10 Gifts for Bridgerton Fans

3 years ago

Bridgerton is this season’s biggest breakout TV show. We can’t get enough of it: the romance, the scheming, the passion, the cobblestones. Every episode feels like we’ve just been plopped into 19th century British aristocracy, among quarreling families and queens with a little too much to say about certain subjects. If you’re not a fan, you definitely know someone who is. Put a little posh in their life with one of these 10 gifts that remind us of Bridgerton.

How It All Began | Bridgerton Collection Volume 1

Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton novels are the phenomenon that started it all. This volume collects the first three books, originally released in 2000 and 2001. You get The Duke and I (the source for Season 1), The Viscount Who Loved Me, and An Officer from a Gentleman. Will passions flare? Will corsets heave? Will cravats flutter? Will couples promenade? Will aristocrats conspire? Will tea be served? Will there be doilies? Yes. Yes to all of the above.

Get a Handle on Your Looks | Resinous Hand Mirror

Courting season is just around the corner. Debutantes are getting prepared for a ritualistic battle for the ring. Dukes and viscounts are rehearsing their best preens. Aristocratic figures are fighting over the last plum ascot in the shop. All these dames, princes, and scoundrels need to look good doing whatever it is they do. These stylish, detailed hand mirrors help the upper crust monitor ruddy complexions and unwanted facial growths. If your beauty spot won’t shine or your mutton chops go drab, these mirrors will cut to the heart of the matter.


Mug of Mystery | Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers Mug

Everyone in the ton is trying to find out who gossip reporter Lady Whistledown is. How does she get her information? Who are her sources? Is she one of the nobles or a peasant in disguise? And why does she sound so much like Maria from The Sound of Music? While you’re brewing about this identity puzzler, brew yourself some tea in this Whistledown mug. But don’t do so next to your window unless you want everyone to read about your drooling problem.


Keeper of the Flame | Bridgerton Inspired Soy Candle

“I burn for you.” The four words that explain everything about Bridgerton. They’re the most iconic TV dialogue of the season. They’re this year’s “I am the one who knocks,” or “Hello, Newman,” or “I’d like to buy a vowel, Pat.” But you know what burns for you? This candle, that’s what. It’s made of soy, white sage, and lavender. And according to the label, it “smells like Daphne and Simon.” Hopefully not right after they’ve cleaned up the horse stable.


Drink It In | Vintage Tea Set

Tea is perhaps the most ritualized drink in the world. Wherever you find British society aristocrats, tea is sure to be nearby. They may enjoy Earl Grey with a slice of Battenberg. Or they may enjoy oolong with some cucumber sandwiches. However they brew their leaves, they always serve the finished product in dainty teacups. Just like the ones in this beautifully designed set of cups and saucers. Raise one of these cups to your lips, and you’ll feel like you’re reclining in the drawing-room listening to Eloise complain.

The Madness of King George | Forum Novelties King Robe and Crown Set

Bridgerton takes place during the latter rule of King George III in Britain. We use the word “rule” very loosely. The guy was a little — how does one put this delicately — disorganized? Dotty? Nuttier than a rabid Rottweiler? Well, no matter what voices were living inside King George’s head, he certainly looked good in a robe and crown. Now you too can look like King of Hanover himself with this red velvet cape and a royal crown. Not only is it appropriate for Bridgerton fans, but it’s also great for Hamilton cosplay.


Salt and Sensibility | The Jane Austen Cookbook

During the Regency Era when Bridgerton is set, Jane Austen was the literary rage. Her books were a lot like Julia Quinn’s but with less perspiration. Food was of prime importance in the Austen household. Maggie Black and Deirdre Le Faye collected over 100 recipes for the dishes of the era. If you’re frustrated because your supermarket doesn’t carry pyramid creams, white soup with salmagundi, or wine-roasted gammon and pigeon pie, this cookbook is your salvation.

Clomping in Style | 24K Gold Plated Crystal Studded Horse Drawn Carriage Ornament

There were, of course, no gasoline-powered vehicles in Regency Era England. Instead, they attached carriages to horses too bored to complain and rode around the town. Sure, it took about a day and a half to get to the fish market, but there’s something romantic about it anyway. Celebrate equestrian mobility with this 24-carat gold-plated ornament shaped like a horse and carriage. The carriage contains some beautiful Matashi crystals, as do the horse’s eyes. Place this ornament on a desk or table and leave the driving to Mr. Ed.

Let a Parasol Be Your Umbrella | Honeystore Vintage Lace UV Sun Parasol

Parasols are like very timid umbrellas. They don’t help much in rainstorms, and they’re positively useless in hailstorms. But they’re marvelous in keeping the sun’s UV rays from beating you down, and they’re all over Bridgerton. Honeystore Vintage has 41 different, stunningly designed parasols for your next promenade. The threading and detail are just exquisite, with double-layer embroidery lace and a carrying handle. Perfect for strolling along the Thames, nattering about the gardens, or protecting yourself at a boxing match.


Turn His Nobs | WE Games Classic Wooden Cribbage Board Game Set

They haven’t played cribbage yet in Bridgerton. But the card-and-peg game was very big in England during the time the show takes place. Avid players hunkered over tavern tables, throwing down cards and moving pegs like it was going out of style. (Which, actually, it kind of did.) It’s a seriously addictive game that relies on skills, cunning, and your ability to count to 15. This board is perfect for two-handed cribbage – or even three-handed cribbage if you’re feeling extra naughty.

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