2 years ago Has a New Look

Today, we are excited to announce to our customers that has a new look. We’re always striving to improve the experience for our users and felt that it was time to revamp our brand with a simpler, easier to use design, with a more modern aesthetic and joyful brand presence. We’re happy to share these brand updates and why we made them.

New look, same focus on savings 

We’ve updated our design across all of our channels, including our website, browser extension, mobile, social media and marketing. Our aim was to create a more consistent experience across all of our brand touchpoints. Starting with a blank canvas and the below concept, “the joy of saving money,” we are proud to present our updated logo, typeface, colors, photography and illustrations. Though the brand has been entirely refreshed,  our user experience and focus on savings remains the same.

New Product details page

How we got here is a leading platform for saving money. Today, we are proud to offer our users the most ways to save money on one platform, including: product comparison, coupons, price alerts, price history and cash back.  As our platform has expanded and evolved, we saw the need to integrate all of these money saving features into an easy and simple to use experience.  

Refreshing our design is the perfect opportunity to hone in on our brand identity and our promise while improving the overall user experience.

Covid-19 Page Design for

Overall Concept: The Joy of Saving

The concept driving our overall design is the joy one feels the moment they’re saving money. People can spend hours comparison shopping, hunting for coupons and visiting multiple websites in search  of a deal. Our aim is simple: make it easy for consumers to see the best price and to save the most money.

New Ads


Our new logo is written in script to capture a friendly and joyful presence. The logo gently slopes upward further reinforcing the energy and movement we were looking to capture.

New Logo

A New Icon: a hand grabbing a price tag, we love to save money!

Previously, our icon design was created for an app on the mobile phone and was a very simple capital P with a period. The icon wasn’t always recognizable as and couldn’t hold its own as a brand mark. Through a process of iteration and refinement, we’ve developed a new icon that showcases a hand embracing a price tag. The two elements combine to create a heart. We strive to help customers find products they’ll love at the best prices. We love it when that happens. Icon

Montserrat is Our Brand Typeface

Julieta, the typeface’s designer lives and works in Montserrat, the first and oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires. She’s inspired by her urban landscape and the typography within. She created this typeface that captures the work, dedication, care, color, contrast, light and life of this neighborhood, day and night! This is the typography that makes her city look so beautiful.

Just as a storefront would use bold typography to call attention and clearly communicate,  we use this typeface as a bold way to bring life and clarity to our website and brand.

Montserrat Brand Typeface

Gradient Sunrise is the new brand Color

Gradient Sunrise

It’s an energetic color that brings a joyful brand expression. It helps us build recognition and memorable visuals. We use this color with a purpose to drive consistency across all our properties and marketing. Color Palette

Consistent foundation

Our logo, color palette and typography provide the ties that hold our look together. They ensure is recognizable wherever it appears.