10 Gifts for the Voracious Reader in Your Life

10 months ago

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a reader in possession of a million books, must be in want of more books. But choosing a gift blindly in a bookstore can be risky if your booklover has already read your choice, or if they aren’t interested in that specific story. Why not get them a gift they’ll use long after finishing their most recent read? We’ve compiled a list of bookish gifts sure to please any reader, no matter their age or favorite genre!

Help them open up | TILISMA Book Page Holder

Give your reader their perfect match. The TILISMA Book Page Holder finally handles one of their greatest reader woes. Acting as a wedge that fits into the crevice between pages, your reader can now effectively hold a book open with one hand (instead of having it flap and fall all over their thumb). Easy for the on-the-go and elegantly crafted from natural walnut wood, this is the perfect gift for avid readers of all ages.

Dewey belong together? | Knock Knock Original Personal Library Kit

For the story-lover always sharing their beloved books, the Personal Library Kit is not only reminiscent of time spent in the library and incredibly fun to use, it’s the perfect way to help them hang on to the books they lend! The Knock Knock Original Personal Library Kit lets your reader keep track of who has their books, when they can expect them back, and how many friends they’ve shared their favorite pieces with! Ideal for self-proclaimed type-A bookworms, this is a gift they’re sure to use with every book they purchase!

A bit of light reading | Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

Readers love to stay up past their bedtime with a good book. But most reading lights are too weak to be healthy for eyes and struggle to stay upright, particularly when it comes to paperbacks. Give them a gift they’ll use every day with the Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light. A long-lasting, rechargeable, and adjustable reading light, this solution wraps around the back of their neck and features bendable arms, six brightness levels, and three different light colors. Because the light is under their nose instead of shining into their face, you’ll help your reader protect their eyes and have a relaxing reading experience.

Scrapbook the best stories | Literary Listography: My Reading Life in Lists

The Literary Listography allows your reader to keep track of their favorite stories and characters, the best first lines they’ve found, the books they want to read, the classics they love, the novels that taught them important lessons throughout their lives, and more! Your reader will relish keeping track of their reading progress, as well as having a space where they can regularly return to remember the stories that have made them laugh, cry, and feel inspired. This diary features gorgeous illustrations while leaving plenty of room to write in personal notes and ideas, making it a gift they’re sure to pass down to future family members as a keepsake.

Stand up for great stories | Bamboo Book Stand

An age-old issue: reading while eating. It’s impossible to lean over the pages without risking serious damage to the paper from stray spaghetti sauce or water damage, and holding open a book while eating is truly a multitasking skill that few have mastered. Here’s their solution: the Bamboo Book Stand. Made to keep their books standing tall throughout a meal, this stand has an adjustable floor and heavy-duty clips to keep pages in place. Ideal for students during finals week or for chefs doing their best to keep cookbooks open, this stand is incredibly versatile while being simple and easy to use.

Be your shelf | Agirlgle Bookends Decorative Book Ends

A secret most readers won’t tell you? The beauty of a bookshelf isn’t only about the books – it’s about the bookish décor! Give your favorite booklover some bookends they can brag about with these reader-specific Agirlgle Bookends! Featuring two figures lost in faraway lands and exciting adventures, your reader will surely recognize themselves in these artful bookshelf additions.

Locked and loaded | Jssmst Diversion Book Safe with Combination Lock

Let your reader keep their biggest secrets in their favorite place: their bookshelf! The Jssmst Diversion Book Safe will not only let your reader feel like a character from their favorite spy novel with the combination lock and authentic-looking book disguise, but they’ll also look polished and posh with a book about a city full of classical art and architecture sitting on their shelf. With ample room inside, the Book Safe is the perfect place for valuable items like money, passports, and jewelry without the risk of losing a corresponding set of keys.

Write on | STET! Dreyer’s English: A Game for Language Lovers, Grammar Geeks, and Bibliophiles

Calling all SAT pros! Based off the book by Copy Chief of Random House, Benjamin Dreyer, this game puts your skills to the test – and shows how carefully you’ve been reading. Let your booklover show off their own writing skills as they compete to share their mastery of the English language or brush up on their grammar skills!

Reading with Riesling | When I Think About Books I Touch My Shelf – Funny Book Club Stemless Wine Glass

For the pun-lover (and wine-lover), this stemless wine glass if the perfect fit! With an ergonomic shape that’s easy to hold while reading, your reader can wine and dine their favorite characters through the pages. A great gift for wine clubs that have a serious reading problem, you’ll find that your book buddies will have a great time toasting the victories, downfalls, and happy endings of their favorite fictional friends.

For the English major, teacher, or language enthusiast | The Pun Also Rises

Give your reader a good time with this literary look at our perfection of puns throughout human history. Written by a former World Pun Champion (yes, those exist) and speechwriter for Bill Clinton, John Pollack keeps a lighthearted feel to his writing as he banters about how puns have made an impact on language while exploring the science behind puns and our brains, pop culture, and historical pun-making.

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