The Best Cinco de Mayo Decorations for Your Next Party

1 month ago

Cinco de Mayo has become an increasingly popular holiday in the United States. Originally a celebration of Mexican culture, it is also celebrated by Mexican immigrants in the U.S. Nowadays, it’s pretty much celebrated by anyone who enjoys tequila! As the weather gets warmer as Cinco de Mayo approaches, it’s the perfect time to throw a Cinco de Mayo party. 

Want to host one yourself? First, you’ll need to gather some festive decorations for Cinco de Mayo.

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that is often an excuse to enjoy margaritas and tacos in the United States, but there is much more to Cinco de Mayo than delicious food and beverages. It is celebrated to remember the victory of the underdog Mexican army against the French at the Battle of the Puebla on May 5, 1862. Cinco de Mayo translates to “the fifth of May,” and that is when it is celebrated every year. 

6 Fun Cinco de Mayo Decorations

If there’s one takeaway regarding how to decorate for Cinco de Mayo, let it be this: make it colorful! Whether you go for all colors of the rainbow or just the three colors of the Mexican flag, the best Cinco de Mayo celebration is a colorful one. And with the Cinco de Mayo party supplies listed below, you’ll be sure to create a fun atmosphere for all your guests!

Papel Picado: Traditional Mexican Folk Art Paper 

Hang them individually for the perfect Cinco de Mayo decoration, or string them together for a colorful banner. Making papel picado can also double as a party activity: use the colorful paper to cut out shapes as if you are making a paper snowflake.

8 Packs Mini Sombrero Party Hats

Sombreros Everywhere!

Sombreros are traditional Mexican hats. Hand them out as party favors, or use a sombrero as a centerpiece for your appetizer table to step up your Cinco de Mayo décor. You can also use a sombrero-shaped serving bowl and put guacamole around the rim!

Confetti Cactus Green

Cactus Confetti

Cute, cheap, and festive, cactus confetti is an easy Cinco de Mayo party supply to add to your list. It reminds partygoers of one of the predominant symbols of Mexico in a lighthearted way. Sprinkle the cactus confetti on the dining table or any flat surfaces. Toss some inside a piñata!

Mexico Flag Tableware Kit

Mexican Flag Dishware 

Whether you opt for washable or disposable dishware, consider having them in green, white, and red — the colors of the Mexican flag. To help you and guests stay organized, color-code your dishware according to course: green dishes for appetizers, white dishes for the main course, and red dishes for dessert. Make sure to get enough plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery for everyone.

Colorfast Tissue Flower Kit

Flowers: Real or Tissue Paper 

Adorn your space with fresh-cut flowers in colorful vases: in the kitchen, the bathrooms, the patio — anywhere guests will be. Can’t decide what type of flower would be best? Dahlias are the national flower of Mexico, and Mexican marigolds should be in season by May 5th! Alternatively, go the DIY route with tissue paper flowers to set the scene.

Mexican Style Table Runner

Colorful Table Runner

Hot pink, bright yellow, black, and aqua are some of the festive colors to inspire your Cinco de Mayo decorations. A colorful tapestry-style or handwoven table runner will draw attention to the delicious food and put guests in a happy mood.

Cinco de Mayo Activities for Adults

Throwing a Cinco de Mayo party for adults? Here are some activities to make it a memorable one:

1. Dance Party or Lesson 

Put on some Latin music for a low-cost Cinco de Mayo idea, and let your guests dance the night away! If partygoers need a little nudge to get moving, hire a dance teacher or put on a YouTube tutorial to learn a Mexican folk dance. Grab some maracas to keep the rhythm festive and authentic! 

2. Hot Pepper Eating Contest

Have any daredevil guests coming to your party? See who can handle eating the hottest chilies and peppers. Get both fresh and dried ones of various intensities. Have participants eat them, starting with the mildest one first. Less adventurous guests will have a ball watching the others sweat! Don’t forget to have glasses of milk on hand to soothe the palettes of the brave partygoers. 

3. Piñata!

Pinatas aren’t just for kids! Get a traditional donkey-shaped one, and fill it with anything your guests will enjoy: gift cards, lottery tickets, dollar bills, or traditional Mexican candy like dulce de leche. Don’t forget the blindfold (a bandana works) and a baseball bat. Be sure to hang it in a safe place outside. 

Get the Party Started! 

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