Best Adult Halloween Costumes for 2022

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Men’s Top Gun Flight Suit Costume

top gun costume

Take flight this Halloween with this Top Gun costume. The outfit is the perfect homage to everyone’s favorite pilot movie.

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

jack sparrow costume

Make your Halloween an adventure this year as Jack Sparrow himself. With his wit, swagger, and charm you might just win that costume contest–but try not to drink as much rum as the famous pirate captain or you might end up going overboard!

Women’s Wild Flower 70s Disco Dress Costume

70s disco costume

Do you long for the flower-printed, peace-and-love culture of the 1970s? They may be far in the rearview but you may be able to turn back time this Halloween. Rock this outfit solo or convince your partner to wear the Men’s Studio Disco Costume to bring back fashion’s golden era together!

Back to the Future Marty McFly Costume

Marty McFly Costume

With our help, you won’t need a DeLorean to go back in time this Halloween…celebrate your nostalgia and bring back Marty McFly for a night! With the included flyer and holographic card, you’ll be sure to give yourself and all your friends a blast from the past!

Princess Leia Adult White Costume

Princess Leia costume

It wouldn’t be a true Halloween without a killer Star Wars costume. This Princess Leia getup, equipped with her iconic dress, belt and space buns, is sure to impress.

Men’s Classic Scooby-Doo Shaggy Costume

shaggy costume

Team up with your friends to complete the Mystery Crew this Halloween, or just rock this Shaggy costume solo. Whether you’re trick-or-treating or attending a costume party, there will be plenty of goblins and ghouls to unmask!

Kansas Girl Long Dress Women’s Costume

Kansas girl costume

Whether you’re a fan of old movies or you need an excuse to bring your terrier to the costume party, this Dorothy costume is a stellar choice! Click your heels three times and you might just win the costume contest!

Women’s Beatrix Kiddo Costume

kill bill costume

Want to offer a nod to everything that makes Halloween special—blood, gore, and samurai swords—without scaring the kids? Sport Uma Thurman’s iconic Kill Bill fit this October!

Men’s Studio Disco Costume

disco costume

Do you wish costume parties played more Bee Gees and ABBA? Do you think today’s fashion is too dull? Then this disco costume is for you! Go back in time and live out your 70’s fantasy!

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Women’s Witch Costume

witch costume

Completing our list is an unbeatable, timeless staple. From Salem to Oz, be the fright of the night this year with the most popular Halloween costume of all time: the classic, spooky, ghastly witch!

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