usually a must before getting out on the course. That’s probably why personalized mugs are also a perennial favorite in golf gifts. How about a Novelty Tee-rific Dad Golf Coffee Mug or simply the Best Golf Dad Ever Mug

In golf, a tee is usually used for the first strike at each hole, called the tee shot. Tees can help golfers improve their game by eliminating the ball’s contact with the ground and decreasing room for mistakes. There are a variety of different kinds, from wood to plastic, but wood is the classic choice. Needless to say, every golfer can always use more golf tees, and the personalized You’re a Hole in One Dad Golf Tees will make sure your dad remembers your thoughtful golf gift every time he’s out on the green. 

Golf Watches for Men

Golf watches are another great idea when it comes to gifts for golfers. Golf watches are unique because they are used on the golf course to give critical information while playing, such as distance to the green. They can also alert the player to features of a particular course, such as water hazards and bunkers. Golf watches use GPS to keep players informed. 

Garmin is a proven name in GPS watch technology, and it has put that expertise to work in its Garmin Approach S40 GPS Golf Watch. It has a sunlight-readable touchscreen display and comes preloaded with more than 41,000 golf courses from around the world, making it unbeatable for even the most avid golfer. 

If you really want to go all-out, splurge on the Garmin Approach S62 Premium GPS Golf Watch. It comes with Wearable 4U white earbuds and a power bank charging case, and its touchscreen is 18% larger than that of the S60. It even has a Virtual Caddie feature that suggests the best club based on factors such as the typical distance that the golfer hits.

If you’re looking for a functional golf watch on a budget, there’s the TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch, which lets you access information to about 38,000 courses around the world and also offers automatic hole progression while the player golfs.

Technology Golf Gifts: Sensors

The right technology can help any golfer improve their game, and nowadays there is a huge range of high-tech items to help players hone in on getting their skills up to par. Golf sensors can provide valuable feedback on a play that translates to improve scores on the golf course. Sensors can act like coaches because they analyze factors such as swing speed, wrist angle and golf swing, and then provide information that can help golfers make adjustments. They use technology that connects to devices for easy tracking over time so a player can monitor their performance and improvement.

If you want to go top of the line, the HackMotion Wrist Angle Golf Training Sensor is designed to improve swing through audio biofeedback 3D wrist angle measurement and automatic swing detection after each shot. This sensor uses Bluetooth technology to connect and report results for accurate tracking over time. HackMotion says that more than 80% of a golf ball’s initial direction is determined by the clubface. Since a golfer’s hands are the only part of the body that comes into direct contact with the club, wrist angle measurement can help improve a golfer’s game because wrist alignment determines the clubface angle.

A more economical choice in terms of golf sensors in gifts for golfers is the Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer, which attaches to the end of any golf club. It has a smart video capture feature so players can view and analyze their swing in slow motion with metrics overlaid for a complete swing feedback system.

Another sensor that comes in on a budget is the Sport Sensors Swing Speed Radar, which uses a small microwave Doppler radar sensor to measure swing speed. It gets positioned about eight to 10 inches from the tee, and can measure speeds from 20 to 200 miles per hour.  

Technology Golf Gifts: Simulators

Golf simulators are another high-tech option in terms of the best golf gifts, with a variety of types that are suitable for all environments. There are even accessories that can enhance the simulator experience, such as the Golf Simulator Impact Screen, which can be used as a multi-function indoor screen that works as a projection screen, impact screen, and baffle net. 

For a simulator that works both at home and on the go with a mobile device, gift your golf enthusiast the Phigolf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Simulator, which comes with a swing stick. Golfers can engage in online head-to-head play and connect to their home TV or to a cell phone. The swing stick offers a physical simulation experience that many golfers love, especially when the weather isn’t suitable for outdoor play.

For an option that isn’t high-tech but still offers active practice and is much more affordable than many digital simulators, opt for a putting green mat. A gift like this can help golfers improve accuracy. The YZhappy Indoor Putting Green Mat even has an automatic ball return system, so your golf lover won’t have to continually go fetch the ball to start putting again. 

Golf Gifts for Women

While women only make up about 24% of all golfers, they are no less enthusiastic about their sport. If you’re looking for golf gift ideas for women, many choices are specifically designed to delight a golfing mom, sister or friend. Whether you choose golfing clothes or accessories designed specifically for female golfers, any of the following cool golf gifts for women are sure to please.

Stylish Gifts for Golfers: Clothing

Golf clothing for women is a nice choice if you’re looking for a cool gift for women golfers. What golfer doesn’t want to look great on the green? Women’s fashion in golfing offers many options in terms of golf apparel, from skirts to skorts. A thoughtful gift for any female golfer, golf clothing is always appreciated.

When it comes to practical and fashionable, skorts are a great choice for a female golfer. They offer the comfort and tailored look of a skirt while giving the excellent range of motion provided by shorts. This Jack Smith women’s golf skort comes in a seemingly endless variety of patterns and is made with a four-way stretch material for optimal performance in motion. 

Accessories and Essential Gifts for Golfers

Golf accessories are also a creative and colorful gift idea for women. There are many types of accessories to choose from, including the Glove It Women’s Golf Accessory Bag, which is perfect for transporting golf tees and golf markers, and the Adidas Women’s Superlite Visor, which comes in handy whenever the sun gets too intense. A bold option for women golfers is a glove that makes a statement. The Callaway Women’s OptiColor Leather Glove in pink has a premium feel with perforations on the palm, fingers, and thumb for breathability. 

And for a female golfer who wants to paint her golf course in bright colors, gift a box of Nitro Glycerin Golf Balls in an assortment of bright neon hues such as hot pink, electric lime, and turquoise. They have a super reactive titanium core and conform to USGA rules.  

Cool Golf Gifts

Sometimes, the best gifts are the things that you would never buy for yourself. When it comes to the best golf gifts, that often means choosing a unique novelty item that will get a laugh and bring some fun to the game. Unique gifts for golfers are not only silly, they can also be sleek and sophisticated. It all depends on what kind of person your favorite golfer is, and how your gift can reflect their personality. Have a look at some of these fun gifts for golf lovers we’ve put together and see which one might be the perfect match for the golfer in your life.

Novelty Golf Gifts

Silly golf gifts will bring a smile and cheer up any golfer who is having a lousy day on the green. For the player who wants to kick back after a long day on the course but isn’t ready to stop playing, there’s the Fairly Odd Novelties Table Golf Shot Glass Drinking Game, which incorporates a teeny-tiny golf course and six shot glasses. Novelty socks are always a hit in terms of great gifts, and this whimsical and colorful pair of golf socks spells out I’d Rather Be Golfing.  For the golfer who loves dad jokes, consider The Golf Father t-shirt.

One-of-a-Kind Gifts for Golfers

A cool golf gift is a golf rangefinder, which helps a golfer estimate the distance and accuracy of their shot. The Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder has a cutting-edge design and includes Nikon’s exclusive stabilization technology to help golfers get a steady reading for optimal accuracy. 

A budget item that you can add to any golf gift package is a Golf Log Book where players can track their game. A unique gift for golfers who are also history buffs is the Golfers’ Green Book, 1901, which is a historical reproduction of an original 1901 work that includes a history of golf since its introduction in the West. 

Gadgets always make cool gifts, and for the golfer, a tool such as the Pitchfix Switchblade Divot Repair Tool Gift Set fits the bill perfectly with three different functions: divot tool, ball marker, and pencil sharpener. Another useful golf gadget is a swing recording system that mounts a smartphone to a golf cart or pull cart to record videos for later analysis of a golfer’s swings.

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