Top 10 Halloween Costumes for 2021

2 months ago

Halloween Costumes 2021 is partnering with to bring you the best costume you can hope for. Below, find the top ten costumes for 2021! Don’t see something you like? Don’t worry – has thousands more where these come from and now, you can earn 10% cash back on any purchase with!

1. Ghostbusters Child Deluxe Costume

Look out ghosts, these kids aren’t messing around. Topping our list for hottest Halloween costumes is the Ghostbusters Child Deluxe Costume. You can’t look more professional fighting those pesky ghosts than this. Find both the girl and the boy versions of the costumes at! Don’t worry grown ups – you can also get in on this action with both male and female adult costumes.

2. A League of Their Own Dottie Child Costume

Want to be the star on a 1943 all women’s baseball team? Look no further. You can relive the classic A League of Their Own movie (filmed in 1992) as none other than Dorothy “Dottie” Hinson – the esteemed catcher from the Rockford Peaches. Personally, we can’t think of a better way to get ready for the reboot Amazon has in the works. Adult versions are available too!

3. Girls Harry Potter Classic Hermione Costume

Nothing screams Halloween like a little bit of witchcraft and magic. Get fully into the theme with this classic Hermoine costume. As soon as you put on these Gryfindor robes, you’ll instantly look like the brightest mind to enter Hogwarts in over a generation. Want to enter the wizarding world as your own character? Don’t worry, has you covered.

4. Girl’s Sly Fox Costume

You’ve heard how cunning foxes are, yeah? Well get into character and express that same animal spirit with this Sly Fox costume! You’ll get double the treats just because people will be too scared to give you the option of “Trick” in that age old question, “Trick or Treat?”

5. Classic Flintstones Wilma Costume

The rock of the family, Wilma Flintstone is an all around classic Halloween costume. While the mallet is sold separately, you can look the part with this costume from Want to complete the look with the whole family? No problem. We have you covered with Flintstones costumes for everyone.

6. Ursula Prestige Women’s Costume

The original underwater badass, this costume brings a sense of power and dignity that you can’t get anywhere else. Warning – this costume is going quick and so get yours ASAP before they run out. See more Little Mermaid costumes here.

7. Toddler Classic Peter Pan

Will putting this outfit on your toddler mean they’ll never grow up? Probably not. But you can at least capture the possibility through this Peter Pan costume. Just don’t blame us if you catch your toddler trying to sneak off to Neverland. See more Peter Pan themed costumes here!

8. Clueless Cher Costume

Number 8 on our list is this Cher costume from the movie, Clueless. You can now dress up as the most popular girl in high school! And don’t worry, you can find the right fit whether you’re a toddler, child or adult here!

9. Child Royal Vampire

Having covered themes from ghosts and wizardry, it’s no surprise that a vampire costume made its way onto our top ten list. This year, be the best dressed vampire out there with this royal vampire costume (see girls costume here). Just make sure you wait till the sun goes down before you go door to door trick or treating!

10. Handmaid’s Tale Deluxe Costume

Rounding out our list of top 10 costumes, is this Handmaid’s Tale Costume. Dystopian environments and Halloween? Yeah, we think those work together. With this costume, you can now dress up as one of the lucky(?) few on this earth who can still bear children. Get yours fast though! Even after 4 seasons of countless award nominations, these costumes fly off the shelf!

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