10 Great Gifts for Coffee Lovers

3 years ago

Building a civilization takes vision, wisdom, and a lot of hard work. But most importantly, it takes coffee. Nothing gets started until the river of java gets flowing. Coffee connoisseurs are discerning, sophisticated, occasionally jittery folks who appreciate the subtle flavors and caffeinated jolts only a cuppa can provide. If someone you know has maintained a lifelong, committed relationship with coffee, they’ll appreciate the extra effort you make when you give them one or more of these gifts.

Warming Up | Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug²

From a distance, this caffeine conveyance device looks like any other minimalist coffee mug. Observe it more carefully, though, and you’ll see that you’re dealing with a coffee mug specimen that’s just a bit more evolved. It keeps your coffee at your preferred temperature for a long, long time: up to 90 minutes for a 10-ounce mug on a single battery charge, or endlessly if you leave it on the charging coaster. When it comes to electronic temperature maintenance, this is no ordinary smart mug. It’s practically got a Ph.D.

Espresso the Hard Way | Flair Signature Manual Espresso Maker

Some espresso makers are preprogrammed machines that mindlessly turn out routine, unexciting shots by the minute. This manual espresso maker makes you put a little English into it. Just load up ground espresso, add hot water, connect a pressure gauge, place your shot glass, and press the level down for about 40 seconds. You’ll witness the miracle of espresso birth right up close as the elixir drips progressively by the power of your own hand, not some uncaring robotic wand.

Chilled Out | OXO Good Grips 32 Ounce Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If you wander into your neighborhood chain coffee establishment, you’ll notice they offer cold-brew coffee drinks. Such a product would have been unthinkable 40 years ago when one measure a good cup of coffee was how much it scalded the roof of your mouth. Concentrated cold-brew coffee delivers the same jolt, but also allows you to bathe in smooth coffee flavors, minus the bitterness. This 4-cup coffee maker is perfect for creating cold-brew drinks on your own without barista supervision.

Joe in a Box | Creative Coffee Lovers ‘Coffee Therapy’ Gift Set

Everything your caffeinated friend needs to enjoy multiple, dependable cups of coffee is in this five-piece gift set. There’s an enamel mug, a pour-over coffee block, some state-of-the-art coffee filters, and ten ounces of primo Colombian coffee. There are also some letter magnets that you can play around with while you’re waiting for your brew to finish. That’s as complete a “coffee therapy” set as you can get without visiting a psychiatrist.

Higher Grounds | Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

It’s amazing how much better your coffee tastes if you grind the beans yourself instead of contracting a freelance grinding specialist. The Baratza grinder makes the process as idiot-proof as it can humanly be. It’s got a whopping 40 different settings from coarse to fine grinds, so there’s no excuse for not getting the grind you want. All the grounds are dispensed into a handy plastic container to keep the mess at a minimum. The perfect gift for the coffee drinker who’s determined to exert quality control over every sip.

Brew Up Healthy Skin | Coffee Exfoliating Foaming Sugar Body Scrub

Coffee’s not just for drinking anymore. It’s also for exfoliating your skin. But if that’s the path you choose, you can’t just pour drip coffee all over yourself in the shower. Rather, the coffee needs to be repurposed into a body scrub. That, we’re relieved to report, is exactly what this is. The secret is the blended-in sugar, which not only makes coffee taste better, but also attacks dead skin cells and moisturizes your body in its wake.

Go for the Kiln | BergHOFF Ceramic Coffee Bean Roaster

If you really want to take your D.I.Y. coffee abilities to the next level, you’re going to have to start roasting your beans the way the pros do. But you don’t need one of those space- and energy-hogging electric roasters. You just need this device, which admittedly looks like a pipe for sophisticated Hobbits, but is actually a full-fledged manual bean roaster. Load up the kiln with fresh beans, find a compatible heat source, and shake it around until you get a light, medium, or dark-roasted batch of beans.

Rest in Power | Death Wish Coffee Beans

Is your coffee puny? Is it weak? Is it spineless? Does it even put up a fight against tiredness, sleepiness, or inattention? If your coffee blend isn’t meeting your demands, then it’s time to choose Death. Death Wish coffee, that is. It’s billed as “the world’s strongest coffee.” It flows from the filter down to your cup in a hostile war march. It assaults your taste buds and hogties drowsiness. It will turn you from a 90-pound weakling into a menacing, task-focused machine. It’s pure, uncut liquid fury that also takes cream and sugar.

Pump It Up | UniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine

This device may look like a prototype for a piece of Scandinavian playground equipment, but it’s actually a manual espresso machine that cranks out consistently tasteful shots for hours at a time. Available in a few designer colors, the UniTerra espresso machine is relatively simple to operate. Tamp down your espresso grounds, put them in place, add boiling water to a well, and use the pump to gently massage the finished product out, keeping the pressure within a reasonable range by checking a gauge. It’s all manually operated, which your electrical grid will appreciate.

Use Your Words | Jabuka Coffee Bean Word Puzzle Game

Like the super stimulant it’s based on, this puzzle game takes your grandparents’ old-fashioned, tile-based word game and thrusts it into over-caffeinated, impossible high gear. Jabuka letter tiles are in the shape of coffee beans. The stamped-on letters are designed in such a way that you can actually change them during gameplay — a “w” becomes an “m,” or a “j” turns into a lowercase “r.” This can alter the course of the game to a nerve-wracking, utterly unpredictable extent and push your vocabulary to the brink. Enjoy!

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