Christmas List Ideas for Kids: 2021 Edition

1 year ago

You would think shopping for children, particularly over the Christmas season, would be simple. After all, it’s usually not hard to figure out what do kids want for Christmas, because they’re typically quick to compile a gigantic list of toys that have caught their eye.  However, if you’re searching for something unique that isn’t on a kids’ Christmas list or can’t decide what to purchase for the child who has everything, look no further than our list of the best Christmas gifts for kids in 2021.  This Christmas list ideas for kids will help boys and girls develop skills, embrace creativity, and learn in a fun way.

The Ultimate Christmas List Ideas for Kids 

While Christmas is coming up, everything on this list can make for the perfect gift on any holiday or other special occasion! So, let’s dive into our Christmas list ideas for kids.

Christmas Gifts for Boys

Alohomora Fun! | Hasbro Gaming Clue: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition Mystery Board Game

Do you have a Harry Potter-obsessed child sitting by the mailbox waiting for their Hogwarts acceptance letter? Are you looking for a game that’s more fun than waiting in line at Gringotts? Then you have a lot of options within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to satisfy your kid’s Christmas wish list. All your wizarding favorites are included in Hasbro’s new version of the renowned “Whodunnit” Clue game as you seek the culprit in Hogwarts castle! So don your house colors, polish your wands, and embark on a journey down mysterious halls while avoiding the Death Eaters!

Jurassic Racing at its Finest | Pull Back Dinosaur Toys

Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures with an educational history. When a dinosaur’s around, they’re in charge (especially the T-Rex), and you better watch out! There’s a reason little boys and girls love dinosaurs, which makes them an easy excuse to be on any kid’s Christmas list.

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas presents for boys, these pull-back dinosaur cars fit the bill. Vehicles that draw back, wind up, and go are appropriate for both inside and outdoor play. There are no batteries required, and the smooth surface and flexible rubber wheels make it convenient and enjoyable for children (and forgiving on your hardwoods).

Jumbo-Sized Fun | Jenga Giant

This classic childhood balance and puzzle game has scaled up to life-size! Jenga Giant is excitement in a box, standing over five feet tall and guaranteeing an exhilarating build-up and cascade down. It’s excellent for both indoor and outdoor play. Let your kids put their skills to the test to build a taller tower, and watch them squeal in delight when one of them knocks it down!

Discover the Magic of Science! | Osmo – Genius Starter Kit

Osmo creates interactive learning games where users use real-world items to engage with the digital world via their iPad or Fire tablet. Children have so much fun with Osmo that they don’t know they’re learning. Play is the most effective way for children to learn. Combining actual game pieces with an interactive game stimulates a child’s imagination, encourages dreams, and helps them develop confidence and real-world skills. Osmo combines tactile exploration with cutting-edge technology to actively engage youngsters in learning. Osmo is ideal for learning at home or in school since it allows youngsters to play together or independently.

Step into Adventure! | TMEI 2 Pack Set Kids Archery Bow Set

Encourage your children to lessen their screen time and get outdoors while learning to target, fire, and hunt with a bow and arrows. Your kids will love pretending to be Katniss Everdeen with this archery equipment. It works nearly just like a real bow and arrow and is a lot of fun. Cool shooting games may help kids develop athletic skills and enhance their hand-eye coordination. After all, play is an excellent way to learn. This toy set is lightweight and safe, making it ideal for youngsters to bring along on camping and family vacations so they can play pretend without endangering themselves or others.

Christmas Gifts for Girls

See the World in Miniature | 5 Surprise Mini Brands Mystery Capsule Real Miniature Brands Collectible Toy (2 Pack)

Want to know what will top any kid Christmas wish list? Teach them real-life skills with delightfully miniaturized grocery products! With 5 Surprise Mini Brands, unwrap, peel, and uncover REAL tiny treasures! Which of the five surprises will you open first? Over 70 miniatures of your favorite brands are available to collect, including rare metallic and glow-in-the-dark minis, as well as ultra-rare gold minis! Collect all of them to make your own tiny retail paradise!

Learning is a Roar of a Good Time | LeapFrog 100 Animals Book

With the 100 Animals Book, your daughter can dive into learning! Animals from 12 habitats and ecosystems are featured on six double-sided interactive pages. Children have a natural interest in animals and this book encourages them to learn more about them with pictures and images of creatures from the desert, savanna, rain forest, and other environments.

Give the Gift of Nostalgia | Original Tamagotchi 

For decades, the Tamagotchi has been a must-have virtual pet and vintage classic! The gadget was invented in Japan in 1996 and released in the United States in 1997, immediately becoming a global craze. These are the best Christmas presents for kids, and they will teach your kids a bit of responsibility! With a classic Tamagotchi, your child will learn to take care of a “pet” by feeding it, maintaining hygiene, and putting it to bed. They’ll also have to learn how to care for and give medicine to their Tamagotchi character to assess its health and discipline! Children will raise the Tamagotchi from an egg to an adult, teaching them responsibility and empathy.

The Perfect Blend of Science and Excitement! | ThinkFun Gravity Maze

Gravity Maze is a popular stem toy for boys and girls by ThinkFun, and it won the Toy of the Year Award in the Specialty Category in 2017. It’s a gravity-powered labyrinth game with 60 tasks ranging from beginner to expert difficulties, and it’s a terrific birthday or holiday gift for youngsters who enjoy puzzles, clever games, and demanding activities. Gravity Maze is manufactured with high-quality parts and comes with an easy-to-follow instruction booklet. Like all of ThinkFun’s games, Gravity Maze includes an educational component: it’s designed to foster critical thinking abilities and connect to STEM disciplines like science and engineering. Playing the progressively challenging brain teaser activities will strengthen your intellect by developing logical thinking, spatial reasoning, and planning abilities while having fun. It’s a great supplement to any homeschool curriculum, much like the rest of ThinkFun’s games.

Embrace Your Inner Princess | Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk

It’s never been more fun to dress up than when dressing up as a princess. Your youngster will enjoy hours of fun getting dressed up as her favorite character with four distinct Disney Princess dresses to select from in this set. Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White are among the four famous Disney Princess heroines included in this 21-piece deluxe dress-up trunk. This dress-up set, which comes in a delightful commemorative storage trunk, is guaranteed to capture the imagination of any Disney Princess enthusiast. Four shirts and three skirts with matching royal accessories:

  • 3 bracelets
  • 3 rings
  • 1 necklace
  • 1 sticker sheet
  • 1 choker
  • 3 headbands
  • 1 tiara

With the supplied sticker sheet, girls may personalize their necklace with four different Disney Princess character pictures for more fun.

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